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Connecting our designs for home, interiors and garden

Modern homes are all about the connection between house and garden. The indoor / outdoor living style has brought the designing of homes and gardens together. Modern architectural features are opening up homes and linking the inside and out like never before. Increasingly we see buildings created for people to enjoy the modern lifestyle of indoor / outdoor living, yet Interior Design and Garden / Landscape Design tends to work as two separate disciplines. Garden Designer by profession, Lynn Hill’s approach calls for joined up thinking, blending indoor and outdoor spaces to create a seamless transition between the two.

Interior Designers are invited to join for an interactive evening, where Lynn shares some of her very practical ideas to bring unity in the design of home and garden.

An opportunity to gain insight and inspiration, enjoy a cocktail or two and get creative with some paint techniques whilst creating a small plant pot (with a ‘well behaved’ plant) that you can take home and keep*. The event is held at Craig & Rose Edinburgh, who will be on hand to answer questions about how to get creative with their quality paints and master their painting techniques for creating features both inside and out. LivingGreen Design will present us with a plethora of choice with their professional grade planters and green lifestyle products.

This free event includes cocktails, nibbles and all the creative materials.

*Plant pot creation is limited to the first 10 spaces!


Secure your spot now by emailing or calling Craig & Rose Stockbridge:

E-mail: [email protected]

Phone: (0)131 357 5798

Enhance your knowledge of Home Cinema and Media Rooms

Founded by the 3 Brothers Wes, Wayne and Luke Crutcher in 2005, Living is one of the most respected Smart Home and Lighting firms in the world.

The brothers Wes, Wayne and Luke all bring something very different to the business. Wes, the MD, is the drive and thrust behind Living; exploring new avenues, and making sure the whole company is working to the overall strategy. Wayne is the technical ‘neat freak’, as Operations Director, he makes sure every project is organised just so, making sure he signs off each and every one himself. Luke is the outgoing one, as Sales Director, he is likely the first point of call – he is also pretty good at overseeing the design process and does the odd keynote every now and then.

This event offers the chance to enhance your knowledge of Home Cinema and Media Rooms. One of the qualified Directors will present a certified CPD going through how they design their award winning Cinema rooms. You will also have the chance to experience their Media and Cinema set ups.

Interested in attending? Email [email protected] to register now!


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