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We interviewed the SBID International Design Awards sponsor for the Restaurant Design category. Adam Hout, International Director at Perennials and Sutherland speaks about how the brand has developed since 1944 when founder, David Sutherland embarked on a mission to transform the outdoor furniture industry. From Sutherland furniture to the launch of Perennials fabrics, the brand now showcases the best of its luxury performance fabrics and rugs, as well as high grade outdoor furniture.

What are the origins of your brand?

The story begins over 40 years ago with David Sutherland who opened with his first multi-brand showroom in Houston. This was followed by a flagship showroom in Dallas. He was the first to bring high-end designs from the New York and Los Angeles markets to the booming Texas market. In 1994 David embarked on a mission with friend and collaborator John Hutton to transform the outdoor furniture industry by creating a collection of teak performance with a level of luxury and comfort never before seen outdoors. Sutherland pioneered tailored “deep-seating” cushions and was the first company to introduce fully upholstered outdoor collections. For David and John, it was time to bring indoor comfort and design to the outdoors which was revolutionary at the time. Only in recent years have others embraced this trend.

Creating the best outdoor furniture came with a problem, there were no outdoor fabrics luxurious enough! David partnered with his wife Ann to create outdoor fabrics which looked and felt natural, complementing nature and yet bringing luxury feel to the space. Perennials began as an outdoor fabric brand, but now it is a Luxury Performance fabric and rug brand, with much of its sales attributed to indoors, contract, and hospitality use. Perennials has grown substantially in that time and rightfully sits as the leader in luxury performance.

The company expanded its showrooms across the US and in 2017 opened a direct subsidiary in London UK; showcasing the best of Perennials performance fabrics, rugs, and Sutherland furniture. The strength of this company is in its multi-channel dynamic business model. P&S is a manufacturer, direct wholesaler to the trade industry, and private / white label manufacturer. It owes its success to the designers that it serves, and they remain the main focal point of the business.

How do you work with interior designers?

We manufacture and wholesale highly technical products, therefore specification of our product by a qualified individual or company is the focus of our company. We want the end users to use and enjoy our products in the correct format, setting, and design – for this the designer becomes of paramount importance. We sell direct to the trade and collaborate with them to fulfil their requirements. We educate, train and support our professional clients to get the most out of our products. We believe in one to one relationships and always strive to individualise the service to our clients.

What value does your sector add to the interior design industry?

It was never Ann Sutherland’s initial intention for the outdoor fabrics to become indoor / contract fabrics. It was the designers themselves that began using Perennials fabrics for that purpose and this developed the brand into what it is known and respected for today. This shows that performance is important to designers and end users alike. The issue with performance fabrics is that more often than not, luxury feel will be compromised, usually encouraging the client to go with an indoor fabric for those spaces. That is where Perennials fabrics comes in. We manufacture velvets, linens, silks, bouclets; in complex designs and weave structures which look and feel convincingly natural. The compromise becomes negligible, the client can enjoy the feel of a luxury velvet whilst not worrying about stains.

This is possible through the Perennials yarn technology which is known as 100% Solution Dyed Acrylic. The colour is embodied within the fibre which makes it very difficult to separate the colour from the yarn, unlike traditional yarns where the dye is added later on. Think of a carrot that, when peeled, remains orange – the same can be said about the Perennials fibre. The fabric is inherently resistant to water, mould, bleach, UV, and almost any stain you can think of. The use of bleach allows the user to remove most stains. Our fibre also has an inbuilt Nano-seal technology which adds repellence, with liquids splashing off.

Many other fabrics in the industry are also called Performance fabrics: Polyester and Polypropylene being two examples. They do not perform anywhere near as well, the colour does not hold and the quality and feel is not comparable. Many brands will add performance through using chemical top sprays which simply do not last and are not desirable. Customers often ask about sustainability: my answer is that Perennials is highly sustainable because it lasts an extremely long time and can easily be re-purposed.

What makes Perennials so special is that we have over 130 fabric lines, qualities, and over 1000 SKU’s of fabric using this technology. Whatever the project; whether a restaurant, a yacht, or a residential sofa, the client does not have to compromise to get luxury and performance together: a strong value proposition indeed.

