Happy New Year ….. or is it?


Keeping with tradition, we reflect on the passing year and each New Year revel in the promise of the unknown.  In true tradition, on review of a decade I note the shared optimism for change. The first decade of the millennium promised much in the showroom window but there was nothing in the stockroom. The culture of the past decade was not conducive to building a sustainable society.  A new Society is coming of age.

Our buildings are taller our tempers are shorter, we have bigger houses and smaller families; we plan more, but accomplish less, we create big people with small characters. We have more degrees but less sense, more knowledge, but less judgment.  We have learned how to make a living, but not a life. We have added years to life not life to years. We spend more but have less.  We have more possessions but fewer values.  We have learned to rush, but not to wait. So as each year passes, in review what have we learned.  When we created steep profits, we developed shallow relationships.

On reflection, I conclude we have achieved bigger things, but not better things.  The biggest negative and positive impact on me over the past decade was that of peoples character, it had been jaw dropping shameful by some while witnessing humility in others was quite humbling. If there is one item alone to change in 2011 it is our culture.  This is our moment so in the words of Michael Jackson ……. make that change!


A New Year brings many great expectations, a new VAT rate and a royal wedding.  The banks have made decisions to assist business particularly SME by making borrowing more available. Although the year ahead suggests hope those in business are aware that cash-flow is the key driver of staying power. Employees also know that sales and getting paid is going to be very tough. So the message from the banks is steady the ship we are not yet out of dangerous waters but we can see the horizon and therefore for the first time in a while, we can see hope and opportunity.


So if we know where we’ve been and what we got wrong, we have mapped out our plans to move forward, how can we change momentum and steer that vision? How do we get there? The answer is always simple, strip out the dead wood, if it does not work, get rid of it. We must be ruthless in our aim to protect our prosperity.  There is always a way to manage better. Designers need to leave their ego at the door to connect with this business. At SBID regardless of age, heritage and gender, everyone is treated fairly and personally. Our aims are simple, deliver the best service to provide our members with the best tools for the job, opportunities to get the best job and the ultimate resources to procure the job – alone you can do it, together we are the best.

Happy New Year

Vanessa Brady