The Myers Touch Reveals the Top Trends They Predict will be Seen in Kitchen Spaces in 2024 3rd November 2023 | IN DESIGN ADVICE | BY SBID

The award-winning design team at The Myers Touch is delighted to present five key trends they predict will feature prominently in their kitchen designs for homeowners in 2024.

Renowned for creating truly bespoke kitchen spaces that offer much more than just cabinetry and appliance options, The Myers Touch design personalised kitchen spaces using their bespoke range, own-brand, German and Italian kitchen partners. These partnerships stem from a deep understanding of their clients, their requirements and how they want to engage as a family within their new kitchen-living space.

Director and co-founder of The Myers Touch Keith Myers says “The expansion of our design partner portfolio has allowed us to answer client desires for ultra-modern design finishes and innovative kitchen systems that reflect European design and functional sophistication. From our new in-house, German-made kitchen range that offers a competitive range of cabinetry to customers to the Italian-made intelligent solutions from Copatlife and the luxury Eggersmann cabinetry range finishes, each partnership has been chosen to allow us to elevate our kitchen design’s aesthetic and functional appeal that allows us to offer homeowners kitchen designs that reflect their evolving lifestyle needs and desires”.

Trend No.1: New Surface Finishes that add Personality and Individuality

In 2024, their designers predict an increase in bespoke surface finishes that will add texture, personality and individuality to kitchen spaces. For example, the new material finishes from their German design partner, Eggersmann allow their designers to create cabinetry and island units as a piece of individual craftsmanship. By combining different shades, shapes and contrast materials such as lacquers, glass fronts, slatted oak, Corian, rolled brass and concrete vintage wood, kitchen furniture can be created to look entirely bespoke and handcrafted.

In addition, new cutting-edge materials in a range of wood, aluminium, matt and satin finishes are also available in a range of door sizes and handle solutions from their exclusive Italian kitchen design partner, Copatlife. Their in-house range, Möbelife also offers eclectic colours, internal carcass finishes, minimalist material options and storage solutions such as their new pocket-door cabinetry solution to their designs allowing them increased flexibility to create affordable kitchens that are personalized and reflect a customer’s individuality.

The Myers Touch, The Myers Touch Reveals the Top Trends They Predict will be Seen in Kitchen Spaces in 2024
The elaborate lamella structure of the Eggersmann Lausanne real wood is handmade and customised by their craftsmen with millimetre precision.

Trend No.2: Natural and Statement Stone to Define and Showcase Kitchens in Homes

Natural stones, sintered stone and quartz will increasingly be chosen as their luxury material in many kitchens with their designers using these materials to showcase and define sculptured island units, statement splashbacks, frame sinks and workspaces in their kitchen spaces. Natural stones, sintered stone and quartz have become increasingly popular in homes as they blend with every design scheme and have a raw, natural and organic feel, whilst giving the look of opulence within a space.

“Sintered stone and quartz offer a wide range of qualities compared to sensitive marble, limestones and hard granites as it’s beautiful, hard-wearing, stain-resistant and sunresistant” – Helena Myers, Director & Co-Founder of The Myers Touch.

The Myers Touch, The Myers Touch Reveals the Top Trends They Predict will be Seen in Kitchen Spaces in 2024
The work area around the sink is accentuated by an Eggersmann profile frame perfectly crafted from the brand’s Bianco Nuvola quartzite worktop.

Trend No.3: Intelligent Lighting Systems in Kitchen Spaces

New, innovative kitchen lighting systems will allow their designers to be increasingly creative and personalised within design schemes to increase enhancement and task lighting. The increase in lit and framed feature wall systems, illuminated cabinetry doors and appliances, sophisticated cabinetry LED lighting and chromotherapy lighting will allow designers to enhance definition, mood and dedicated framed or task areas in kitchen spaces.

One example of this is the new integrated Copatlife LED lighting technology displayed in The Myers Touch design studio which is complemented by an intelligent Novy Wall light system under the wall cabinetry that allows the user to easily control the lighting tone and on/off switch through Novy’s Gesture Control technology.

The Myers Touch, The Myers Touch Reveals the Top Trends They Predict will be Seen in Kitchen Spaces in 2024
Copatlife 2.1 system kitchen display at The Myers Touch showcasing Dark elm arabica and metallic-effect lacquered cabinetry matched with Dekton Keyla suede worktops, Miele appliances and a sophisticated Novy Wall Light system. Photo credit: Mark Hardy.

Trend No.4: Framed-Steel Sliding Doors within Kitchen Design Spaces

Crittal-styled framed steel sliding door systems have been a dominant trend in interiors in the past few years and that trend will continue as homeowners look to create a light-filled modern, Japandi-style look within their property.

The Myers Touch steel-door partner, ADL Doors offers a versatile door system that can be customised to fit any home’s space, offering privacy when closed and when slid open the benefit of creating an open-plan kitchen-living effect that lets in more light, height and functional definition.

The Myers Touch, The Myers Touch Reveals the Top Trends They Predict will be Seen in Kitchen Spaces in 2024
The ADL Sliding Door system available from The Myers Touch is a modern, industrial-style interior feature seen here in their in-house Scandi-inspired studio display named Möbelife. Photo credit: Mark Hardy.

Trend No.5: Creating Bespoke Cabinetry and Storage Solutions for a Homeowner’s Lifestyle

There has been more demand for functional and efficient cabinetry storage solutions as our kitchens have become more multi-functional – for example, a functional, yet beautiful breakfast cupboard for a busy family, a desk within a slim pocket-door system for children’s homework and work-from-home days and even a cupboard designed especially for a Thermomix.

An illustration of this was the installation of a concealed cloakroom and pantry which is accessed via discreet pocket doors to provide an increased sense of space in an open-plan kitchen-living space and a discreet cloakroom behind kitchen wall cabinetry which was also acoustically disguised to consider the open-plan, living environment.

Director and co-founder of The Myers Touch Helena Myers says “Our approach to kitchen design is that we’re not just designing a kitchen, we’re designing a whole living environment. It’s vital that we know how the whole space works, the challenges it presents, and how we can achieve an aspirational feel before we set about answering their brief. Ultimately. the homeowner is buying a new space for their family and friends, so our designs are always created especially for how they want to cook, live and feel”.

About The Myers Touch

We are The Myers Touch, award-winning interior architects and designers who specialise in creating luxury kitchen living spaces. Our goal is to enrich your life through the creation of an exceptional kitchen space that reflects your practical, aesthetic and emotional aspirations. We believe every kitchen should contain elements of beauty, efficiency and personalisation – a place that expresses Light, Space and Laughter for you.

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