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What is Biophilic Design and how can this nature-based design approach be applied to help mitigate the effects of climate change?

Roca London Gallery’s panel of experts will explore how allowing nature to flourish in all spaces can support biodiversity, make cities more resilient to the effects of the climate crisis, whilst also more comfortable and equitable to live in.

This talk will draw on some of the leading authorities on biophilic design and explore why nature should be at the heart of every design process, whatever the scale. To conclude the discussion a Q&A will provide the audience to engage with our expert panel.


– Oliver Heath, Oliver Heath Design

– Paul de Zwart, Another Country

– Adrian Byne, Benholm

– Dr Vanessa Champion, Journal of Biophilic Design

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Look into the world of biophilic design, exploring biodiversity and biomimicry in design!

On 25th April, the Roca London Gallery will host a launch event of the new exhibition Bio-Spaces: Regenerative, Resilient Futures, in the company of curators Planted and Oliver Heath Design Studio.

Bio-Spaces runs until 30th September 2024 and looks into biomorphic design, bio-based materials and bioregenerative design.

Guests will journey through a series of modular gridded ‘islands’, each exploring a theme pertinent to the concept of nature-informed design and each populated with exemplary case studies and products that derive inspiration and materials from nature and the environment. A multi-sensory approach alongside touches of greenery will enhance the experience, bringing the water-inspired spaces of the Zaha Hadid Architects-designed Roca London Gallery into direct dialogue with like-minded projects and products that aim to reconnect people and spaces with nature.

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An experiential, multi-sensory exhibition, aimed at encouraging a more nature-based approach to design!

Curated by environmentally-focused media and events platform Planted, in collaboration with Oliver Heath Design Studio, Bio-Spaces will plunge the visitor into the world of biophilic design, exploring biodiversity and biomimicry in design, as well as biomorphic design, bio-based materials and bioregenerative design.

Visitors will journey through a series of modular gridded ‘islands’, each exploring a theme pertinent to the concept of nature-informed design and each populated with exemplary case studies and products that derive inspiration and materials from nature and the environment. A multi-sensory approach alongside touches of greenery will enhance the experience, bringing the water-inspired spaces of the Zaha Hadid Architects-designed Roca London Gallery into direct dialogue with like-minded projects and products that aim to reconnect people and spaces with nature.

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This first interdisciplinary talk event for the exhibition ‘Small Spaces in the City: Rethinking inside the Box‘ at Roca London Gallery

Curated by Clare Farrow Studio, the talks panel will focus on the vitally important theme of health and wellbeing in small urban living-work spaces, from a designer and user point of view.

Featuring William Bracewell, Principal Dancer of the Royal Ballet, whose new film explores movement and wellbeing in small spaces; Tokyo architect Toshiki Hirano and his Rika-chan doll’s house; Proctor & Shaw; and Richard Beckett from the Bartlett who is doing a live probiotic workspace experiment.

Other participants in this inspiring event will be Tokyo adviser and architectural designer Toshiki Hirano from the Kuma Lab at The University of Tokyo, who has taken the Rika-chan dolls house as a playful but also very serious model for future small space design, investigating its light, compact and foldable thinking with a view to future micro transforming designs; architect Mike Shaw of Proctor & Shaw, whose award-winning Shoji Apartment plays with the idea of translucency, vertical stacking and an opening and closing cocoon that enhances the psychological and physical experience of a tiny home; and Richard Beckett, Associate Professor at The Bartlett School of Architecture, who has collaborated with an immunologist from UCL to conduct a live experiment entitled ‘Imagining a probiotic microbial workspace’, which visitors will also be able to interact with and experience for periods of time.

Health in tiny spaces is not just about the dimensions of rooms and flexibility of furniture, or about bringing green plants in for pleasure and detoxing the air. It is about recognising that over-sanitised spaces disrupt the balance of microbes in our living and work environments, especially since the pandemic, resulting in autoimmune diseases that are on the rise. Beckett’s groundbreaking exhibition and experiment that blends architecture with science and medicine, brings the forest floor and ‘forest bathing’ concept out of nature and into the smallest of spaces. The results of his experiment will be revealed at the close of the exhibition in January 2024.

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Exhibition: Takeshi Hosaka, Love2 House, Tokyo, © Takeshi Hosaka

Event: Richard Beckett (UCL), Living in a probiotic microbial space, Live experiment in the exhibition

Only a few days before London Design Festival returns on Saturday 17 September! For a whole week, LDF will celebrate and promote the city as a design capital on the global stage, offering an expansive programme of over 13 design disciplines, ranging from digital design and art, to landscape, interiors and materials.

