Ask the Expert: How do I give my home the WOW factor? 7th August 2020 | IN DESIGN ADVICE | BY SBID

Many homes tend to look similar because they share similar features, such as plain white coloured walls, simple neutral furniture, and wall to wall carpeting to name a few. To achieve a ‘wow factor’ in the design of your home, you must have something that is unexpected… There are things that you can do both structurally and internally – depending on your budget. The sky really is the limit, but SBID Accredited designer and founder of Katie Malik Interiors shares some of her expert ideas for simple ways to add that extra ‘wow’ to your interiors.

wow factor, Ask the Expert: How do I give my home the WOW factor?

Get creative with an extension 

If you’re looking to create an architectural statement, add value and space to your existing property, you can definitely get creative with an extension. Instead of opting for simple rectangular roof lights and a standard flat ceiling, this is the perfect opportunity to introduce an angular ceiling-scape to complement or highlight the shape of your kitchen for example.

Adding something different in the structure of your extension with a unique ceiling design can really help add that extra dimension and visual intrigue. A combination of sloped, angled and vertical elements can definitely enhance the drama of a room! If you do decide to extend or rebuild, opt for a double-height. Not only does it provide an impressive vastness of space, but seeing it from different viewpoints can create multiple ‘wow’ moments.

If building up is not an option, consider adding skylights or even an octagonal roof lantern for a similar effect; adding glass to low ceilings you can make it feel higher, flood the room with natural light and create the illusion of bringing the outside in! 

wow factor, Ask the Expert: How do I give my home the WOW factor?
wow factor, Ask the Expert: How do I give my home the WOW factor?

Enhance an existing space with accessories

If you’d like to work within the existing space, there’s still a lot you can do. The right mirror, in the right size, in the right finish, can add a touch of glamour as well as make the interior space look and feel bigger and brighter. If you experiment with different shapes, sizes and even positions of a mirror, this could certainly help you achieve wow factor. You can also add unique features such as oversized artwork to a hallway or entrance walls – really going big will create an eye-catching statement with a contemporary, gallery-esque feel.

Add luxurious finishing touches

Another trick is to introduce shiny surfaces; reflective surfaces such as mirrors, metal and high gloss is sure to add an expensive edge to any space. For an additional wow effect, lighting is a key consideration too! Pick statement lights, for example a feature lamp; choose the one that is spangly and oversized for the ultimate look-at-me designer luxury.

wow factor, Ask the Expert: How do I give my home the WOW factor?

Experiment with colour

Don’t be afraid to get experimental with dark colours, or any colour for that matter! The use of bold colours in the right amount, can definitely give a room some extra punch – whether dark and moody or bright and playful. You can also try using luxury, patterned or textured wallpaper – it will give your walls a more opulent and intimate look. If you’d rather not wallpaper the whole room or even just one wall (which is not recommended for certain rooms), you can always frame a piece of wallpaper instead!

wow factor, Ask the Expert: How do I give my home the WOW factor?

A simple bedroom upgrade!

Adding a stand-out headboard is a simple way to take your bedroom design to the next level, and look much more luxurious – like a boutique hotel! If you have a headboard already, why not re-upholster it in a bold fabric with interesting patterns or colours? If you decide to have one made, go big! Instant designer look guaranteed!

wow factor, Ask the Expert: How do I give my home the WOW factor?

Choose the right rug!

Choose a statement rug or a cowhide – this should instantly pull a room together and tie in the whole scheme. The size of your rug is quite important too – make sure it’s big enough to cover the area between the sofas or under the bed. If it’s too small, it might look out of place and you definitely won’t achieve the designer look.

About the Author

Katie Malik, founder & creative director of Katie Malik Interiors built her career in residential interior design, assisting on projects in New York, Chicago and London before setting up her practice in 2014. Inspired by colours, the interplay between symmetry and asymmetry and wellbeing, Katie’s aim is to bring authenticity to each project. 

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