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Episode One

SpeakEasy with Vanessa Brady OBE

The SBID teamed up with Pierrus Agency to launch the new ‘SpeakEasy’ podcast series. Hosted by founder, Grant Pierrus, we’ll be sitting down for insightful and thought-provoking conversations with leading design professionals across the field of interior design, from international interior designers to innovative product suppliers to uncover their unique perspectives on the industry, the key factors driving industry change, and what they intend to do about it!

Grant gets candid over a coffee with some of the biggest names in the interior design industry. The first episode in the new ‘SpeakEasy‘ series will feature a conversation with award-winning interior designer and founder of SBID, Dr Vanessa Brady OBE, where she sheds light on how climate change is effecting the interior design and construction industries.

Vanessa comments on how she can see the design sector unfolding in the next decade; driven by the newly emerging consumer attitudes which weren’t so prominent in the 90’s, where people were more concerned with showing off their wealth.

“For very first time designers, and people in general, have a conscience … and that conscience says people are interested in how things are made. Obviously if you’re in business you have to be looking at the bottom line – but it’s not the only driver. It’s a social conscience on the things that are involved in making a business tick – giving back, looking after other people, being decent again, and I think that did get lost a little bit in the past.”

Armed with over 30 years expertise in the design industry, she continues to share her thoughts on the broad topic sustainability, how integral this will become for the future of design and what role technology, innovation and manufacturing will need to play in this process.

Highlighting important considerations for designers, whether of interiors or of products, she adds “Sustainability is something that effects everything, from the beginning of the idea to the end user, so it is a sort of cradle to grave process. And I think it’s not just during the use of a product … it’s when its use is over. What happens then?”

Tune in to the whole conversation to discover more.

Upcoming episodes will feature the talented founders of Hill House Interiors, Helen Bygraves and Jenny Weiss, as well as director of Life Kitchens, Oliver Stephenson.

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We got in touch with the President of SBID, designer and founder of marquardt+, Tom Marquardt to share his perspective on how the design industry has been and will be impacted by the coronavirus outbreak, providing his unique insight into how businesses are being forced to adapt to continue to support employees, customers and clients by providing flexible and innovative solutions in response to the challenging social climate created by the spread of COVID-19.

Today’s Chicago weather looked more like early spring in London, with a beautiful mist fog coming off the lake, and a crisp spring air that I love when I am here, or there. After our gyms were closed in Chicago, we decided to get on nature’s treadmill with proper social distancing, and power walk along Lake Michigan, before more restrictive shelter-in-place measures are imposed and we then have to start to do daily runs on our back stairs and exercise in place.

Vanessa Brady reached out to me to ask about my perspective on the pandemic impact on the industry here in the US. I can only assume it is the same here as everywhere, with practices working digitally and remote, winding down work put on hold, and strategising how to support our clients with a new long term view, as well as for ongoing projects.

For example, m+ just created and designed a major interiors product manufacturer’s brand including the brand launch originally to be live at their national sales meeting. Once it became apparent due to travel restrictions that they had to cancel, we quickly re-planned the entire experience with their team to be digital, online and live in 4 days. We still dressed up and I for one wore a suit and tie in the client’s new brand colours while on screen presenting from my desk in the m+ garden studio space, in our home. It went off without a hitch and everyone was reinvigorated by this positive and unique experience, receiving the right tools for their sales team to move forward with and solve more challenges.

And honestly, that is the point. We are all in interior design and many related design fields because we are creative problem solvers. We have the advantage of being predisposed to proactively thinking outside the box, utilising our skillsets to solve our client’s problems with finesse and completion to make their lives easier, more beautiful, functional and comfortable. That is what we do.

So, what is happening in the US and the design industry? Creative people are adapting and planning and innovating, looking towards what could be versus just what might be, and turning a bad situation into a learning point and a challenge to make things better, even if that means doing it differently. I for one would like to challenge you to find it in yourselves to do the same. So that’s what is going on, at least in our world over here on the other side of the pond.