Are you ready to dive into the world of design? Read the SBID’s helpful guide to the festival to plan your diary, get inspired and engage with the design industry. Ensure you don’t miss any important events and CPD sessions from SBID members!

London Design Festival 2022

Where: Multiple venues across London

When: 17 – 25 September

Upcoming Activities:

Arper Showroom Events & Activities

Arper joins LDF in celebrating the city’s creativity in newly restyled London showroom to present its latest 2022 collections with a range of engaging events and creative activities across Clerkenwell Design Trail.

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Everything Flows: Zaha Hadid Design at Roca London Gallery

An immersive installation of pioneering designs showcases objects developed by Zaha Hadid Design over the past 15 years. The exhibition fills the sculptural spaces of the striking gallery designed by Zaha Hadid Architects in 2011.

Learn more

Kohler Breakfast Meeting: Showroom Talk & Tour

Kohler invites you to explore their recently refurbished London showroom in Clerkenwell, attend an exclusive Breakfast Meeting with networking, talk and tour, and discover the latest product innovations in the KBB sector.

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Parkside Breakfast Club & CPD Sessions

Parkside are hosting a Breakfast Club with live CPD event alongside fresh pastries and coffee as part of the Clerkenwell Design Trail! Unlock knowledge on tiling patterns, innovations in sustainable materials and how to specify bespoke surfaces.

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Networking Brunch at New House of Rohl Showroom

House of Rohl’s networking brunch in partnership with SBID will bring together a collection of luxury kitchen and bathroom brands and provide an opportunity to meet peers and exchange ideas.

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Virtual Reality Sessions with VitrA

VitrA London showroom will run a series of free virtual reality CPD experience sessions, where they will turn bathroom designs into 4-D, enabling people to explore a fully immersive virtual bathroom space.

Learn more

RAK Ceramics Design Hub Tour

RAK Ceramics Design Hub is an interactive and immersive environment to inspire – explore the latest in bathroom designs, materials, finishes and colours with exclusive showroom tour, showcasing RAK Ceramics ranges, kitchen taps, and brassware.

Learn more

Karndean Exclusive Collection Preview

Drop by Karndean’s Commercial Showroom to grab a mocktail or a bite to eat, meet the team and view an exclusive collection preview – take a first look at their new abstract flooring designs launching this autumn!

Learn more

Sustainable Talks, Installations and Events at EDGE

EDGE presents a variety of products, installations, CPDs, workshops, talks and events surrounding sustainable design, highlighting the industry’s best in circular products and materials for living and working spaces.

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RGB Colour Experience & Evening Drinks with VitrA

VitrA is hosting an immersive colour experience using artwork by Carnovsky, which experiments with the interaction between colour in print and light form.

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Bolon Showroom Exhibition & Talks on Sustainability

Bolon is showcasing their latest products, celebrating the launch of new colour palettes for their bestselling collections, and holding a variety of talks on sustainability during the London Design Festival week. 

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Launch Party with Cosentino: Dekton Onirika & Kraftizen

The art of high-tech returns as Cosentino celebrates breathtaking new collections at the Cosentino City Showroom. Presenting award-winning carbon neutral materials with ‘DJ Nadia Noudle’ and tapas.

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Breakfast & CPD with Bolon: The Circular Economy

Bolon is hosting a CPD session led by Bolon’s visionary Head of Sustainability Håkan Nordin to learn about how Bolon’s experience in sustainable design has informed their approach and understanding of the circular economy today.

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Be at the Cutting Edge – Design the Future Today

EDGE (Eco Design Green Environment) is celebrating their first anniversary with a short talks programme focusing on sustainability and regenerative thinking.

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With growing demand for zero contact bathroom solutions, manufacturers are increasingly introducing new developments for innovative touchless products to deliver the ultimate in hygiene. From basin mixers that activate automatically when they detect a user, to electronic flush plates with movement sensors, and mirrors with lights that are switched on with a simple gesture – Roca offers a range of touchless solutions which provide an extra layer of hygiene and safety within the bathroom. Infrared sensors allow users to activate water flow in taps, flush the WC or control mirror lights without the need for contact, avoiding the spread of viruses and growth of bacteria.

