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The company’s founder, Reghina Ivanco, shares more details with us: “The story of Art Focus Studio and my business, which eventually led me to set up my own company, started when I was still in college. The graduation took place under the patronage of the President of the Republic of Moldova, Vladimir Voronin at that time. The topic of my diploma thesis was the reconstruction of the Luceafărul Theatre. I was awarded first place and a prize of 30,000 lei for the best diploma thesis. Thanks to this, I got a job at a big architectural firm, ARD, whose director was the famous architect Gheorghe D. Telpiz. He became my mentor and teacher, who taught me not only how to draw, but also how to run a business. All in all, working at ARD was a great experience for me. Gradually, I expanded my clientele. Then, at some point, I realized I was ready to work for myself and started my own company, Art Focus Studio based in Chisinau.”

TREND Retail Stores - Art Focus Studio

What do you do?

Currently, the company specializes in interior design. We also help the client with the choice of materials. Apart from design, we also carry out turnkey projects. The main types of services we offer are the design of residential, commercial, and industrial buildings; 3D development and visualization, as well as project supervision.

The Art Focus Studio team consists of responsible and creative people, designers, or architects. In total, the team comprises six highly qualified professionals. Each of them is involved in the realization of individual projects. I carry out the functions of a project manager, generating new ideas, managing the project, and supervising the construction site.

Our work is based on several fundamental principles. First of all, we follow the rule “Less Talk, More Action”. Secondly, trust and empathy between the designer and the client are very important to us. We also value the ability to solve problems quickly and work on results. And, of course, the aesthetic side is essential for all of us.

Suceava Apartment - Art Focus Studio

What have you been working on?

We have a number of successful projects in our portfolio, both in Moldova and abroad. Basically, we deal with interior design and design in residential and commercial projects. Among the large-scale projects implemented in Moldova are Zity Mall and Oasis Mall. Both projects have been very interesting for us. For example, Oasis Mall is a luxury project. There will be stores of premium brands in the mall, i.e. the interior of the mall had to be representative and direct the visitor to a certain standard. We designed the interior in an Art Deco style and completed it with brass and bronze elements. As for the Oasis Mall project, it is still in the realization stage.

Successful projects include the Aquaterra Resort Holercani clubhouse on the banks of the Dniester River. On the site of a destroyed nine-story building, we designed the interior design of the apartments, restaurant, and swimming pool. We also did the interior design for the TREND chain of stores. As for projects abroad, our team designed a two-story residential house in St. Petersburg. Another project, no less interesting, is in Shanghai. We designed a showroom for the Italian furniture factory DV Homecollection.

For the second year in a row, our company was ranked in the top three in the category “Best Residential Interior Design of the Year” at the DAS Interiors Awards.

Suceava Apartment - Art Focus Studio

What lies ahead for Art Focus Studio?

We are targeting the international market. I can definitely say that Art Focus Studio will assert itself on the international market more.

OASIS Shopping Mall - Art Focus Studio

OASIS Shopping Mall

The uniqueness of Oasis Shopping Mall lies in the monumental character of the project. The interior of the mall has been designed in the Art Deco style. The construction was started in 2018 and the completion date is scheduled for the end of 2021.

OASIS Shopping Mall - Art Focus Studio

“Luxury of Shades”

A 170-square-meter apartment in the HIGH PARK clubhouse. The interior is designed in a modern style, close to luxury minimalism. The decor of the bedrooms is enriched by geometric textile panels, while colourful mirrors create a visual effect of infinite space. The LED lights, installed across the apartment, lead the eye from the central scene to the background, creating a wave-like effect. A pleasant haze of soft light envelops the space.

Suceava Apartment - Art Focus Studio

The Minimalist Atmosphere

A 165 sqm duplex penthouse for a young couple in minimalist style. The main decoration of the living room is the luxurious fibre concrete cupola, which creates an unusual light show that also delimits the space and creates a special atmosphere. The conceptual interior fulfils the basic objective of minimalism – conciseness.

Suceava Apartment - Art Focus Studio

About Art Focus Studio

Reghina Ivanco’s dedication to her craft and her team’s impressive achievements make Art Focus Studio a true standout in the world of art and design. In addition to their numerous accolades and achievements, Art Focus Studio also offers a wide range of high-end design services. From space planning to construction administration, their team provides the full scope of design services necessary to bring their clients’ visions to life. They specialize in design concept development, presentation, construction drawings, specification, purchasing, and installation of materials. Art Focus Studio’s commitment to providing exceptional design services is evident in their attention to detail and dedication to delivering exceptional results.

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Nayerra Maher, Co-Founder and Interior Designer of NayeRRa Novelty has given her insight into the industry.

Why did you want to work in the interior design profession?