SBID Awards Sponsor Perennials and Sutherland featuring high-performance textiles

How does your offering enhance an interior designer’s projects?

Our performance fabrics and rugs are not only an item of beauty, quality, and soft touch – but they bridge the gap into being a technology product. This enhances our client’s ability create a value proposition to their client. If something is beautiful, great, if it also more durable, cleanable, and will last longer than anything else, then even better!

Sutherland offers a unique aesthetic of understated luxury, combined with a focus on high grade raw materials, and comfort. The brand is world renown for bridging the gap between outdoor and indoor, not compromising on the outdoor area. Sutherland offers designers full customisation of product at a dedicated custom workshop. Whether you look to start from scratch or merely tweak an existing Sutherland piece, our product development team will partner with designers to create custom outdoor furniture guaranteed to be the perfect fit for your project.

What are the latest trends you’ve noticed in your client’s requests?

The autumn trends appear to be embroidery, flowery prints, jacquard effects, and natural wool blends in fashion; and this has crossed over into the interiors industry.  The Timothy Corrigan for Perennials collection reflects these trends well as do some of our longstanding natural weaves.

Why did you want to become a sponsor for the SBID Awards?

We want to give back to the industry and SBID is the perfect partner and platform for that. SBID is a shining light in the industry and is a strong facilitator for the the various participants.

The SBID International Design Awards winners for 2019 will be announced on Friday 25th October! 
Tables to attend this year’s SBID Awards are now sold out, but a limited number of individual tickets are still available. Book a seat now!
To find out more about sponsoring the SBID International Design Awards next year, email [email protected]

‘Wave’ wallpaper by Katie Ridder

Over the past six months, A-Gent of Style started noticing around him the ancient Asian pattern of the wave and also fish scales. Suddenly, these two scalloped designs seem to appear everywhere before him and A-Gent soon realised they were ubiquitous – in shops or restaurants,  in the streets, in fashion, design and home magazines, online of course and many other appearances. What turned into a game of ‘spot-the-pretty-fish-scales-pattern’ almost ended up in an obsession and even hallucinations.

This is a compilation of all the images and photographs A-Gent of Style has accumulated featuring waves and fish scales in all their various shapes and representations.

Now, you too might start noticing them everywhere…..Will you catch the bug!?

Marion Cotillard in Jean-Paul Gaultier, Oscars, 2008

Jarrod Lim’s ‘Koi’ Chair

‘Pot Pourri’ wallpaper by Neisha Crosland

Le 1947 restaurant by Yannick Alléno, Le Cheval Blanc, Courchevel

‘Owl’ lantern by Soane

Korla’s ‘Grand Kyoto Koi’

Gate at Piccadilly Circus tube station, Glasshouse Street exit

‘Easton’ fabric by David Hicks, 1968

Danish cabinet by Julian Chichester (as seen at Decorex 2013)

‘Caducee’ clock by Jean Dunand, 1913 , estimate €100,000-120,000 at Felix Marcilhac auction, Sotheby’s, 11-12 March 2014

‘Ecailles argent by Le Manach

Le Manach’s ‘Ecailles’ (as seen at Paris Deco Off 2014)

Dinner setting by Miles Redd

Urban Outfitters rug

Australian Aboriginal design

‘Coordonne’ tiles

Hartmann Risler et Cie (Rixheim), 1800

Gents at The Zedel restaurant, London

Finally, a shelf at home with some of A-Gent of Style‘s favourite packaging.
Not strictly waves or fish scales, more of an (Art Deco) fan shape this time
but that’s another blog post!

Author: Interior Designer Fabrice Bana, founder and editor of A-Gent of Style

It’s slightly unnerving to see familiar, everyday objects such as furniture and chairs in a museum or art gallery setting. I was reminded of this when I strolled around the Pop Art Design show at the Barbican.

But it also gives a sense of familiarity that I can spot items that wouldn’t be out of place in a Heal’s shop window or indeed any high-end furniture retailer. It’s also important to know where the original ideas and designs came from, as it gives a sense of history, continuity and respect for early designs.

Pop art exploded onto the scene in the late 1950s to early 10970s and it’s hard to imagine now the impact it had on the art and design world. Previously, much of what you found in the home was pretty drab, conservative and a grown-up’s idea of what good interior design should be.

