The Qualities Of A Trustworthy Interior Designer 19th July 2022 | IN DESIGN ADVICE | BY SBID

When entrusting an interior designer with the layout and design of your project or home’s internal space, you will likely have some reservations about their skillset and particular expertise. Whether you require a refurbished office space to have that recognisable custom quality, or are renovating your new home, the correct design choices can make your property look fantastic and add real long-term value.

The qualities of a trustworthy interior designer will likely revolve around their ability to identify worthwhile trends, their eye for design and attention to detail, as well as extensive planning and budgeting skills.

At The Society of British & International Interior Design, we maintain a commitment to connecting home and business owners with the very best design experts by promoting out network of accredited professionals, hosting interior design awards and offering CPD training. Browse our site to find out more about what we do, or read on to discover the qualities of an interior designer.

Organisation and Planning Skills

An interior design professional will be able to handle a large workload, extensively planning and organising details from safety assessments and easily-understood concept drawings, to communicating with various stakeholders and planning meetings around client requirements. Space within your property should be functional, practical and visually pleasing, with a trustworthy interior designer accounting for all of this.


Navigating Deadlines and Budgets

Every project will have a budget, whether the interior designer is being asked to assess and design the interior of an entire property, or simply one room which requires their assistance, the costs will fluctuate and vary, with each customer having unique needs. Deadlines are another facet of the project which will change periodically, and as a result the interior design professional should be able to stay on top of their schedule and target budget.



Accreditation will indicate that an interior designer has been comprehensively trained and identified as an industry professional, giving them the knowledge and background to deal with an array of design needs and property types. Accreditation from the Society of British & International Interior Design is the highest level of recognition that a design expert can attain in the United Kingdom, due to the lack of national, Government-recognised competency standard for designers. Both the residential and commercial design sectors are covered by our accreditation, meaning that designers featured in our designer directory should be considered for a reliable service.

Seeking out the right fit for you when it comes to hiring an interior designer or design company is much easier with the help of our extensive directory. Search by design specialism, company name or project location, with detailed information on the services provided by each representative. The Society of British & International Interior Design accredited interior designers within our catalogue are trusted professionals, giving you reassurance that your choice of interior design company or individual is the correct one. Contact us on +44 (0) 207 738 9383 for further information.