I believe that I have a creative, futuristic, imaginative, and artistic approach to the things around me, I can definitely think of interior design as a career path. Interior design offers a unique opportunity to combine creativity, functionality, art, and personal taste to create beautiful, comfortable, and inspiring living spaces. A profession in interior design can turn out to be extremely lucrative, entertaining, and secure. Creating something that makes others feel comfortable and serene is a very enjoyable thing to me, and it makes me happy about what I do. I found my passion in the interior design profession, and all the time I want to learn more skills about it, gain more information, learn tips and tricks, etc. It’s a Cool Profession, the fact that you can create something from scratch and bring out a unique look in someone’s house and their life is art in itself. Plus, you can start building your interior design career even after completing a bachelor’s degree because there is much to learn once you are in the field.

NayeRRa Novelty

Which elements of your profession do you enjoy the most?

I enjoy the form, colours, light, artistic lines, textures, and impactful patterns. That the form in interior design is an element of art. Form is the backbone of any interior design, which is the prime element in any design project. It helps to create an external impact on things like patterns, colours, and textures. Lighting is the ‘secret weapon’ of a stunning and practical space. It helps to create depth, height, and style while drawing attention to the areas that are most impressive. Especially natural light gives very good vibes and plays an important role in a human’s serenity. Also, enjoy using texture to create a specific feel in a room. Rough and coarser textures like reclaimed wood or terracotta have more ‘visual weight’ and create a cosy, rustic aesthetic, while smooth or shiny textures, including metals like chrome, reflect more light and create a more contemporary finish.

NayeRRa Novelty

What has been your most memorable career highlight from the past year?

Completing a high-profile project: We successfully completed a high-profile project. These projects often come with unique challenges and opportunities to showcase creativity, innovation, and attention to detail. Successfully completing such projects can elevate the designer’s reputation and open doors to further exciting opportunities.

Positive client feedback and satisfaction: we strive to create spaces that meet our clients’ needs and vision. Receiving positive feedback and testimonials from satisfied clients can be incredibly rewarding. It not only affirms the designer’s ability to translate clients’ desires into reality but also strengthens the professional relationship and can lead to referrals and future projects.

NayeRRa Novelty

What are your favourite types of projects to work on and why?

Residential projects: Designing homes, apartments, or condominiums allows me to create personalised and intimate spaces that reflect the lifestyles and preferences of the homeowners. Residential projects often offer the opportunity for creativity and customization to create a unique space for everyone.

Sustainable projects: Designing spaces with a strong focus on sustainability and ecoconsciousness can be fulfilling for me because I’m passionate about environmental issues. These projects involve incorporating sustainable materials, energy-efficient solutions, and environmentally friendly practises.

Commercial projects: Designing commercial spaces such as offices, retail stores, restaurants, or hotels can be exciting due to the potential for creating unique and engaging environments that cater to specific needs and target audiences. Commercial projects often involve considerations of functionality, branding, and customer experience.

NayeRRa Novelty

What are the most challenging aspects of working in interior design?

Cost management and time management are some of the challenging things to deal with as an interior designer – especially when clients have massive expectations! There may be times when designers come across clients that want luxurious designs at affordable costs. For interior design firms, time management skills are a must. There are only so many hours in a day and dozens of things need to get done. Organizing your time allows you to budget your hours effectively, prioritize projects, and stay on schedule to meet your forever looming deadlines. One of the hardest roles of interior designers is introducing the latest trends while maintaining a sense of timeless style. You don’t want your client to feel frustrated when a space is outdated after a few months. Staying on top of trends and knowing how to tastefully introduce them is one of the greatest creative skills for designers to master.

NayeRRa Novelty

What do you wish you knew before working in the field?

I wish I knew about the history of design, the structural integrity of buildings, local codes, regulations, and standards, anthropometry, ergonomics, spatial concepts, psychology, and the execution of everything from the construction to the turnkey space. Interior designers, like architects, are supposed to be jacks of all trades. They need to have interpersonal skills because they need to interact with other interior designers, homeowners, builders, architects, government agents, etc. To become a good interior designer, one needs to be well-rounded.

NayeRRa Novelty

If you could give one tip to aspiring designers, what would it be?

Make your own design sketches to be sure that your design is unique. Hone Your craft. The only way to improve your design skills and refine your aesthetic is through hands-on experience. Offer design assistance to family and friends; work on projects in your home, anything that will build your portfolio. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. Become familiar with your local furniture and lighting stores: go inside, ask questions about where the pieces are manufactured, who is their target audience, what are the types of fabrics, etc. In the real world, these are the questions your clients will ask you. Learn about the cost of items. Once you begin working at a design firm, the first thing you will need to know is how to establish and follow a budget. Start learning now, so the selection process will be much easier.

NayeRRa Novelty

How do you see the interior design industry evolving in the year ahead?

Sustainability and eco-consciousness: The focus on sustainability and eco-friendly design is expected to continue growing. Consumers are increasingly demanding environmentally responsible materials, energy-efficient solutions, and sustainable practises in interior design.