The new movement of Pop didn’t give a damn. It was bright, fun and playful. The protagonists including Achille Castiglioni, Charles and Ray Eames and George Nelson threw caution to the wind, using the primary colours of childhood – bright reds, yellows and blue colour palettes.

Just looking at George Nelson’s Marshmallow sofa from 1956 () is so pleasing to the eye, with its vivid custard yellow and classic black colour scheme – and you just want to sit on it – which is surely the prime function of any sofa.

Pic 2. Evelyne Axelle, Ice Cream 1, 1964

The delightful image by Evelyne Axell, a Belgian Pop painter, takes us back to halcyon days when the highest form of pleasure was slurping on an ice cream – and not to imbue it with Freudian overtones. Sometimes licking an ice lolly is just that.

This is when we see the beginnings of the cult of celebrity and commodity fetishism. We also see the rise of sexual politics in furniture and design. Allen Jones’ Chair, 1969, of a woman in high heels, which you sit on, is probably the least offensive of his series of ‘furniture sculpture’. Personally, I want to take a hatchet to it, partly because it is demeaning and objectifies the female form, but also because it’s downright ugly.

The baton for the best ideas in Pop art has been passed on to new designers and artists, such as Kate Jenkins, who crochets a range of Pop art items including ketchup and mustard bottles as well as coke cans. It’s good to see that the influence of Pop art remains alive and thriving today.

What I do like about Pop is its play on words, the questioning of what makes for good interior design, as in Richard Hamilton’s 1956 collage Just what is it that makes today’s homes so different, so appealing? It blows the lid off the seriousness and lack of humour that was all the rage in the design world previously.

Author Fiona Keating, Editor at  Inside Property

Like at any big show, some stands at SIA Guest 2011 stood out. Here’s a list of our favourite products and manufacturers…

1 – Concept: dimension beauty
SCHÖNHUBER FRANCHI is proposing the Total Look at SIA GUEST. It is the original concept that sees the hotel as an experience that states its personality and brand, and with a new business unit for creating personalised spaces. The company also took part in the “Specchia” installation by De-Signum Studio Lab, an area dedicated to outdoor design inside the 100% HOTEL exhibit. (SCHÖNHUBER FRANCHI, Pav. C3 Booth 127)



2 – Turnkey restaurant, luxury within reach

Relying on the enormous experience it has acquired over the years, CARAIBA has enlarged its wealth of offers with the prestigious acquisitions of CARAIBA LUXURY to clad new openings and renovations of restaurants and hotels with the sophisticated design of its brands. At SIA GUEST 2011 CARAIBA LUXURY presented a genuine showroom of tasteful and quality products: Spiegelau glasses; Pot, Robbe & Berking, Cutipol and Robert Welc cutlery; Staub, Zwilling, Sha Ra Ku Mono, Kitchen Planning, Joel Robuchon and Forge De Laguiole kitchen products; Hering Berlin, Sieger By Fürstenberg and Fürstenberg, Dibbern, Feeling and Figgjo porcelain; and Mono, Amabiente, Daff, Opussum Design, Nick Munro and Jaur accessories. (CARAIBA LUXURY, Pav. C3 Booth 046)


3 – Mission culture… of textiles

Spreading the culture of textiles amongst everyone who loves to surround themselves with sophisticated atmospheres, making furnishings of impeccable quality by using the best processing and manufacturing techniques. This is the mission of GAMBA MANIFATTURE, which with the new project Contract completes what has been its commitment since 1918: meet every requirement with innovation and professional competence. (GAMBA MANIFATTURE, Pav. C3 Booth 166)

gamba manifatture

4 – The kitchen flies with the robot

Innovation of outstanding value comes from ALESSI. The Dressed line proposes white porcelain dishes with relief decoration and stainless steel cutlery, also with relief decorations. From KitchenAid (distributed by Alessi) comes an innovative robot with lifting mechanism complete with 6.9 l bowl, all in metal and highly versatile. (ALESSI, Pav. C3 Booth 041)

alessi dressed procelain

5 – The green room

The Daniele Menichini architectural firm is presenting the make-up of a real project in the development stage at SIA Guest. Every product and every technology in the “green room” meets all of the “eco” standards demanded by the low environmental impact ecological and energy qualification. It is increasingly the starting point from which hoteliers in Italy as well take off on the course of choices for interventions both on new buildings and renovation of existing buildings. (GREEN ROOM, Pav. C5 Booth 081)


6 – Love in a room

The love room to you. Love Suite Love places the bed in the centre and raises it off the ground to make it the focus of an 85-metre suite, a private theatre for a journey somewhere between dream and sensuality through the exclusive circle of sustainable products. (HOTEL SPA DESIGN, Hall A5-C5 Booth 005).

love suite love

love suite love 2

7 – An electric… table!