Electronic Basin Mixers

Roca’s range of electronic basin mixers, including the Loft-E range, feature an infrared sensor which activates the water flow when presence is detected and shuts off automatically when presence is no longer detected, avoiding direct hand contact. The lack of contact with the tap improves hygiene and prevents the build-up of droplets and fingerprints on its surface, resulting in a cleaner product for longer. Roca’s electronic basin mixers offer a highly hygienic and effective solution to fight the spread of viruses and bacteria and to reduce the use of water in the home.

Easy installation is guaranteed. The electronic mixers are available in a battery or mains operated system which means they can be installed in any bathroom, regardless of the availability of a power outlet in the area of usage. The battery operated versions are exceptionally durable with alkaline batteries which guarantee over 250,000 uses. A further innovation means both greater safety and more savings – the electronic device stops the water flow after a preset usage time to promote moderate use and prevent unnecessary waste of water.

Touchless mirrors with LED lights

Mirrors with integrated touchless technology, such as the Prisma Comfort model, allow users to activate functions such as the ambient light or the demister device through movement, which means less direct contact from hands, allowing the glass to remain clean and clear.

Electronic operating plates for toilets

The EP-1 and EP-2 electronic operating plates make it possible to activate the toilet flush without touching it. With a stylish, contemporary design and very easy installation, they are automatically activated when moving a hand in front of them, ensuring maximum hygiene and avoiding any contact.

With a backlit surface divided into two stripes which are alternatively activated depending on the type of flush (partial or full), they can be set off by simply bringing the hand closer or by choosing the automatic option in which the toilet is instantly cleaned when the user approaches or when a specific time has passed after its use.

Roca’s Touchless solutions are suitable for both domestic and commercial use, providing an extra layer of safety within every type of bathroom.

About Roca

Roca began in 1917 as a manufacturer of cast iron radiators at its factory in Gavà, near Barcelona. From humble origins, the company has grown into a global business driven by a firm focus on improving the quality of life for its customers. Roca began producing innovate new designs, products and materials to provide the complete bathroom solutio. Today, Roca manufactures at 78 facilities around the world and is active in over 170 markets.

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Scotland’s very first YOTEL, centrally located in Edinburgh’s bustling Queen Street, perfectly combines contemporary modern interiors with the classic design of the city’s famous Old Town architecture. Its playful ‘cabin’ style rooms feature bathrooms using a bespoke solution and innovative solid surface material Surfex® exclusively from Roca.

YOTEL Edinburgh is the brand’s first city centre opening in Europe. Its premium location is perfectly placed, allowing guests to experience all of the city’s historic charms and top attractions within walking distance of the hotel. The sleek and modern interior is testament to the ethos of the brand; creating an innovative, smart hotel for tech-savvy travellers.

The hotel has 276 compact cabin rooms, inspired by the feeling first class travel provides in terms of luxury and comfort. Each room is equipped with YOTEL’s signature features including luxury bedding, relaxing mood lighting and Smart TVs. This helps to enhance the smart experience YOTEL is renowned for and evokes contemporary style and convenience. The rooms are designed to have a modern feel, and its minimalist white interior highlights the brand’s close attention to detail.

During the launch, YOTEL Edinburgh General Manager Stuart Douglas said, “The main purpose of the cabin rooms at YOTEL is to provide guests with functionality, practicality and above all, high quality. The uncompromising design of the rooms and bathrooms ensures guests have the essential elements of luxury hotels but redesigned into a compact, smart space.”

Working closely alongside YOTEL at the design stage of the project, Roca created a bathroom solution that closely aligned with the brand standards. This included the Gap wall-­hung WC and a bespoke vanity unit, in addition to bespoke washroom countertops for the public areas of the hotel.

Manufactured in Poland, the bespoke units were made using Roca’s innovative Surfex®, a malleable solid surface material formulated from a combination of minerals and resins. The unique properties of Surfex allow it to be poured into a production mould, enabling complex designs with no joints or seams. The materials properties also permit ‘on-­site’ changes to the finished product, catering to different guestroom sizes and configurations. At YOTEL Edinburgh the advantages of Surfex were harnessed to create a wash basin bowl with an integrated unit that maximises countertop space, providing ample storage space for toiletries and grooming products.

The addition of The Gap wall-­hung WC further complemented the design aesthetic. Created by renowned industrial designer Antonio Bullo, The Gap features modern and stylish lines whilst delivering both a compact and functional bathroom solution.