Biophilic design: Biophilic design, which incorporates natural elements and a connection to nature, is expected to gain more popularity. Introducing elements such as indoor plants, natural light, and organic materials can enhance well-being and create a calming environment.

Technology integration: Technology will continue to play a significant role in interior design. Smart home systems, Internet of Things (IoT) devices, and home automation are becoming more prevalent, allowing homeowners to control various aspects of their interior spaces.

Minimalism with warm accents: Clean lines, simplicity, and minimalism have been popular in recent years. However, there is a growing trend towards adding warm and inviting elements to balance the minimalist aesthetic. This can include the use of natural textures, warm colour palettes, and cozy textiles.

NayeRRa Novelty

What does being an SBID Accredited Interior Designer mean to you?

Being accredited as an interior designer by a recognised international organisation can provide a certain level of recognition and credibility within the industry. It signifies that the designer has met specific standards of education, experience, and professionalism, which can enhance our reputation and instill confidence in clients. Accreditation typically requires adherence to a code of ethics and professional standards set by the accrediting organisation. This can include principles such as maintaining client confidentiality, practicing sustainable design, and conducting business with integrity.

Nayerra Maher, Co-Founder and Interior Designer of NayeRRa Novelty

Being an accredited designer demonstrates a commitment to upholding these standards and aligning with professional best practices. Accredited interior designers may have access to a range of resources and support services provided by the accrediting organisation. This can include access to industry research, design tools and software, legal and business guidance, and networking events. These resources can contribute to the designer’s professional development and assist in delivering high-quality design services.

About Nayerra Novelty

Experienced in creative designing, we are architects, interior designers, product designers and artists who simultaneously believe in tradition and in breaking it. Our aim is design excellence, space planning, interior design, visual merchandising and a dash of art to create cosy environments with functional practicality. All our achievements are credited to hard work, concerted efforts, and exceptional vision, going above & beyond everyday into the foreseeable future.

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The SBID International Design Awards finalists for 2023 have been revealed, boasting an impressive shortlist of award-worthy entries across Interior DesignProduct Design and Fit-Out. From the design scheme, materials used and products specified through to the final fit-out installation, the SBID Awards champion design standards across the supply chain in the design, procurement and execution of outstanding interiors!

To complete the third and final stage of judging, the online Public Vote is now open! Worth 10% of the final scores, it’s your chance to sway the results to decide which finalists you think deserve to take home a prestigious SBID Award!

You can only vote once per category, so choose wisely and vote for your favourite designs today! Voting closes at 5pm (BST) on 11 September.

Interior Design Awards:

CGI & Visualisation

Yodezeen - Frozenville

Explore the 2023 SBID Awards Finalists for the CGI & Visualisation category! This category rewards skill and innovation in the use of visual design software and includes both residential and commercial renders. The shortlisted entries include any interior design visual or CGI that has been created on a visualisation programme, including AutoCad, CAD, 3ds Max, InteriCAD and Vectorworks.

Club & Bar Design

JMDA - Vudu Lounge

Explore the 2023 SBID Awards Finalists for the Club & Bar Design category! The shortlisted entries include nightclubs, private members clubs and bars with judges looking for functionality, compliance and fit-for-purpose design.

Healthcare & Wellness Design

Jestico + Whiles - Kempinski Palace Engelberg

Explore the 2023 SBID Awards Finalists for the Healthcare & Wellness Design category! From interiors of hospitals, healthcare facilities and care-related properties (including gyms, spas and wellbeing centres), the finalists adopt innovative approaches to healthcare environments.

Hotel Bedroom & Suites Design

Franklin Ellis & Sweeney Ellis in association with IHG Interior Design Dept - Hotel Indigo Exeter

Explore the 2023 SBID Awards Finalists for the Hotel Bedroom & Suite Design category! The shortlisted projects include both new builds and restorations for commercial hotel designs, showing high levels of creativity, innovation and consideration for the target clientelle.

Hotel Public Space Design

Alex Kravetz Design - The Landmark Hotel, London – Winter Garden

Explore the 2023 SBID Awards Finalists for the Hotel Public Space Design category! This category includes designs for lobbies, spas, ballrooms, meeting rooms and other public facilities within hotels. Shortlisted projects show the creativity and innovation required to provide unique and memorable guest experiences!

KBB Design

Kitchens by Design - Zen Aesthetic

Explore the 2023 SBID Awards Finalists for KBB Design! The finalists in this category include the latest interior designs for the kitchen, bedrooms and bathrooms within residential spaces, considering user lifestyles, personal tastes and trends to execute the client brief.

Office Design Over 2,000 SqM

Globant - Globant India

Explore the 2023 SBID Awards Finalists for the Office Design Over 2,000 SqM category! Showcasing inspiring workplaces with contemporary design concepts to curate effective working environments that meet the needs of both the client and the employees!