My most cherished best to you, those you work with, and those you love, as we move onwards and upwards towards a new beginning, together on the other side.

– Tom

Tom Marquardt  | SBID | IIDA | AMA-EC

President, Society of British and International Interior Design

President & Founder, marquardt+

Following on from my last comment on challenges designers face, in these critical times where projects may have stopped midway – or not begun at all, it is critical that both designer and client are in agreement on amendments to the contract.

SBID’s role is to guide designers to deliver on their remit and where necessary, when things go wrong to guide and direct them back on track, but also on occasion when designers are having unscrupulous clients, to assist and support them in recovery.

By collating the statistics we can share the data with the government and together, if necessary, amend the law so that it would become unlawful once signing a contract, to withhold payment. We accept that there is a lot of work required to reach that stage – so let’s continue. The campaign was launched in 2017 and has grown momentum. We are successfully resolving disputes for the public and their designers who have to date each been non-members of SBID and are grateful for the guidance. When matters are more involved, with a government partnered Mediation through the Intellectual Property Office, the SBID have provided a speedy route in a binding and confidential agreement to review the dispute and reach a binding agreement. This is and has proved to be a welcome and immediate solution for most situations but it doesn’t address all issues, it’s theses items that SBID in association with government want to create a resolve binding by law, only in this way will we put a permanent stop to it for the industry.

Getting paid by a client at the end of a project can be a thorny issue for interior designers; it is still one of the biggest challenges designers face. We are the first in and the last out of every project, which leaves us vulnerable and exposed to any faults generated during procurement by any other trade involved that creates ‘the dominoe effect’ This can leave designers susceptible to criticism or unnecessary conflict as pressures mount to complete projects on time. Blame is sometimes directed at the last trade on site, i.e the designer and, in some cases, the contractor too. What we need to avoid is a constant in-house ‘blame game’. We need a structure, a process an accountable audit trail to pick up changes during procurement of works to prevent issues arising and we need enforcement when clients simply choose to withhold funds. Working with a pro-active government is essential, and in this government, we finally have that much needed willingness to listen and act with speed. 

When money runs out due to procurement overspend, clients look to save from alternative destinations. With construction professionals and designers the most unregulated, they are vulnerable to client abuse. Notably when the sums are substantial, some clients believe it’s worth chancing non-payment. Building contractors and designers are two trades where all-encompassing skills are required therefore withholding payment puts the designer or contractor under financial burden, making them more willing to settle for a lower sum than the due amount.  The costs and delays incurred by court proceedings often outweigh the sums in question, a factor that is heavily leaned on as negotiations between client, contractor or designer begin.

This unfair and very common industry injustice is a challenge I am addressing. Along with industry recognition, the issue of non-payment is something I have raised regularly at cross-party government meetings in Parliament as the representative for Interior Design; and is one of the many reasons that ten years ago I set up the Society of British and International Design (SBID).

This year the SBID is celebrating ten years in business. It is the largest interior design organisation across Europe and the British representative of the European Council of Interior Architects. I am now on the second phase of this journey. It’s unacceptable in 2019 for a recognised business, industry or individual to be prevented from achieving a fair legal conclusion to an injustice, based solely upon financial restriction – whether that restriction is the cost of appealing the injustice or client knowledge that financially withholding payment is a negotiating tool for discount or sometimes worse.

The skills and responsibilities involved in interior design is misunderstood by most of the public. The perception is an interior designer is, for many, based upon years of television shows that incorrectly label the protagonists as interior designers when they are often, in fact, interior decorators. Challenging the misconceptions surrounding the role of a professional designer is something I have spent many years addressing at cross-party government meetings in the House of Commons and the House of Lords.

I don’t like to lose so I won’t fight unless I can win, even when it has taken years to achieve a successful outcome as in a recent case you can read more about here. When a win is achieved it’s proof that the determination not to fold and the effort invested to fight an injustice is worth it.