Waysol is an innovative line of tables – among other products – that capture the light and turn it into electricity. The surface is a photovoltaic panel protected by a pane of glass, and its simple exposure to light lets it generate energy that can be used to supply a lamp, charge a smartphone or iPad, and even light the room. Solutions are also available for outdoors: during the day a table in the garden captures the light and is illuminated during the night. Other variants seem incredible: an open book with miniature panels in place of the pages set on the windowsill during the day becomes a battery to supply a floor lamp inside the house. Italian technology boasting extraordinary creativity offers SIA GUEST a tasty novelty. (DELUXE DREAMING, Hall A5-C5 Booth 032)


8 – Beautifully made carpeting

EGE, one of the most prestigious European carpet manufacturers, is presenting the EGE PHOTOGRAPHY collection of art carpeting decorated with black and white photographs by the Milanese artist Elia Festa, which EGE was able to reproduce on top quality carpeting. In this way the works of art become a textile floor. No longer just a designer for industrial design, but an artist for Industrial Art. An idea that leads us into a new era in which art repeats itself thanks to the industrial potentials of EGE. The result? A collection of art carpeting and rugs. Complete with certifications. (EGE, Hall A5/C5 Booth 014)


9 – Heating a hotel while protecting the environment

Heating a hotel with natural gas and renewable energy-powered ROBUR heat pump. Two goals in one: not pollute and save on costs. Indeed, the heat pump proposed prevents the emission of 4.2 tons of carbon dioxide and increases the value of the property by increasing its energy class. It also makes it possible to save up to 40% on heating costs compared to condensing boilers. Last but not least, it is modular and flexible. (ROBUR, Pav. C7 Booth 199)


10 – ‘Mediterraneo’, the wooden house that loves nature

A natural oak laminated wood and solid Ipé wood house finished with non-toxic and non-polluting paints. ‘Mediterraneo” is a real Luxury house that includes a wellbeing area fitted out with Whirlpool Bath Spa and chromotherapy, made resistant by a steel load-bearing structure and innovative by a new-generation photovoltaic system. Low electricity consumption and domotic management make ‘Mediterraneo” a house truly on the cutting edge. (SPRECH, Pav. A5 Booth 172)

sprech mediterraneo

11 – The bed that rocks even adults to sleep
Its name is Sway and is one of the most relaxing new products presented at Sia Guest 2011. This bed, made by the company Klafs has the feature of slowly rocking its lucky guests, who can also enjoy absolutely relaxing atmospheres of lights and music. (KLAFS GMBH, Pav. A3 Booth 049)


12 – Mini pools, super wellbeing

Your guests deserve the wellbeing of the FabarPool mini pools. The well-known company ensures and reintroduces it while asking the hotelier, “Do you know what is the must that attracts more customers to your hotel and makes them come back? Wellness.” FabarPool produces mini whirlpool baths, nothing less than mini spas with an innovative design that turn the hotel into an oasis of wellbeing at a low cost. (FABARPOOL, Pav. A3 Booth 056)

fabarpool mini pool

November has come and gone and with it the 61st remarkable edition of Italy’s internationally recognised hospitality exhibition, SIA Guest. Officially partnered with the Society of British Interior Design (SBID), the exhibition once again offered a hub for top-tier manufacturers, service providers and designers, both Italian and foreign, operating in the hospitality market.

SIA Guest, organized by Rimini Fiera S.P.A. at the Rimini Expo Centre fair ground in Italy, took place on 26-29 November 2011 and focused on business and excellence in innovation, attracting 600 exhibiting firms and more than 37,000 professional trade visitors from 30 different countries. A stand was provided for the Society in the TREND hall to promote its hard work towards better standards in the industry, and the benefits of membership for international manufacturers and designers. Fittingly, SIA Trend is a new hall in which a business area and cultural exhibition are combined, under the banner of experimentation for hotels and collective venues.