Office Design Under 2,000 SqM

Modus Workspace -

Explore the 2023 SBID Awards Finalists for the Office Design Under 2,000 SqM category! Showcasing inspiring workplaces with contemporary design concepts to curate effective working environments that meet the needs of both the client and the employees!

Property Development Asia Pacific

Premier Jade Design - Beijing Dahongmen Yongding Jinmao Palace

Explore the 2023 SBID Awards Finalists for the Property Development Asia Pacific category! Including the most innovative residential and mixed-use developments, sales centres, marketing suites in the Asia-Pacific region.

Public Space

SW1 Solutions - Impact Integrated’s ESports Hub

Explore the 2023 SBID Awards Finalists for the Public Space Design category! Dedicated to the exceptional interiors for public spaces created as a service for the community; from airports, libraries, schools and museums, to universities and religious buildings!

Residential Apartment Over £1M

Goddard Littlefair - Whistler Square Residence

Explore the 2023 SBID Awards Finalists for Residential Apartment Over £1M! This premium design category highlights the wow-factor for high-end residential projects with an overall value exceeding £1 Million!

Residential Apartment Under £1M

Chains Interior - Macaron Wonderland

Explore the 2023 SBID Awards Finalists for Residential Apartment Under £1M! With an overall value of under £1 Million, the finalists are recognised not only for achievement for the budget, but also on intuitive functionality and aesthetics.

Residential Budget Up To £50k

Diego Correa Interior Design - Clapham Junction

Explore the 2023 SBID Awards Finalists for Residential Budget Up To £50K! The finalist projects in this category have delivered the best interior design solutions to meet the client’s brief on a limited budget! 

Residential House Over £1M

Explore the 2023 SBID Awards Finalists for Residential House Over £1M! This premium design category highlights the wow-factor for high-end residential projects with an overall value exceeding £1 Million!

Residential House Under £1M

Tina Wong Interior Design - An Ingrown Home of Nature

Explore the 2023 SBID Awards Finalists for Residential House Under £1M! With an overall value of under £1 Million, the finalists are recognised not only for achievement for the budget, but also on intuitive functionality and aesthetics.

Restaurant Design

4SPACE Design - Mangata Lounge

Explore the 2023 SBID Awards Finalists for the Restaurant Design category! Looking for the latest innovations in hospitality, the finalist designs for restaurants and cafes consider functionality, compliance and creativity to create engaging dining experiences.

Retail Design

Fortebis - Ferrari Corporate Identity

Explore the 2023 SBID Awards Finalists for the Retail Design category! Highlighting the latest commercial trends, the finalist designs include retail outlets, shopping centres, pop-up shops and showrooms with the innovation and functionality to create safe and engaging customer environments.

Show Flats & Developments

Explore the 2023 SBID Awards Finalists for Show Flats & Developments! This category is for marketing suites and show homes with designs focusing on functionality, aesthetic and ability to interpret the developer’s vision and engage potential consumers.

Product Design Awards:

Splinterworks - Downtime

Explore the 2023 SBID Awards Finalists for the Product Design categories! Boasting finalists across the sectors, the product design awards showcase interior solutions from accessories and furniture to floors, surfaces, sanitaryware and more!

Fit Out Awards:

MAWD - Mondrian Investment Partners Fit Out

Explore the 2023 SBID Awards Finalists for the Interior Fit-Out Design categories! This award is bestowed upon the fit-out specialists and contractors operating across the commercial and residential sectors for providing superior services in the execution of outstanding interior design projects!

Voting closes at 5pm (BST) on 11 September.

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This week’s instalment of the Project of the Week series features a luxurious bar-restaurant design by 2022 SBID Awards Finalist, Albion & East.

SBID Awards Category: Restaurant Design

Practice: Albion & East

Project: Teatro Hall

Location: London, United Kingdom

What was the client’s brief? 

To create a 300 cover bar-restaurant with a grand, centre-piece bar, a very open kitchen integrated into the space and two iconic outside terraces.

What inspired the design of the project?

The building is the former 1930’s Forum Theatre, designed by Mr Stanley Beard who specialised in cinema architecture, but had long since closed and remained abandoned for 15 years until we resurrected it as Teatro Hall. The original interior had an Italian Renaissance style design with high ceilings and large columns. Our inspiration was to resurrect the building in ‘Stile Liberte’, an Italian variant of Art Nouveau and named after Arthur Liberty and the store he founded Liberty’s. We were rediscovering, resurrecting and reawakening and building of grand proportions in a subtle, not slavish, mind to its history.

What was the toughest hurdle your team overcame during the project?

With new Brexit laws, delivery of bespoke items made for us in Europe needed careful planning and challenged budgets. Coupled with increases in raw material costs we had to focus hard on design elements which were stand out. Having to work harder than ever before, we didn’t compromise on design and hit budgets through planning and extending our network of suppliers of bespoke and hand made items.