Written by Dr Vanessa Brady OBE

Award-winning Interior Designer, CEO & Founder of the Society of British and International Design


Already preparing for the month ahead? March may be the month for you. Discover the latest on the business environment and export opportunities in Latin America and the Caribbean, learn about the link between nature, interiors and human wellbeing, or look to the future of design with international trade shows as Munich Design Week draws the focus on how good design drives sustainability: ecological, economical and social.

Upcoming Events:

Innovation Design

3rd March

Innovation & Design in the Built Environment – London, United Kingdom

Discover how Innovation and Design reshape the Apulian Built Environment. The Italian Chamber of Commerce will present 10 cutting edge companies from Puglia. Apulia, the heel of the Italian boot, is a land where tradition, history and culture mingles with knowledge, a crossroads for business trade between Europe and the Orient, at the heart of the Mediterranean. With its roots steeped in ancient Mycenaean Greeks, Apulia is a region that has always been capable of transforming the challenges of sustainability into opportunities for innovation, whilst maintaining its heritage. The event offers a dynamic and lucrative business environment designed carefully to develop, promote and facilitate synergies that establish key relationships.

Click here for details

Malaysian Int

6th – 9th March

Malaysian International Furniture Fair – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The biggest furniture trade show in Southeast Asia, the Malaysian International Furniture Fair (MIFF) introduced a fresher perspective on design with a brand new look and concept called ‘Design Connects People’ since 2018 for greater business opportunities, renewed locational advantage, and innovative solutions in furniture and creative spaces. Every March, quality exhibitors and buyers from all over the world converge on this global stage. MIFF’s commitment to professionalism, innovation and dynamism is backed by a dedicated team of bright individuals; it is no wonder MIFF is always a sought-after destination and the ideal business platform for trade professionals.

Munich Creative Business Week

7th – 15th March

Munich Creative Business Week – Munich, Germany

Munich Creative Business Week (MCBW) 2020 co-operates for the first time with the INTERNET WORLD EXPO (10-11 March) with a focus on the connection of design and digital commerce. The Munich Design Week underlines its conceptual and content orientation with changing thematic focal points along the major social trends with debates on climate change and the energy transition under the theme “Sustain by Design”, because good design drives sustainability: ecological, economical and social. A particular focus is on the topics of the future of innovation, cities, fashion, work, communication and digitisation.

Videre Aqauriums

9th – 14th March

LiFE Gallery by ViDERE Aquariums – Birmingham, United Kingdom

The LiFE Gallery by ViDERE Aquariums is a one-week exhibition showcasing an art gallery of nature aquariums and natural art, all curated to inspire ideas about how we can incorporate nature into our business and commercial spaces. The official opening of the gallery at 6pm on the 9 March will include a tour by ViDERE Founder, Akil Gordon-Beckford followed by a CPD Table Talk “Brand from Biophilia”. This will be a presentation covering the link between nature, interiors, and human wellbeing as well as an overview of theWorkplace Stress Study’ he and his team carried out in 2019. Throughout the week there will be workshops, events, and talks as well as live stream interviews introducing you to the amazing world of Aquariums, Human-Centred Design and BIOPHILIA.

Click here for details


9th – 13th March

Latin America and the Caribbean UK Roadshow 2020 – United Kingdom

Want to get the latest on the business environment and export opportunities in Latin America and the Caribbean (LatAC)? Are you an experienced exporter thinking of expanding to a region full of vibrant and lucrative markets? The Department for International Trade (DIT) is delighted to invite you to join the 2020 edition of our LatAC Roadshow. Her Majesty’s Trade Commissioner for LatAC Jo Crellin and eight DIT country directors will be updating UK companies on the latest opportunities in these exciting markets. The Roadshow will be visiting Manchester, Birmingham, London, Bristol, Cardiff and Belfast.

