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Neoklasika, ER Clubhouse public space design project images for SBID interior design blog, Project of the Week

Gallery-Like Space Inspired by Surrounding Nature & Natural Materials

12:28 03 July in Project of the Week, Public Space Design by SBID

Project of the Week This week's instalment of the #SBIDinspire interior design series features stunning CGI visualisations for a 12-apartment residential building located 100 metres from the sandy coastline of the Baltic Sea. Neoklasika designed a welcoming entry lobby and hallways for the project; enclosed by...

How virtual reality impacts the role of interior designer

How Virtual Reality Impacts the Role of Interior Designers

11:32 03 August in Member Exclusive, Technology by Chris Kell

Throughout time, as society, industrial processes and the architectural landscape has evolved, the complexity in the design of interior environments has increased. The efficient use of space, user well-being and functional design has each contributed to the development of contemporary interior designer's practices. The industry...

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