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It was a memorable journey for CROSSTEC to be the millwork supplier and to collaborate with G.A. Group for this SBID Award-winning fit-out project at the Harrods Beauty Halls. Starting with the design development through to the finalisation of the bespoke metalwork in all phases.

This unique beauty hall provided an amazing opportunity to push the boundaries in the process of bespoke design development and millwork production. Paying attention to the details of the fit and finish like a professional artisan showcasing the best of his craft works from initial drawing to product realisation, CROSSTEC considered every element of the project meticulously.

The second phase of the beauty halls transformation of Harrods concentrated on the final detailing, from mirror inserts to the counter canopy signs, all of which are carefully handled by CROSSTEC’s design and production team, with the use of dedicated materials such as fine trimmed metal and engraved glass.


Found in 1999, CROSSTEC Group Holdings Limited is a one-stop service provider of interior design solutions, and the majority of its clients are global luxury goods and high-end fashion brands with footprints across the world, including Europe, the United States, the Middle East, China, and other Asian countries.
CROSSTEC have worked with world-known luxury brands since 2000. They have become the millwork & furniture, showcase and façade suppliers for luxury international groups and department stores. Some of their latest projects include hotels and developers’ projects are in conjunction with international architects and interior designers.

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4SPACE provides quality, distinctive architectural, interior design and design solutions for commercial premises, restaurants, entertainment venues, retail spaces and private residences throughout the United Arab Emirates and further afield. 4SPACE has blossomed over the last 10 years and continuously innovates and intentionally disrupts interior design in one of the world’s most extraordinary cities, Dubai. Recognised as one of the finest interior design companies in the region, the company prides itself on blending light and space with delicate, well-considered features to create memorable aesthetics.

Firas Alsahin and Amjad Hourieh adeptly lead the award-winning interior design firm. Their international experience encourages the team to go beyond limits in Dubai. They explore different shapes and forms to create unique buildings that incorporate feasibility, efficiency, and originality. They led 4SPACE to be the overall winner of the Society of British and International Design (SBID) Awards in 2018. Commercial Interior Design Magazine voted the firm among the top 20 most successful boutique interior design firms in the Middle East in 2019.

Firas Alsahin was named one of the 50 most influential interior designers on the power list in the Middle East. He’s a fully accredited design professional with SBID. Alsahin’s design finesse embraces futuristic, minimalist, functional and sustainable design. He is well regarded in the industry and has an active voice on various discussion platforms in the Middle East.

Amjad Hourieh is also a fully accredited design professional with the SBID. He loves to create an element of surprise and intrigue with his designs. His designs incorporate the organic influence of Art Deco with the expected natural curves and geometry but with an unexpected sense of drama. Hourieh strives to unify visions between each client with innovation and technology.

Firas Alsahin
Amjad Hourieh

Their imitable growth led to Ehab Alhariri joining 4SPACE as the principal architect to shape the new architectural division. His experience has seen him work on various projects in the USA and with world-famed Emaar, Dubai properties, Wasl, and Hilton. Alhariri earned global recognition for his sustainable mountain pod that pushed boundaries and merged his design capabilities by integrating art and science.

Ehab Alhariri

4SPACE work and experience

4SPACE creates environments that inspire well-being, drive innovation, and boost company development. Dubai is the world leader in unique and well-designed properties. 4SPACE, as a full-service design firm, has revolutionised the hospitality industry with its unique floating villas, futuristic sustainable mountain pod, the tube house and the towering Marina Twin Towers. The city’s impressive VR Park located in Dubai Mall is over 5,000 square metres and is the largest virtual reality experience venue in the region. On a smaller scale, designers have created extraordinary interiors for restaurants and retail including, Kava and Chai, Space Cup, Charcoal Garden, Karamna, PAPA Dubai, Tutus Kurniati and the Discovery Channel Store in Dubai Mall.

4SPACE has two fully immersive experience parks in the pipeline; 7000 square metres in Dubai Mall and 2000 square metres in Wafi Mall. The team are also expanding into Saudi Arabia with many food and beverage projects being successfully delivered such as Kactus and Dopeamine. Steam Kitchen, HOOK, Verde and Sandwhere are currently being designed and constructed.

Design approach and process

For a comprehensive understanding of the client’s needs, the interior designers examine the context of every space and deliver innovative solutions. 4SPACE is considerate and intimately works with each client to generate a comprehensive plan using physical models and mock-ups and provide accurate time frames and budgets. They seamlessly manage projects from beginning to end and communicate freely throughout the design process. The extensive team draws on the knowledge and expertise of in-house architects, technologists, engineers and project developers.

The team of architects and interior designers provides wide-ranging designs for various buildings, including homes, hospitality and entertainment venues, offices, and event spaces. They sympathetically design every element of a visitors journey. 4SPACE intelligently reformulate expectations and create innovative experiences that encourage interaction by playing with textures, materials and light. Their designs encourage touch and are delightful to the eye. 4SPACE creates memories and pleasure.

The pandemic experience

2021 has seen various successes for 4SPACE. Not only has the firm formed the architectural division, but they have moved offices, launched a new website and expanded their team with new hires.