Click here to register your interest

Bringing Outdoors

26th March

SBID Regional Event: Bringing the Outdoors In – Scotland, United Kingdom

Garden Designer, Lynn Hill calls for joined up thinking, blending indoor and outdoor spaces to create a seamless transition between the two. With an opportunity to gain insight and inspiration, interior designers are invited to join for an interactive evening, enjoy a cocktail or two and get creative with some paint techniques whilst Lynn shares her practical ideas to bring unity in the design of home and garden.

Click here for details

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It’s time to wash away those January blues for 2020 as February falls into focus. Fill your February with inspiration and keep the New Year momentum going with a selection of upcoming design events in London, Stockholm and Dusseldorf! Scroll down to find out more.

Upcoming Events:

Stockholm Design Week
Image credits: Jonas Sveningsson | Stockholm Design Week

3rd – 9th February

Stockholm Design Week – Stockholm, Sweden

Together with Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair, Stockholm Design Week has established itself as the most important week of the year for Scandinavian Design since its launch in 2002. During Stockholm Design Week the city of Stockholm is buzzing with design events. Stockholm becomes the perfect place for everyone connected to, or interested in, design to meet and thrive, discover new impulses, broaden their network and get inspired. A meeting place for buyers, architects, designers, press and influences from all over the world.

Surface Design

11th – 13th February

Surface Design Show – London, United Kingdom

For architects and designers the Surface Design Show has become an essential date in the calendar. Billed as the only event in the UK that focuses solely on interior and exterior surfaces, the Surface Design Show is an opportunity to meet suppliers and experience innovative and exciting materials.

EuroShop 2020
Image credits: Constanze Tillmann | Messe Düsseldorf

16th – 20th February

EuroShop 2020 – Düsseldorf, Germany

EuroShop is the world’s largest trade fair for retail investment requirements. Future-oriented and dynamic as the industry itself, the trade fair presents itself in seven fascinating retail dimensions with all the trends and topics that are moving the future. At EuroShop 2020, the 550 international exhibitors of the experience dimension “Retail Technology” (from the more than 2,300 international EuroShop exhibitors) provide impressive proof of this. In the run-up to EuroShop, we had a look around the international stores to see what is already being offered to customers in terms of high-tech.

SBID Regional Living

28th February

SBID Regional Event: Living Home Tech – Poole, United Kingdom

Founded by the 3 brothers Wes, Wayne and Luke Crutcher in 2005, Living is one of the most respected Smart Home and Lighting firms in the world. The event offers the chance for designers to enhance their knowledge of Home Cinema and Media Rooms. One of the qualified Directors will give a presentation on how they design their award winning Cinema rooms and allow attendees to experience their Media and Cinema set ups.

Interested in attending? Email [email protected] to register now!

Latest News:

James Lathtam

James Latham acquires Dresser Mouldings 

James Latham has acquired the market leading specialist, timber and cladding processor, Dresser Mouldings. Having enjoyed a long-standing business relationship with Dresser, the move will enable James Latham to increase its offering in processed timber, developing specialist products for the specification market.

Dresser specialises in the processing and vacuum coating of bespoke timber products, the production of timber mouldings and other specialist timber machining. Commenting on the acquisition, Andrew Wright, Managing Director at Lathams Limited said, “This was a strategic decision which will allow us to develop our existing timber moulding, cladding and timber coatings business. It will also enable us to continue to invest in product and business development.”

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The New Year is just around the corner, and what better way to start planning ahead for 2020 than with a host of fresh inspirations and the low-down on the latest trends and innovations from the must-attend trade events of the season. Check out our selection of interior design events and take advantage of SBID’s complimentary ticket offers to help kick-start your creative juices this coming January!

Messe Frankfurt
Image credits: Pietro Sutera | Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH

7th – 10th January

Heimtextil – Frankfurt, Germany

Heimtextil is a international trade fair for home and contract textiles. With its new products for interior textiles, design and trends, it kicks off the upcoming season and gives important impulses to both exhibiting companies and professional visitors from all over the world. The product portfolio is supported by a varied programme of specialist lectures by internationally renowned experts, themed tours, and an extensive textile material library.