The Society took this opportunity to officially announce that it will be hosting the SBID International Design Awards wp-content/2012 at SIA Guest next year, with a focus on contract interior design. The competition will be open from December.

A hand-picked delegation of SBID’s top interior designers and architects was invited to attend the exhibition, meet the best international manufacturers on a one-to-one basis and participate in broader networking events, with a complementary 5-star hotel stay at i-Suite.

The British delegation was impressed by the unique mix of innovation and trends showcased: alongside the products of leading firms in the sectors of contract furnishings (china, glassware, silverware, table linens, bed linens), interdeco’ (fabrics, flooring, carpets and interior décor accessories), food service equipment, technology and illumination, safety, bathroom, wellness and fitness.

The 60,000m² of exhibit space offered a series of special displays, workshops, demos and conferences which completed the agenda. Exhibitors were given a chance to meet a qualified, select public thanks to b2b meetings and new formats that attracted buyers from major markets. The setting made for stimulating and fruitful encounters between supply and demand.

With a unique mix of innovation, trends, atmosphere, and conferences, the hospitality trade show is a not-to-be missed annual date for hospitality sector professionals – book early or become an SBID member to join the free annual delegation.

Inside Out, SBID Professional Industry Partners, are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of quality covering a broad spectrum of industries. All of their furniture is designed to meet the specific requirements of the restaurant, café, hotel, bar, leisure, club, health and educational industries.

Both durable and aesthetically pleasing, essential qualities for a contract environment, Inside Out furniture combine functionality with quality design at the most competitive prices. The team at Inside Out are happy to help with every stage of a project from design and space planning through to furniture delivery and installation.

Below, they tell us about their latest project: Westbourne House, London

westbourne house 1

Designed to bring a touch of elegance to the heart of Westbourne Grove, Westbourne House’s contemporary interior is a sophisticated mix of Parisian boutique and Manhattan loft. Inside Out were recruited to renew their interior and exterior areas, and offer a touch of the interior luxury for the exterior space.

Inside Out supplied Westbourne House with Whisk Chairs, a contemporary classic; paired beautifully with Manhattan Circular Tables, quintessential choices and a recognised staple for exterior environments the world over.

The use of Whisk Chairs paired with Manhattan Circular Tables gives Westbourne House’s exteriors a contemporary and luxurious feel, whilst ensuring they can maximise on their use of space.

Furthermore, Inside Out provided Westbourne House with chic and sophisticated bespoke length Lobby 1 sofas and Bespoke Units to complement the boutique style interiors. The project was a success with furniture perfectly complementing the style and atmosphere desired at Westbourne House.

Whisk Chairs

Whisk Chair

The competitively priced Whisk Armchair from Inside Out is an inspiring alternative to the established classic. This stackable chair although only designed in the eighties is already regarded as a classic piece of design.

Originally a chair for the terraces of Spanish street cafes, the durable Whisk is completely weatherproof and suitable for a wide range of uses. Unusual for a mass-produced chair of this type, solid cast aluminium is used for the arms and seat in place of the cheaper and flimsier tubular alternatives. This leads to a reassuringly solid chair, which due to its ergonomic design is also very comfortable. The whisk chair is customisable and available in a wide range of colours.

Bespoke Length Lobby 1 Sofa

westbourne house 3

The Lobby 1 Sofa is a Georgian inspired design, typified by its deep buttoning and curving arms. Further attention to detail is paid with legs finished with brass castors. Our craftsmen and upholsterers pay outstanding attention to detail and every sofa is hand-made to exacting specifications, Westbourne house featured bespoke length Lobby 1 Sofas, and these durable and elegant pieces are available to any size specifications.

Bespoke Units

Inside Out can bring any ideas to life with our bespoke seating service, providing furniture made to exact specifications for any venue. Inside Out pride ourselves on our proven reputation for quality seating, and a professional friendly service. Our skilled production team are able to manufacture a truly diverse range of bespoke seating, which is both durable and design led.


Find out more about our flexible membership structure.

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