Tiny Interior Design Details That Pull a Space Together 5th July 2022 | IN DESIGN ADVICE | BY SBID

There’s something about a professionally designed interior that is so different from how the average person might decorate their home. Often, it’s down to a few tiny but considered details that make all the difference. You may be surprised to learn just how simple these tricks are.

Multiple Lighting Sources

Everyone knows that natural light is king, but even if you don’t have large windows to flood your room with daylight, you can benefit from properly lighting your space. Aim to illuminate the room with multiple light sources and you’ll immediately change the entire look and feel of the room. Wall sconces and lamps give a cosier look, while overhead lights provide broader illumination.


Throw Pillows That Work Together

Rather than make your entire space look the same with everything matching, try using multiple styles and designs of throw pillows on sofas, chairs or beds to add more depth and dimension. They should work together but it’s important to feature different colours, textures, tones, and shapes. This gives a more designed and comfortable look to the house, rather than making it “too perfect.”


Grow Some Plants

Aside from the benefits of bringing nature into your home, just introducing one plant can drastically change the feel of a room, as well as make it cleaner and brighter. There’s no reason to fill the space up with difficult to care for greens. You can always use some simple plants like ferns, which require minimal care. Or, you can choose to opt for succulents, which require virtually no care at all.


Hang a Mirror

While art can certainly enhance a room, you may want to consider this interior design trick. A large mirror can brighten a room by reflecting light and make the space feel bigger, but it will also create a focal point. Choose something with a unique frame or shape to make a statement, and make it the highlight of the space by hanging it in a prestigious area, such as over the mantle.


Switch Wall Colours

You’ll notice that most high-end homes don’t have monochrome rooms. Instead, they have an accent wall and use different colours of paint or wallpaper to give the room a more tailored look. Sometimes this could be a contrasting colour, but other times, just switching up the tone of the paint is enough to give it a more expensive look and add a distinctive touch.


Use Large Art

Rather than invest in a collection of small paintings and grouping them together, consider investing in larger statement pieces of art that will draw attention. These can help make your space feel more cohesive and comfortable while giving it that luxury artistic feel.

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