10th – 13th January

DOMOTEX – Hannover, Germany

A leading trade show and the biggest innovations and trend platform for the flooring industry. It is the place to soak up inspiration for luxurious fitted carpets, elegant solid wood parquet, magnificent rugs or stylish designer floor coverings as DOMOTEX provides interior designers with a unique overview of flooring trends, as well as insights into contemporary interior design solutions and new materials.

Complimentary tickets are available through SBID. Email [email protected] for more information.

Living Divani

13th – 19th January

imm cologne – Cologne, Germany

Hosted at the start of the year, imm cologne is where the interiors industry gathers to present and discover new launches from around the world, to experience the major future trends and make a successful start to the new season. The trade fair is a must-attend event for senior decision makers from all international markets and the interior design scene as a whole. 

Messe Frankfurt
Image credits: Gustav Kaiser | Stockholmsmässan

14th – 17th January

Formex – Stockholm, Sweden

Launched in 1960 and now hosting up to 800 exhibitors per fair with products within interior design, fashion and accessories, Formex brings together national and international buyers, agents, designers, producers and media from all over the interior and design industry. A meeting place where it is easy to find new products, get inspiration, discover trends, meet new exhibitors and do business together. 

MAISON OBJET event image

17th – 21st January

MAISON&OBJET – Paris, France

As an international authority for home decor, interior design, architecture, lifestyle, culture and trends, MAISON&OBJET showcases the latest innovations and inspirations with its annual shows, events and digital platform. The Parisian trade fair brings together market professionals from across the industry, from brands, designers, interior designers and stylists, to buyers, hoteliers, restaurateurs and trend hunters… making it a key event for establishing new contacts and cultivating relationships with existing partners.

Complimentary tickets are available through SBID. Email [email protected] for more information.

Messe Frankfurt

17th – 26th January

DesignTO – Toronto, Canada

Going into its 10th year, the DesignTO Festival (formerly the Toronto Design Offsite Festival) transforms Toronto into a hub for creativity, taking art and design out of the studio and into the urban sphere. Canada’s largest annual celebration of design and contemporary culture, provides opportunities for emerging talent and engages the community with exceptional and accessible public programming.

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For some, December is a time for festivities; relaxing by the fire with a mulled wine or gearing up for all those Christmas parties – but if business is still on your brain this season and you’re not quite ready to hang up your Christmas stockings and call it a year, we’re sharing some of the upcoming design events to attend – as well as some exciting details about SBID’s latest announcement, due to launch this December!

3rd – 8th December

Design Miami – Miami, USA 

Design Miami/ is the global forum for design. Each fair brings together the most influential collectors, gallerists, designers, curators and critics from around the world in celebration of design culture and commerce. More than a marketplace for design, professionals gather to present museum-quality exhibitions of twentieth and twenty-first century furniture, lighting and objets d’art. Each show balances exclusive commercial opportunities with progressive cultural programming, creating collaborations between designers, design institutions, panels and lectures with luminaries from the world of design, architecture, art and fashion.


4th – 5th December

[email protected] – Düsseldorf, Germany

The unique exhibition layout of [email protected] was created to ensure optimal contact between exhibitors and visitors, as visitors are automatically led along a route that winds its way through the exhibitors stands, showcasing their latest innovations. At [email protected], traditional aisles are transformed into lounge zones: places to enjoy a drink, to network and to provide further explanation about innovative products, applications or services.

Click here to register


4th – 6th December

The Buildings Show 2019 – Toronto, Canada

Lead for success. Empowering design professionals to improve business and industry practices, solve problems and save time and money while earning education credits for ARIDO and IDCEC. This year, The Buildings Show will be running from Wednesday 4th December, with opportunities to explore new technology innovations, attend informational sessions and connect with industry influencers.