What was your team’s highlight of the project?

A grand island bar takes centre stage with a tall backdrop of etched blue Venetian Glass housed in cherry wood, marble bar top and pale parchment under tiled counter. Our Clock Tower is reminiscent of seating in the Waldorf Astoria lobby in NYC. Banquets, with rich midnight velvet seats and pale cream linen curtains, create intimacy. Four handmade Murano glass chandeliers, with over 100 glass columns each, create grandeur that the space demands.

Why did you enter this project into the SBID Awards?

Having followed the awards for several years, I have always been impressed at the quality and diversity of the finalists. It has been a source of interest and inspiration for me over the years as I have been developing my company. SBID is a well recognised and prestigious organisation and it’s an honour to be a finalist with you.

Questions answered by Sarah Weir, Lead Designer and the Founder & Managing Director, Albion & East.

We hope you feel inspired by this week’s design!

If you missed the last instalment of Project of the Week, featuring a modern and relaxing jetsetter design by Greenpoint Technologies, click here to read it.

This week’s instalment of the Project of the Week series features a modern and relaxing jetsetter design by 2022 SBID Awards Finalist, Greenpoint Technologies.

Greenpoint curated the Retreat interior for a distinguished jetsetter focused on health and self-care priorities. The client requested a modern, serene, and nurturing interior. Greenpoint Design drew inspiration from biophilic design and wellness trends to create the experience of a luxury spa retreat. The Retreat interior seamlessly balances sustainable details, live greenery, and progressive, intuitive technology. The result is a wellbeing haven wherever you are in the world!

Guests enter the aircraft through a rotunda featuring a topographical-inspired accent pendant and an internally lit terrarium housing a tropical environment. Inspired by flowing water, the cabin features a ceiling panel system with a high-gloss metallic finish reminiscent of a river meandering throughout the interior.

Greenpoint’s Retreat interior achieves a modern, relaxing atmosphere ideal for the sophisticated world traveler. Each room offers an opportunity to unwind and relax, with advanced technology discretely concealed within the bespoke cabinetry. Whether traveling for business or leisure, the Retreat interior offers a sophisticated oasis for all owners and guests onboard.

SBID Awards Category: CGI & Visualisation Finalist

Practice: Greenpoint Technologies

Project: Retreat

Location: Washington, United States of America

What was the client’s brief? 

Greenpoint curated the Retreat BBJ MAX8 aircraft interior for a distinguished jetsetter focused on health and self-care priorities. The client requested a modern, serene, and nurturing interior with live greenery and sustainable details. The process began with an undulating river-like floorplan catering to the client’s nature-inspired vision. Greenpoint Design detailed the interior architecture and furniture standards, then modeled and sketched all interior elements. Lighting and soft materials including fabrics, colors, and textures finish the interior and are presented to the client for final approval.

What inspired the design of the project?

Greenpoint Design drew inspiration from biophilia and wellness trends to create the experience of a luxury spa retreat. Greenpoint Design focused heavily on biophilic design; the creation of living indoor spaces using organic, natural design elements. The team studied the benefits of biophilic design including stress reduction and a positive impact on one’s mood, energy, focus and productivity. The Retreat interior is comprised of organic, sustainable materials throughout.

What was the toughest hurdle your team overcame during the project?

One of the biggest hurdles was working the lighting on this project. This was the first airplane interior that we completely blocked the windows, and all natural light, in order to provide the cabin more adaptability of scenery through OLED screens. In blocking the windows, we lost the sunlight that so often provides shadow and dimension to the cabin. We solved the issue by providing layers of lighting, highly reflective materials, and depth with the use of backlit terrariums.

What was your team’s highlight of the project?

Seeing all the new ideas that everyone brought to the table. It really showcases our team’s willingness to push the boundaries to create such a unique interior. Greenpoint Design continues to imagine and conceptually design interiors with emerging and advanced technology, pursuing exploration and innovation.

Why did you enter this project into the SBID Awards?

The SBID Awards provide esteemed recognition to interior designers from all industries across the globe. The Awards encourage innovation by offering the opportunity to draw inspiration cross-industry and propel designs into the future.

Questions answered by Annika Svore Wicklund, Design Director, Greenpoint Technologies.

We hope you feel inspired by this week’s design!

If you missed the last instalment of Project of the Week, featuring a kitchen renovation design by Celia Visser Design, click here to read it.

Sylan Mirror Box Units are an expression of innovation, design and function. They are the complete package combining space saving concealed storage and minimalistic, stylish design to create the perfect final touch to any washroom. The inside boasts a fully customisable behind the mirror accessory system along with a full range of configurable accessories which can be adapted to clients’ requirements or to complement the project environment.