“We worked in close partnership with the YOTEL team to deliver a bespoke solution that fitted their requirements and those of their guests,” comments Jon Bond, Head of UK Projects at Roca. “The end result is a bathroom that seamlessly integrates the modern feel of the cabin rooms, with the contemporary ethos of the YOTEL brand.”

About Roca

Roca began in 1917 as a manufacturer of cast iron radiators at its factory in Gavà, near Barcelona. From humble origins, the company has grown into a global business driven by a firm focus on improving the quality of life for its customers. Roca began producing innovate new designs, products and materials to provide the complete bathroom solutio. Today, Roca manufactures at 78 facilities around the world and is active in over 170 markets.

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This month’s product news highlights SBID Accredited suppliers working to improve the negative impact of our interior environments, with the latest sustainable products and innovations in interior design. From circular production models in sanitaryware and new recycled materials for upholstery, to smart technology in the bathroom and ecological, air purifying paints.

Graphenstone’s Spring Update highlights its collection of air purifying paints 

Many people’s homes will emerge from the pandemic transformed – and now you can actively clean your air with one of the world’s most certified eco paints. Three full 15 litre pots of Graphenstone’s Cradle to Cradle Gold Standard lime paint, Ecosphere Premium will absorb as much CO2 as a tree (as well as Nitrogen Oxide and Sulpher Dioxide).

Plastic free, toxin free and fully sustainable these unique paints incorporate Graphene technology to make it super strong and longer-lasting, whilst being fully breathable. This allows moisture to flow through the paint surface, which helps to reduce condensation, mould and mildew, creating a much healthier indoor environment. Graphenstone paints are now available in a range of sizes, over 1000 colours and varieties for all areas and surfaces in both interior and exterior projects.

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Aiming for a world without waste – GROHE launches Cradle to Cradle Certified ® products

To tackle resource overconsumption and waste in the bathroom sector, the global brand is taking the step away from a linear model, towards circular value creation (the economic model of the future) by launching four best-selling products as Gold-level, Cradle to Cradle (C2C) Certified ®. After switching to CO2-neutral production, with targets to replace all plastic components in product packaging, GROHE is reinforcing its commitment to a sustainable transformation. In contrast to a linear model, the C2C concept enables GROHE to drastically reduce the use of new resources: a product is designed and manufactured with the intent of using its components in its end-of-life-phase for the creation of new products. Cradle to Cradle Certified ® products have thus been assessed for use of environmentally safe, healthy, and recyclable materials.

“There is a massive opportunity for innovation in the building sector, since it accounts for more than 50% of the worldwide material consumption”, said Prof. Dr. Michael Braungart, who developed the C2C design concept together with William McDonough. “GROHE plays an important role in setting a precedent that circularity in the sanitary industry is indeed possible.”

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Linwood introduces more sustainable fabrics with its range of recycled materials

Using offcuts from the fashion industry – Verde is Linwood’s new eco-friendly plain cotton collection woven with 80% recycled cotton – an exciting addition to their sustainable fabric offering. Sales Director, Warrick Gloyn says: “We are striving to produce fabrics that last, feel good and that don’t harm the earth. This is our first launch for 2021, but we are working on a new generation of recycled fabrics.”

The chemical-free cotton fabric is double brushed and comes in a comprehensive palette of 46 colours from off whites and classic neutrals to fresh pinks and blues. The durable fabric is ideal for curtains, loose covers and upholstery, and is easy to maintain. This range sits alongside the Lana wool collection made using 85% recycled yarns, as well as a leather upholstery range, Saddle II using off cuts from shoes and bags which are usually sent to landfill.

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Roca transforms bathroom experiences with innovative Smart Shower technology

Roca developed a Smart Shower to revolutionise daily shower routines. The innovative shower uses smart technology to provide unique showering experiences with customisable settings and ease of use, the Smart Shower is a beneficial addition to any bathroom design. The intelligent control has a sleek, simple interface and allows up to three users within the same household to pre-set their desired settings. They can set shower duration, maximum temperature and flow rates all based on individual needs. The interface features a colour LCD display and touch sensitive controls with soft turn dials to ensure it is extremely easy to use and control.

One of the smart benefits to the digital shower is that it can be controlled via an app. The app helps with energy and water saving, enabling users to monitor water and energy consumption to run their shower more efficiently.  “It may seem like a luxury, but the Smart Shower is not just for convenience,” comments David Bromell Head of Marketing at Roca. “In addition to providing a luxe showering experience, the intuitive system will actively work to reduce water wastage, making it a sustainable and eco-friendly choice for the bathroom.”