Alongside showcasing inspiring and informative design concepts, the Buildings Show offers interior conversations about lighting, design trends for colour, kitchens and baths, workplaces, accessibility and inclusive design, social resilience and wellness, BIM, AI and the future of work. As well as this year’s series of roundtables and workshops which will dig deeper into specific issues affecting design professions; like designing with mass timber, cross-pollinating design ideas, and more.

Click here to register


SBID Product Design Awards 2020 launch visual

SBID Product Design Awards 2020 launching December!

The SBID Product Design Awards 2020 will officially open for entries this December. Designed to recognise, reward and celebrate the industry in product design, the Awards will showcase world-class manufacturers and designers who provide solutions, which in turn raise industry standards through the innovation and functionality of products for the interior design sector. Covering a diverse range of specialisms, the winning product designs will be judged in categories across Furniture, Lighting, Flooring, Surfaces, and more. With each entry being evaluated by leading, internationally-admired interior designers and pan-industry experts, confirmed judges for the SBID Product Design Awards 2020 include; Group CEO and Executive VP at Unilever Prestige, Vasiliki Petrou; Head of Interior Architecture at Zaha Hadid Architects, Kar Ho; Director of Interior Design at IHG, Henry Reeve; Head of Harrods Interior Design, Letitia Fitzgibbon; and Director of the Cowell Group, Nicholas Cowell.

For sponsorship enquiries, email [email protected]

It’s never too late in the year to seek out new inspirations so brush up on the latest industry trends and product launches with the must-attend design events for November. With BATIMAT 2019 set to take Paris by storm with it’s international trade event for architecture, building and construction, Downtown Design 2019 takes on Dubai to offer design professionals insight into the Middle East’s fast evolving design scene. SBID Members can also reap the rewards with exclusive member offers, VIP access and complimentary tickets… Scroll down to find out more!


4th – 8th November

BATIMAT 2019 – Paris, France

Le Mondial du Bâtiment returns to Paris-Nord Villepinte with INTERCLIMA, IDÉOBAIN and BATIMAT coming together as the leading international event for the architecture, building and construction industries. It is a one stop shop for all industry players to get a 360º view on the newest products in the sector, boasting up to 2,400 exhibitors from construction and bathroom materials, to comfort and energy efficiency. Helping professionals to rise up to the challenges of today and tomorrow.

SBID Members get VIP access with complimentary tickets, email [email protected] 


12th – 15th November

Downtown Design 2019 – Dubai, United Arab Emirates 

A key event of Dubai Design Week, Downtown Design is the Middle East’s leading design fair for original and high-quality design. The Fair offers design professionals the opportunity to gain a competitive edge in the Middle East’s fast evolving design scene with a dynamic programme of discovery and networking.

Alongside the latest collections from international brands and a line-up of thought-provoking talks and workshops featuring global design experts, the fair’s Trade Programme is curated to help architects, interior designers and other trade professionals raise their profile in the industry and make meaningful relationships with industry decision-makers.

SBID Members receive access to the VIP opening and preview on 12 November.

Click here to register


13th – 15th November 2019

MAPIC: The international retail property event – Cannes, France

With 8,600 participants including 2,100 retailers and 2,500 developers, MAPIC is considered one of the world’s most important events for the retail real estate market. It offers UK companies access to key decision-makers seeking to attract new retailers and innovative ways to increase footfall and provide entertainment and experiential offerings to augment the traditional retail mix within shopping centres and future mall developments. The Department for International Trade (DIT) will host a UK Lounge at MAPIC 2019 promoting the wealth of established brands that exist within the UK’s retail sector and the innovative services UK designers and experiential companies can offer the international market. The Lounge will bring together a host of experienced UK companies working successfully within the retail, creative design and experience economy sectors to showcase their expertise and services at this key international event.

