SBID has been appointed AS THE INDUSTRY REPRESENTATIVE FOR INTERIOR DESIGN of The Campaign for Wool spearheaded by His Royal Highness, Prince Charles.

Funding for the campaign is being provided by the major wool marketing bodies around the world and includes British Wool, New Zealand Wool, Australian Wool, American wool and now Viking Wool from Norway.

The campaign, which will run for five years, will include many leading retailers, magazines and manufacturers.

Logos will be used for the project, and whilst there will be regulations regarding the use of these, they will not be too onerous.  The following wording will also be displayed:  “Campaign for Wool: Patron HRH, The Prince of Wales”.    

SBID has been appointed to represent the Interior Design sector in this campaign.  SBID is the largest professional organisation in the UK for Interior Design practitioners; we are therefore, also representing the interests of manufacturers, suppliers, the construction industry and education.  

Register your interest in this international campaign, and apply for the use of the Wool logo for your company.