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Sensa by Cosentino® introduces 5 new colours to its’ natural stone collection

A global leader in the production and distribution of innovative surfaces for the world of architecture and design, launches five new colours for its innovative range of protected natural stone, Sensa by Cosentino®: Siberia, Platino, Vancouver, Silver Grey and Graphite Grey. These new designs in quartzite and granite have been carefully selected for both composition and resistance to stains. “With this launch, we intend to respond to market demands by adding to our portfolio soft colours and tones, different matte finishes and, above all, exclusive and distinctive materials”, says Francisco Guzmán Gutiérrez Martos, Product Manager of Sensa by Cosentino®.

The Cosentino Group collaborate with the Environmental Association, Sustenta to consolidate its vision as a climate leader through measures and transformative projects to achieve a more sustainable economic model. This commitment translated into improving waste recovery rates, the reduction of emissions and energy efficiency.

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Not only natural, but supernatural: Martini Interiors introduces Essenza Supernatural

The latest addition to the Essenza collection, luxury design-oriented kitchen program by Martini Interiors, Essenza Supernatural is a kitchen composition that lays its foundations in innovation, technology and sustainability.

With the high quality of ‘Made in Italy’ craftmanship, the use of precious materials and numerous customisation possibilities always present in the brand’s DNA, Essenza Supernatural goes beyond its own limits, creating a product in which cutting-edge composition, technological and decorative solutions and attention to sustainability are the absolute masters.

In short, not only natural, but supernatural: the scheme utilises environmentally-friendly materials and innovative finishes in every detail; derived from certified forests and treated with finishes that enhance the natural grain of the wood, whilst remaining natural and non-toxic.

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On the look out for new product inspirations in lockdown? This month we’re sharing the latest product news from SBID’s trusted network of Accredited Partners. Featuring a new collection of customisable wallcoverings, sustainable kitchen tap solutions for contemporary interiors, and a unique designer range of luxury cordless lamps inspired by Earth!

Graham & Brown
Graham & Brown

Graham & Brown launches customisable wall mural collection 

New for 2020, Graham & Brown launches a collection of bespoke digital wall murals, printed to fit in a range of paper finishes. Spanning archive artworks and trend-led contemporary designs, the collection offers a striking feature wall solution for a variety of interior styles. The charming Balloon Race design is ideal for nurseries, bringing walls to life with the spectacle of well-heeled ladies and gentlemen dressed in their finery up high. For a more subtle approach, the Ombre wall mural is available in muted Anthracite, Blue, and Duck Egg. Using an easy to use online made-to-measure tool, each mural can be customised by simply specifying dimensions and selecting a crop.

The range of Graham & Brown paper substrates allow the murals to be personalised even further; the premium Fabric Effect paper has a woven textured finish making it perfect for masking existing wall imperfections, whilst the Mica Fibrous paper has a luxurious lustre which shimmers in the light. Each mural design is partnered with four complementary paint shades, selected by the in-house Graham & Brown colour experts to make decorating all four walls a breeze.

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Zip Water

Zip Water’s stunning HydroTaps transform homes

Found in the homes of interior designers’ Rebecca Wakefield of Studio Fortnum and Jason MacLean of Studio MacLean, Zip Water’s stunning HydroTaps are proving themselves to be style pieces as well as being indispensable kitchen appliances.

Rebecca’s HydroTap Celsius Arc combines filtered boiling water with unfiltered hot and cold for family convenience. And thanks to Zip’s range of finishes, her kitchen of sage green units and brass accents could be perfectly complemented by a brushed gold HydroTap. Equally, Jason’s super modern, bright yellow kitchen benefited from a brushed chrome HydroTap All-in-One Arc, this time with an extraordinary five functions. Not only can he and his family enjoy the tap as a regular kitchen tap with unfiltered hot and cold water, but this is combined with filtered boiling, chilled and sparkling water. With only one under-counter unit, and no need for a kettle or unsustainable bottled water, this is a truly space-saving product.

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Alexander Joseph Lamp
Alexander Joseph Lamp
Alexander Joseph Lamp

Alexander Joseph releases its latest designer collection

The world’s only luxury cordless lamp maker, Alexander Joseph released its latest range of lamps with the Earth collection, consisting of 14 different designs. Eva Baron of Eva Baron Design created the collection focusing on high-end residential interiors and furniture design. Her cutting-edge pieces embrace contemporary design, taking inspiration from futuristic building forms and haute couture fashion design.