Click here to register


21st November

SBID Breakfast Meeting – London, United Kingdom

The first of the leading sanitaryware brands in Europe to offer taps from a 3D metal printer, GROHE will host the next SBID Breakfast Meeting on Thursday 21st November. In collaboration with Cradle to Cradle certified, tile manufacturer Mosa, the event will take place at their showroom in London. The Breakfast Meeting offers designers to attend 2 SBID Accredited CPD seminars:

Mosa will present their Accredited CPD on ‘How cradle to cradle contributes to a sustainable design’

Grohe will present their Accredited CPD on ‘Water Saving without compromising on performance’

To register your interest in attending, email [email protected]

Beginning with fresh insight into the Vectorworks® 2020 to help designers and architects harness the latest software tools and workflows, October is punctuated by the announcement of the SBID International Design Awards winners for 2019. The month culminates with the eagerly anticipated SBID International Design Awards ceremony to celebrate global design excellence on 25th October, as well as SBID’s popular annual networking event which is due to return with a brand-new series of business seminars.

1st October 

Vectorworks Annual Design Day – London, United Kingdom

Meet the Vectorworks team in London on Tuesday 1st October as they present the powerful new workflows in Vectorworks® 2020 at Vectorworks’ Annual Design Day 2019. Explore the future of Vectorworks while enjoying opportunities in the following areas:

To register your interest in attending, email [email protected]

SBID Education Design Council event featuring an image of a design-led classroom learning environment

9th October

Learning Environment Transitions – Edinburgh, United Kingdom

The SBID Education Council invite both Designers and Education professionals to an event hosted by University of Edinburgh and City of Edinburgh Council on Wednesday 9th October to hear a presentation from Anne Knock on Learning Environment Transitions. Having spent 17 years as a primary school teacher and 15 years working directly with schools, systems, teachers, school boards and architects to facilitate change and create collaborative learning environments, Anne has learnt the language of design. Anne will be visiting Edinburgh as part of the International Study Tour that she hosts, with guests including educational leaders and architects. Earlier in the day the tour group will visit a local nursery and schools. During Anne’s presentation she will be sharing her insight about design principles and shaping the educational brief with a focus on the Learning Environment Transitions. This will follow on to an open discussion about the observations and considerations of the transitioning between learning environments form Nursery through to University.

To register your interest in attending, email [email protected]

15th October 

Designs From the Past, Inspiration for the Future (CPD Talk and Tour) – Maidenhead, United Kingdom

Join this CPD talk and guided tour on the origin and history of the Textile Design Archive held by the John Lewis Partnership in their Heritage Centre based in Maidenhead. Starting at 11am, this talk focuses on historic textile printing techniques, the work of reputable designers and how these have inspired more recent designs and products. This is followed by a Q&A session with a John Lewis Partnership Archivist, then a guided tour of the Heritage Centre including the textile gallery where the original artworks for many designs from c1800 onwards are displayed.

To register your interest in attending, email [email protected]

24th October

SBID Meet the Buyer  – London, United Kingdom

The Society of British and International Design’s popular annual networking event returns on 24th October with a brand new location and even more opportunities for attendees. Set to be the biggest to date, the one-day event will feature a new series of business seminars, new manufacturers and a new home – Grosvenor House, Park Lane in London. The SBID Meet The Buyer event brings together some of the best interior designers, architects and specifiers to meet face to face with leading, design-led product manufacturers from around the world. Complete with networking opportunities, face to face contact with decision makers, the event also presents a brand-new series of business seminars for designers and manufacturers to gain valuable advice – as well as engage in discussions about challenges the industry faces from some of the most esteemed experts in their field.

Click here to find out more or book your place now

25th October

SBID International Design Awards 2019 – London, United Kingdom

The SBID International Design Awards became the first interior design award scheme to be accredited with the GOLD Standard Awards Trust Mark by The Independent Awards Standards Council, who commended the programme as “exemplar in how awards should be operated”. The SBID Awards programme is set to culminate with a dazzling ceremony at one of London’s most iconic locations in the Ballroom at Grosvenor House hotel in Mayfair on Friday 25th October. In opulent surroundings, the finalists, judges and sponsors from across the world come together to celebrate being part of a community that represents excellence in global design; where the winners across 15 categories will be presented with the beautiful SBID International Design Award 2019 trophy, expertly crafted by Czech glass specialist, Sans Souci Glass Deco.

