4SPACE Design Nine Bars, Creating a Cohesive Individuality 20th July 2022 | IN HOSPITALITY DESIGN | BY SBID

This week’s instalment of the Project of the Week series features nine distinctive bar designs by 2022 SBID Awards Finalist, 4SPACE.

SBID Awards Category: Club & Bar Design

Practice: 4SPACE Design

Project: PAPA Dubai

Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

bars design, 4SPACE Design Nine Bars, Creating a Cohesive Individuality

What was the client’s brief? 

4SPACE was tasked to design nine very distinctive bars for PAPA Dubai, each with different offerings. The Bar Village is made up of little ‘boulevards’ including the Rum Station, Champagne Avenue, Gin Point, And Vodka Lane, Tequila Road, Mezcal Street, Sake Alley, Wine Square, Whiskey Square, and a VIP Lounge called High gate.

bars design, 4SPACE Design Nine Bars, Creating a Cohesive Individuality

What inspired the design of the project?

PAPA Dubai is an exciting 1,580 square meters dining and entertainment destination in the vibrant Atrium complex, the dining and entertainment epicenter of riverside Al Habtoor City. PAPA will take its visitors on an extraordinary culinary and mixology journey through nine glorious bars, each themed with a unique concept. Comfort and soul food are at the very heart of the dining experience. The fascinating bars have been developed in collaboration with Moscow and Dubai’s top bartending figures.

The transformational venue transforms from a sophisticated and immersive dining experience to a chic nightlife venue with DJs and entertainment as evening moves to night. Move from a quiet dinner with friends to one of the city’s best vibes. Feel the energy of this unrivaled sensory-driven experience in Dubai. PAPA Dubai will host some of the world’s most courageous bartenders vying to show off their avant-garde skills throughout the year. Each of the nine bars has been carefully considered and designed by inimitable 4SPACE in a collaboration with Papa’s founder Natalia Freys.

bars design, 4SPACE Design Nine Bars, Creating a Cohesive Individuality
bars design, 4SPACE Design Nine Bars, Creating a Cohesive Individuality

What was the toughest hurdle your team overcame during the project?

There were several challenges that 4SPACE had to overcome. Eight different terrazzo surfaces were designed and installed throughout Papas. Cleverly, designers sourced authentic materials and graffiti artists to allow for fully cohesive individuality. 4SPACE presented the clients a 3D design which they executed to perfection. The piece de resistance is the nine thoroughly different concepts within one narrative. The arches unify the overall design.

bars design, 4SPACE Design Nine Bars, Creating a Cohesive Individuality

What was your team’s highlight of the project?

Unique key features:

Rum Station – Tiki bar concept with tiki-style totem poles and art on the walls and bamboo surface accents with greenery on the ceiling.

Champagne Avenue – terrazzo highlights, bubbly texture with organic patterns used on the arches and moldings and printed on the banquette seating fabrics, and four classic chandeliers,

Gin point and Vodka Lane – retro bar that features an impressive disco ball centered in the arched ceiling and UV paint graffiti on mesh screens.

Tequila Road and Mezcal Street – designed to capture the spirit of South America with sugar skull centered in the archway and lighting inspired by Mexican sombreros.

Sake Alley – the wooden structures over the bar are designed and built based on the Japanese Kumiki joinery method and careful lighting that was chosen to represent a peaceful zen garden.

Wine Court – designed as a wine cellar with four prominent arches and an oversized mirror to reflect the arches into eight, a mixture of bricks and mirrors on the arched ceiling, and copper details inset into the bar and furniture.

bars design, 4SPACE Design Nine Bars, Creating a Cohesive Individuality

Whiskey Square – feels secluded from the other bars, is central in the symmetrical space with sensual onyx lighting and was inspired by Art Deco style, including lighting and detailing on the fascia of the bar.

The Entrance – impressive and eccentric with red pipe and greenery installation that hangs from the ceiling and customized carpet below.

VIP Lounges – the red one serves as an extension to the entrance, represents the brand colour of PAPA and boasts three oversized lighting pendants, while the other is centered with an enormous arch and copper mesh on the wall, black marble on the floor, and gorgeous lounge seating.

DJ Booth – a space that can easily convert into a dance floor because of its entertainment lighting, circular kinetic mirrors, and led lighting.

Female Toilet – designed with banquette seating and comfortable poufs where ladies can take a rest while waiting in the queue, the wall feature is made from triangular screens surrounded by mirrors for Instagrammable selfies and the exciting ceiling feature is made from a pink ball installation with stretched mannequin legs.

Male Toilet – inspired by fun house-style mirrors with led lights and a black ball installation.

bars design, 4SPACE Design Nine Bars, Creating a Cohesive Individuality

Terrazzo is well-known in the industry for its sustainability and eco-friendly properties. Due to its natural composition, terrazzo does not contain any volatile organic compounds (VOC). VOCs are organic compounds that vaporise by temperature changes and high pressure. This leads to emissions, the leading cause of air pollution in urban areas, harming the environment. Architecture is becoming environmentally friendly, and durable, long-lasting materials such as terrazzo are a huge advantage today. 4SPACE is keen to encourage change that benefits the environment and circular economy.

In contrast to wood, tile, and carpeting, terrazzo does not contain grout joints. As a result, there is no need for steam cleaning, energy-wasteful vacuuming, and grout cleaning. Terrazzo is water and highly stain-resistant, therefore easy to manage. Terrazzo is the number one choice for extensive facilities with high foot traffic, such as hospitals, airports, schools, and office buildings. By using terrazzo in construction, 4SPACE ensures exceptional indoor air quality, durable, eco-friendly and low-maintenance flooring and worktop surfaces.

PAPA’s Instagram page has become hype and is attracting a lot of customers who are curious about the design elements in the female toilets. Social media influencers have described PAPA Dubai as one of the most Instagrammable night and bar entertainment venues in the United Arab Emirates because of its unique design. 4SPACE has an impressive network and enviable relationship with industry, lifestyle and entertainment magazines, blogs and influencers, generating vast exposure and traffic for the venue.

bars design, 4SPACE Design Nine Bars, Creating a Cohesive Individuality

Why did you enter this project into the SBID Awards?

Putting our project in front of the eyes of professionals, we appreciate their opinion and the recognition.

bars design, 4SPACE Design Nine Bars, Creating a Cohesive Individuality

Questions answered by Firas Alsahin, Founder & Design Director, 4SPACE.

We hope you feel inspired by this week’s design!

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