Designed with elegance, safety and sustainability in mind, the minimalist mirror panel design with polished mirror glass and back lit lighting reflect the aesthetics of contemporary styling of today’s washroom interiors.


  • Utilises wall space providing a space saving solution
  • Minimalist design
  • Polished mirrored glass
  • Infill panels are available to complement the mirror box units
  • Lockable

Special Features:

  • Customisable behind the mirror accessory system with a full range of configurable accessories available
  • Complete with a concealed built in shelf for consumables
  • Liquid soap, paper towel dispenser and hand dryer accessories available
  • Back lit Cool White LED lighting
  • Gas strut hinges enables effortless access
  • Freedom to incorporate own accessory icons
  • IP67 waterproof electricals

To find out more visit our website or contact our Sylan team on 01763 276200 who will be happy to help.

About Sylan

A Sylan washroom is the ultimate expression of precision. This is because we are obsessive about detail. Every Sylan washroom we create is a luxuriously crafted, beautifully engineered product. But more than that, every one is bespoke built and individually customised around your needs. Your Sylan journey will start with our Project Managers and stay with you for years to come. It will be so well built, so precision crafted and so detailed in its design that we are fully confident to offer a 10 year guarantee across the whole range.

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4SPACE is celebrating its 10 year anniversary. Can you tell us how the company grew to this stage and what your visions are for the future? 

From humble beginnings, 4SPACE has grown from a small, humble office and a team of two to a buzzing design entity with over 20 employees with an expansive and vibrant office in the heart of Dubai.

Founders Firas Alsahin and Amjad Hourieh always dreamed big. They understand that dreams without goals are merely dreams. They set appropriate goals and put in place a comprehensive 10-year plan to provide a roadmap for the necessary steps to achieve success. By the tenth anniversary, Design Middle East Awards bestowed 4SPACE the prestigious boutique firm of the year award in 2022. 4SPACE continues to grow, and the team aims to be the top international architectural and interior design firm by 2032, with branches across Europe and Asia. They have various projects in the pipeline, including hype entertainment venues, government commercial spaces, unique food and beverage concepts and a hospitality project.

Papa Dubai

Within the next five years, 4SPACE intends to transform from a boutique design studio to a much larger design firm with at least 50 employees by 2027 and over 140 by 2032. They aspire to be one of the top five design firms within the region by 2027. They aim to have a sustainable business model and dynamic company structure so that the company can expand into new areas of business, clients and markets. 4SPACE targets companies and private clients seeking a one-of-a-kind design and superior service. They are adopting a new company structure, systems, workflow, techniques and a sophisticated hiring strategy to achieve these changes. They anticipate that 4SPACE will promote much of their team to take on additional responsibilities and be involved in managing this vision and development.

4Space Office

How have you found that projects, their requirements and client expectations have changed throughout your years in practice?

Client expectations and requirements vary depending on market trends. Pre-pandemic, clients wanted open and shared spaces for a collaborative environment. During the pandemic, privacy and partition-closed spaces became necessary, with the online market and cloud kitchen prevalent. Post-pandemic, clients want innovative and sustainable designs. 4SPACE created many mind-blowing ideas from various techniques and 3D software programmes. Because of these changes, the team at 4SPACE has adapted, followed trends, learned new softwares and techniques and explored a host of different materials and designs.

JUN_S restaurant

Do you think the Metaverse will impact the interior design profession? What opportunities could it present for interior designers?

The Metaverse is having an impressive impact on the design industry. Alsahin explains, “Brands and businesses will be more and more willing to be a part of the next big thing; they will need to exist where their customers exist and in order to achieve that, they need to invest in the virtual world”.

Alsahin believes that the Metaverse is a stepping stone to cultural evolution and a limitless capacity for art. There are many more opportunities for designers inclined to use 3D software programmes. They used to quote, “From sketch to reality” with the formation of Meta4SPACE, the mantra has changed to “From sketch to metaverse world”. Alsahin continues, “In the near future, users will be able to use augmented reality smart glasses, which are wearable computer-capable glasses that add extra information; ideally 3D images and information such as animations and videos, to the user’s real-world scenes by overlaying the computer-generated or digital information over the user’s real-world”. Now that everything is limitless and with the advent of various Metaverse environments, the industry will need skilled designers and architects who can master future virtual and AI technology. “Virtual, augmented, and mixed reality technology will become important not just to present a designed space as a visualization method, but rather to be a designed form of space itself”.


What are the most notable achievements 4SPACE has accomplished over the past decade?

It takes many years to create something special. Over the last decade, 4SPACE has created a great team, has access to better technology and creating new goals. The team has received numerous awards and recognitions from internationally acclaimed award-winning bodies, including the SBID overall winner in 2018 and Design Middle East Awards boutique firm of the year 2022. With project requirements increasing, there is a new wave of employment opportunities post-pandemic. The new office space is fully automated and includes a new architecture company and Meta4SPACE and increasing staff levels. Power 50 nominated Alsahin for fourth place in this coveted award.