To rub shoulders with the world’s leading interior designers, click here to book a table

MAISON&OBJET PARIS (M&O) has been around since 1995 as the international trade fair for the lifestyle, decoration and design sector, and today more than ever it has become the not-to-be-missed event for industry professionals seeking clever design solutions to help attract and retain customers.

The workplace revolution: new living spaces

Our new relationship with work, driven by social change, is reinventing the office. Digitisation is making us more mobile and liberating us from traditional work settings. Work is now nomadic. Collaborative and participatory tools have led to the rise of co-working spaces, which offer a more enjoyable and interactive way to work. ln the age of social media and rugged individualism, employees are taking ownership of their workspace and personalising it. Faced with these new challenges, manufacturers, distributors, space planners and fitters are turning to residential design to give workspaces more personality and make them more friendly, comfortable and creative, helping companies attract and retain talent.

Maison & Objet September 2019 exhibitor image feature on SBID interior design blog
Maison & Objet September 2019 exhibitor image feature on SBID interior design blog

MAISON&OBJET: a laboratory for expressing today’s new art of working

ln September, MAISON&OBJET will be turning the spotlight on a brand new theme: WORK!, uniting the entire sector. The very best furnishings for today’s offices and work spaces will be showcased in a dedicated zone of 1.000 sq.m and accompanied by a special WORK! trail pinpointing all the exhibitors offering work related design solutions. The theme’s most exciting new finds, curated by Chantal Hamaide and staged by Philippe Boisselier, will be featured in one of the “What’s New” zones, highlighting some of the many furnishings, items and accessories that can help add personality to a new workspace.

This edition will also feature a conference programme dedicated to WORK! and presented by market experts, notably giving visitors the opportunity to discover exemplary projects with an international emphasis. Business meetings will raise bring all those responsible for finding office design solutions face to face with manufacturers and designers over the course of the 5-day event.

Last but net least, an expert will present his architect’s vision by staging a zone that focuses on interaction: an immersive experience showcasing today’s new sociable work spaces.

Serving up inspiration for Hoteliers and Restaurateurs

Nowadays, anyone who steps through the door of a café, hotel or restaurant is looking for so much more than tasty food or a comfortable place to stay. Today’s
customers are demanding, ultra-connected and increasingly aware of how their surroundings look, even if they’re just there to grab a quick coffee! They’re keen to explore new vibes and discover “Instagrammable” venues offering one-of-a-kind experiences that don’t just satisfy their taste buds but stimulate every single sense.

M&O showcases a vast range of solutions that can help hospitality professionals give the 2.0 customer exactly what they want by catering to the industry’s changing needs. The upcoming edition of MAISON&OBJET PARIS is set to celebrate the art of hospitality, sharing and savouring. The perfect opportunity for industry professionals to explore new concepts, make new contacts and discover thousands of brands.

To help café owners, hoteliers and restaurateurs find their way around the  abundance of aisles, a special trail has been put together focusing on their specific needs. Not only will the trail enable them to explore cookware and tableware solutions from iconic brands such as De Buyer, Revol, Gien and Serax or furnishings and design solutions from big names such as Normann Copenhagen, Duravit and Bloomingville, but it will also invite them to discover coverings, design pieces and furniture that suit the hotel and restaurant trade’s specific usage needs, including the need for customisation.

Lastly, conference sessions chaired by industry experts will offer a brand new insight into the impact interior design is having on the hotel and restaurant trade. Triple Michelin-starred chef Frédéric Anton and the architect Aline Asmar D’Amman will take to the stage to chat about the design of the prestigious Eiffel Tower-based restaurant, the Jules Verne, whilst the Managers of the La Réserve group will offer an insight into the secrets behind their confidential hotels’ closely cherished identity.

You can discover more about the exhibitors set to attend this year, here

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