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How virtual reality impacts the role of interior designer image featuring Vectorworks for SBID interior design blog

How Virtual Reality Impacts the Role of Interior Designers

11:32 03 August in Member Exclusive, Technology by Chris Kell

Throughout time, as society, industrial processes and the architectural landscape has evolved, the complexity in the design of interior environments has increased. The efficient use of space, user well-being and functional design has each contributed to the development of contemporary interior designer's practices. The industry...

Intellectual property protection poster for protecting originality

IPP: A right to copyright?

17:26 19 April in Business, Design, Expert Advice, Industry News, Interior, Interior Design, Thoughts, Tips, Trends by SBID

SBID are passionate about supporting designers and the creative industries, particularly when it comes to protecting their rights. In our regular update on Intellectual Property (IP) issues affecting designers in Volume 6 Issue 4 of eSociety, we talked about our collaboration with TM-Eye at the launch...

Interior hotel design of an Intercontinental Hotel bedroom at The O2

The 21st Century Hotel Design Challenge: Balancing Tech and Gimmicks

14:41 19 March in Business, Design, Expert Advice, Interior, Interior Design, Thoughts, Tips, Trends by SBID

Andrew Davies, Design Director at YTM Group explains how technology is challenging hotel design teams in new ways. In recent times the focus of hotel design has shifted towards what will make a statement online. The need to create spaces that photograph well, showcase something new and...

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