Can Interior Designers Work With Outside Spaces? 24th May 2022 | IN DESIGN ADVICE | BY SBID

While the name may seem like interior designers are restricted to indoor spaces, they can actually be used for outdoor spaces as well. While some aspects of interior design only apply to indoors, a lot of design elements are just as easily applied to outdoor spaces.

For more about what an interior designer can bring to an outdoor space, read on to find out.


A patio is commonly seen as an extension of the home, so should be designed in collaboration with an interior. This is where an interior designer can bring their skills to an outside space, creating a unified look and feel to the space. Elements such as furniture and flooring are essential to a patio, so an interior designer can help pick items ideal for your vision that will match up with the rest of your house.

Just like they do with interiors, an interior designer can design a patio that maintains a great flow. This is great if you intend to use your patio to socialise regularly. An interior designer’s eye for creation will have to be slightly different when working outside, especially in terms of furniture. They’ll have to make sure they think about elements such as the weather, picking items that are durable in the case of high winds and also weather-resistant in the case of rain.

Lighting is another important aspect a designer can help with. Outside spaces are constantly dependent on the weather, with certain parts of it only in sunshine at certain hours of the day. A designer must consider how to light a space so it can be used all day/night and in all weather conditions.



Plants and wildlife have become an essential element of interior design over the years, as many seek to bring the outside inside with plants and other wildlife. This is why a talented interior designer should have the skills to expertly design a space incorporating plants, including outside spaces.


Focal Point

Many gardens are constructed around a focal point, a technique also commonly used in inside spaces. An interior designer can help you enhance your garden by making a focal point. This could be an outdoor pool, a pizza oven or a BBQ.

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