The collection highlights some of the more unusual materials our planet provides with includes rough, smooth, warm, cold and layered textures, just as you would expect from the raw materials. Rather than use well-trodden path of polished materials, the team researched and tested ways in which metals, ceramics and silks could be distressed or altered to produce unusual patinas. Many of the lamps in the range are a result of unique techniques using hand tools created specifically for this collection.

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Kings of Chelsea

Kings of Chelsea introduces the Roberto Cavalli Antigua Dining Table

The Roberto Cavalli Antigua Dining Table is just one of the exclusive furniture pieces that have now become available online at Kings of Chelsea for the first time. This stunning retro-styled Italian design piece is composed of abstracted brass rods with a shiny gold finish and a smoked bevelled glass tabletop, complete with the classic Cavalli logo. This statement table is perfect for a modern dining room setting, and as a sociable centre point for dinner parties and gatherings. You can now browse many of Kings of Chelsea’s stunning showroom pieces online at discounted prices, while unable to visit the showroom in person.

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Roca Interiors

Brand New Brassware by Roca

The new Escuadra collection from Roca offers a contemporary design, providing a modern alternative to the traditional basin mixer. Brassware is a key addition to any bathroom space, not simply for its aesthetic value, but also for innovative functionality; Roca continues to invest in the latest technology to align its ranges with the latest water-saving and eco-friendly initiatives.

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Our curated selection of product news this March features sleek screwless flat plates for streamlining your unsightly plug sockets, bespoke contemporary rugs inspired by glass objects and built-for-business office aquariums designed to boost employee wellbeing!

Interior Product Schneider

Schneider Electric present understated wiring devices with the Ultimate range

Ultimate Screwless flat plate provides one of the most comprehensive ranges of beautifully crafted, sleek, sophisticated fittings on the market. With only 1.5mm front plate depth, this cutting edge screwless design blends seamlessly onto wall surfaces. More choice, more style, and packed with innovative technical features for easy installation. It is available in a variety of colours, such as stainless steel, polished chrome, pearl nickel, black nickel, polished brass, gloss white piano black or transparent. With the option of producing exclusive made to order finishes to match your project needs. These colours are dark bronze, jet black, antique brass and bright white.

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Interior Product Roca

Introducing Everlux brassware finishes by Roca

Roca is pushing the boundaries of traditional brassware with the introduction of its new Everlux finishes for selected brassware lines including Insignia, Naia and Lanta in the exclusive PVD coating for a selection of coloured finishes including; Gold, Titanium Black and Rose Gold.

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Interior Product Deirdre Dyson Rugs

Deirdre Dyson launched new rug collection, Looking Glass

Deirdre Dyson’s new rug collection for 2020, ‘Looking Glass’ launched at Maison et Objet, Paris in January. These hand knotted designs were inspired by Deirdre’s observations of colours and forms through glass, glass objects and water. Nine new designs take her carpets in an entirely different direction – Deirdre uses the interplay of wool, silk and grading together with bold shots of colour to recreate glassy effects to stunning effect. All Deirdre Dyson carpets are bespoke and can be made in any size or colourway required with the new collection on display at the Deirdre Dyson Gallery on 554 Kings Road.

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Interior Product
A realistic render of Stone Italiana’s Brilliante Black by ArtiCAD

Italian Luxury Surfaces join the ArtiCAD Supplier Partnership Programme

Italian Luxury Surfaces, sole UK distributor of Stone Italiana’s innovative range of quartz worktops, has joined the ArtiCAD Supplier Partnership Programme. The company’s beautifully manufactured surfaces are now available as a comprehensive graphics catalogue within the ArtiCAD-Pro software to help designers differentiate their designs and add value to their customers. Philip Winter, sales and marketing director, Italian Luxury Surfaces explains “We wanted to ensure that designers can access high-quality, accurate graphics of our products and create inspirational, photo realistic designs for their customers.”

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Interior Product ViDERE

ViDERE showcases its built-for-business Aquariums 

ViDERE’s range of office aquariums are designed to help companies improve their working environment and employee wellbeing by helping people connect with nature. Designed in the UK and manufactured in Germany with a contemporary matt finish, each tank is built to the highest standard. Made with low iron glass to eliminate distortion and provide remarkable clarity, the tanks are mitred at the seams with high strength structural silicone and built with composite panels sprayed with a versatile and waterproof polyurethane lacquer for durability.

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