SBID Awards 2018

What key advice would you give to emerging designers for building a successful interior design business? 

As the old saying goes, “no man is an island”. Building a company in a foreign land has its challenges. Success requires sound finances, and self and team trust are hugely important. 4SPACE has created a great team, ensures that no one is self-sufficient and encourages the team to rely on and support each other. Together, the team has various goals, ensuring they achieve them no matter what. Alsahin and Hourieh encourage their teams to succeed, be inspired, share insights and do better each day. They understand that physical and mental health is important and inspire their teams to have a healthy work-life balance, enjoy the fruits of their labour and pay it forward.


Questions answered by Firas Alsahin, Co-Founder, 4SPACE.

About 4Space Design

Originally established in Damascus in 2001, founders, Firas Alsahin and Amjad Hourieh, moved their practice to Dubai to be at the centre of this vibrant market. The emirate’s booming growth in the commercial sector was an impetus for the firm to explore all the opportunities in the design industry. Eschewing quantity for quality, profile of the project and relationship with clients, the studio credit its people’s distinct ideas strategic business development.

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What are the origins of your brand?

Sylan started when we saw a strong desire for bespoke and luxury washrooms along with excellent customer care. With over 30 years’ experience in the washroom industry, Sylan washrooms creates bespoke crafted, beautifully engineered products bringing a true element of luxury to any commercial washroom. As a business we aim to be leaders rather than being a follower of market trends.

How do you work with interior designers? 

We are a specification lead brand working with Architects and Interior designers providing washrooms to commercial projects such as offices and hotels. We work alongside SBID to keep a constant dialog with Interior designers. We aim to gather great understanding of their needs and requirements to make the specification process as smooth as possible.

What value does your sector add to the interior design industry?

To fulfil their design aspirations where form & function are critical elements within a project. Our dedication and understanding of the key markets is paramount to our success and drive. Our continuous desire to create innovative products created through extensive research and market knowledge, make us a brand leader within the washroom market.

How do your services/offering enhance an interior designer’s projects?

Our project managers provide guidance when it’s come to writing your specification and will take the pressure off by providing you with a completed specification with any supporting documents you may require including mood boards, brochures and samples. They can offer their advice and expertise through specification appointments whether it be on site or remotely, making the whole process as easy as possible.

What are the latest trends you’ve noticed in your client’s requests?

As we work with office, hotel and commercial projects our main trend is simplistic washrooms with a luxurious feel. The need for full height cubicles and superloos is increasing with the demand for unisex and privacy washrooms. We have seen an increase in black and metal fittings e.g. copper are being specified in washrooms, we have worked closely with our new product development team to create new fittings which meet this demand. Finishing touches such as Solid Surface vanities are becoming increasingly popular and we are working hard on including more bespoke vanity profiles for a more inclusive offering. Throughout this process we make sure we do not compromise our position on sustainability and environmental impact.

Questions answered by Hana Aubad, Marketing Executive, Sylan.

About Sylan

A Sylan washroom is the ultimate expression of precision. This is because we are obsessive about detail. Every Sylan washroom we create is a luxuriously crafted, beautifully engineered product. But more than that, every one is bespoke built and individually customised around your needs. Your Sylan journey will start with our Project Managers and stay with you for years to come. It will be so well built, so precision crafted and so detailed in its design that we are fully confident to offer a 10 year guarantee across the whole range.

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The SBID International Design Awards winners for 2022 have been revealed!

On the 21st October the talented A&D community gathered together at the luxurious London destination, InterContinental Park Lane to celebrate the industry’s extraordinary achievements from the past year and shine a spotlight on the brightest design talent across the profession.

Explore the winners of each category below!

Interior Design Awards:

The Overall Winner

Project: Art Gallery House

CGI & Visualisation

Project: The Residences of Central Park

Club & Bar Design

Project: Fiery-Ice Bar

Healthcare & Wellness Design

Project: Sandler Smart Fitness

Hotel Bedroom & Suites Design

Project: Andaz Prague

Hotel Public Space Design

Project: Four Seasons Hotel Chicago

KBB Design

Project: Scandi-Asian Fusion

Office Design Over 2,000 Sq M

Project: BEEAH Headquarters

Office Design Under 2,000 Sq M

Project: Accor headquarters office for Middle East, Africa, Turkey

Property Development Asia Pacific

Project: Park Mansion

Public Space

Project: Beezantium

Residential Apartment Over £1M

Project: The Lancaster’s Duplex

Residential Apartment Under £1M

Project: Rough

Residential Budget Up To £50,000

Project: Sunny Riviera

Residential House Over £1M

Project: Family Home in North London

Residential House Under £1M

Project: Coco House

Restaurant Design

Project: Estate at Hilton Singapore Orchard

Retail Design

Project: Panthère de Cartier

Show Flats & Developments

Project: The Bryanston, Hyde Park

Product Design Awards:

Flooring & Floor Coverings

Project: YiBrick

Furniture – Contract

Project: That’s It

Furniture – Residential

Project: Vintage Style Children’s Bed

KBB Product

Project: Digbeth


Project: Luna Kaleido

Residential Product of the Year

Project: Zentium Pro Thermostat

Surfaces & Finishes

Project: PaperStone®

Fit Out Awards:

Contract Fit Out Project of the Year

Project: Southbank Place Spa & Fitness Suite

Residential Fit Out Project of the Year

Project: Kensington Court

Workplace Fit Out Project of the Year

Project: A New Era for Numis

What are the origins of your brand?

Prodema was founded in San Sebastián in 1903, as an industrial carpentry shop under the name of Echevarria y Eléicegui, SRC. Specialized in the manufacture of wood and hardware, it experienced a progressive expansion that led it over the years to diversify its activity and move its facilities to Legorreta. More than 50 years after his birth, he changed his name to Prodema.

At the end of the 1980s, the first facades covered by Prodema were built, which caused a very good impression and made various architects begin to be interested in the product. Expo’92 marked a before and after for the brand, to the point of turning around the company’s business by concentrating exclusively on the world of architecture.

For its part, Vera de Bidasoa was the birthplace of Maderas Gurea S.A, founded in 1966, which became Composites Gurea S.A. in 1985. At that time, high-density phenolic stratified wood products were manufactured, aimed at the Spanish iron and steel and electromechanical industries. In 1992, the company began working on the application of wood for construction, thus creating the Parklex brand.

In 2004, the first step in the integration of the brands was executed. The MADME holding company was created, owner of both the Parklex and Prodema brands. In this first phase, all areas of the company were integrated, except for the commercial area, where the two brands competed in different markets. In 2018, the first step was taken in the integration of the commercial networks, unifying the management of the two brands, but without changes regarding the market, for which two different brands continued to follow.

2022 is the year of change, renewal, collaboration and growth. It is the year of the merger of the Parklex and Prodema brands at all levels, becoming a single brand both inside and outside.

The union between the two will mark our new future, because we believe that the union is, today – in this new international context -, the best formula to continue growing and innovating.

From now on, PARKLEX PRODEMA becomes a much stronger and more consistent project.

How do you work with interior designers?

We work with interior designers from the design phase of the project. We help them to know the wood from the hand of an expert, we help them in the search for personalized solutions and we offer technical support for the specification.

Once the project is designed, we enter in the development phase with them. We offer a shop drawings service, we help with the optimization of the material and we look for tailor-made technical solutions for their specific project.

And, if the designer or the company that is going to carry out the work needs us, we can enter in the execution phase of the project. We have logistical flexibility so that the reception of the materials is the most comfortable and appropriate to their needs, as well as being able to customize each delivery. We offer an on-site start-up service and we can provide training on the installation of all our products.

In addition to the support we offer in each of the phases of a project, we have a worldwide commercial network, which allows us to provide an international service. Our sales representatives or technicians can carry out personalized visits, resolve any doubts that may arise, show reference projects… In addition to the fact that we have digital support materials available on our website, and physical samples to see and touch each one of our products and finishes.

We adapt to the individual needs of each designer.

What value does your sector add to the interior design industry?

Thanks to our own technology, we have developed a range of interior and exterior products with natural wood that has a unique strength and durability. We give them the possibility of applying the beauty and warmth of wood in different applications, such as walls, floors, ceilings, acoustics, furniture, facades… In all those areas where they thought they would not be able to place wood, we give them that option.

How do your services/offering enhance an interior designer’s projects?

In addition to everything already mentioned, we are offering a unique product with an international and personalized service. We give the possibility of using wood, with its aesthetic benefits, where it is not usually an option.

We offer a combined solution. Personalized, with international service and with a unique delivery, of a product with unique benefits for wood.

In addition to being able to use our products in high-traffic areas, such as museums, restaurants, retail, hotels, offices… their features make them suitable for hospitals, swimming pools, spas, gyms, bathrooms and kitchens…

What are the latest trends you’ve noticed in your client’s requests?

Wood is increasingly sought as part of the decoration, along with other materials such as cement or stone, and not only as part of the building’s envelope.

In addition, it seeks to give life to the spaces through more colorful materials, such as painted wood.

Our customers increasingly ask us for our products for applications in extremely humid areas, such as bathrooms, showers, kitchens… The application of wood can be carried out in continuity throughout all the rooms of the house, creating homogeneous and aesthetically highly worked spaces. This continuity can also be applied from the inside of the house to the outside, with the soffits, the outdoor floors…

Questions answered by Reyes Gutiérrez, Export Area Manager, Parklex Prodema.

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