Throughout the pandemic, each designer’s curiosity contributes to impressive restaurant design transformations; they are learning how to evolve, improve and remain relevant. Alsahin and Hourieh believe that their transformational philosophy, continuous development and evolutionary approach will ensure that they remain front of mind in the design field.

About 4Space Design

Originally established in Damascus in 2001, founders, Firas Alsahin and Amjad Hourieh, moved their practice to Dubai to be at the centre of this vibrant market. The emirate’s booming growth in the commercial sector was an impetus for the firm to explore all the opportunities in the design industry. Eschewing quantity for quality, profile of the project and relationship with clients, the studio credit its people’s distinct ideas strategic business development.

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The SBID International Design Awards winners for 2021 have been revealed at the Nobu Hotel Portman Square in London.

Shining a spotlight on the world’s brightest design talent, the creative A&D community came together to celebrate the industry’s most revered interior designers and makers with the announcement of this year’s prestigious category Award winners! 

Interior Design Awards:

The Overall Winner

The Overall Winner of SBID Awards 2021 is Angel O’Donnell! They were tasked with creating interior that could echo the vibrancy, artistry, culture and colour of the epic London views that could be enjoyed from a large 18th floor apartment.

CGI & Visualisation

The Winner of the CGI & Visualisation category is Alex Kravetz Design! Their project, The Carlton is a major regeneration of the city centre’s pedestrian zone, transforming early 20th century buildings into a modern Grand Hotel and apartments.

Club & Bar Design

The Winner of the Club & Bar Design category is ICRAVE! Marquee and Avenue are a premier nightlife destination in Southeast Asia. The blend of technology and design allows the space to morph over the night and change from season to season, offering a truly unique experience every single visit.

Healthcare & Wellness Design

The Winner of the Healthcare & Wellness Design category is Rachel Laxer Interiors! The ARTAH health retreat in Spain is the flagship hospitality project for the client. Rachel Laxer Interiors brought this brand to life through a design which reflected the wellness elements of restoration and transformation.

Hotel Bedroom & Suites Design

The Winner of the Hotel Bedroom & Suite Design category is MGM Grand Paradise! The design for MGM Emerald Villas is the product of profound reflection on Chinese architecture, integrating its elegance into a contemporary interior.

Hotel Public Space Design

The Winner of the Hotel Public Space Design category is Richmond International! They created the lobby-bar interiors for Múzsa at the Four Seasons Gresham Palace, Budapest that fuses the building’s rich past with the needs of today’s sophisticated clientele.

KBB Design

The Winner of the KBB Design category is Extreme Design! Their project, The Lake House is a beautiful demonstration of blending the contemporary style of today with the features from iconic design movements of the past.

Office Design

The Winner of the Office Design category is 4SPACE Design! With BE Meliorism’s stunning view of the lake and 180 degrees of natural light, the designers were able to come up with a unique, instagrammable, and trendy design for this ambitious space.

Property Development Asia Pacific

The Winner of the Property Development Asia Pacific category is ENJOYDESIGN! The project is a sales centre for the real estate property Gemdale Harbin Upview. The design reshapes the relationship between people and space with a positive concept.

Public Space

The Winner of the Public Space Design category is Zaha Hadid Architects! Echoing principles within traditional Chinese architecture, the Beijing Daxing International Airport design guides all passengers seamlessly through the relevant departure, arrival or transfer zones towards the courtyard at its centre.

Residential Apartment Over £1M

The Winner of the Residential Apartment Over £1M category is IAIA – Idea Art Interior Architects! Coupled with the clients’ desires, daylight in this penthouse was delicately directed into the space, creating different scenarios and ambiances.

Residential Apartment Under £1M

The Winner in the Residential Apartment Under £1M category is Nar Design Studio! The SV Apartment was designed to be bold and unique, incorporating futuristic and technological approach based on the fluid contrast of curves and surfaces.

Residential Budget Up To £50k

The Winner of the Residential Budget Up To £50K category is Carton Interiors! This townhouse sits over three levels and is part of a newly constructed boutique riverside development.

Residential House Over £1M

The Winner of the Residential House Over £1M category is Shenzhen Fanst Design! Their project Futurism Villa is a high-end modern five-story villa. The designers adopted the Chinese garden-style design technique to purposefully create a free, mobile viewing space.

Residential House Under £1M

The Winner of the Residential House Under £1M category is Sheree Stuart Design! Their project entailed the overhaul of a 1928 detached brick home. The design team created a home infused with vintage and colour harmonised with modern architecture.

Restaurant Design

The Winner of the Restaurant Design category is design command! Inspired by the lively beach bars in Ibiza and Greece, they have designed the interiors of Mickeys Beach Bar and Restaurant as places to relax and unwind by the coast, evoking a sense of escapism.

Retail Design

The Winner of the Retail Design category is G.A Group! Their design for the new Harrods Beauty Hall is forward-thinking, whilst embracing the heritage of the Harrods brand.

Show Flats & Developments

The Winner of the Show Flats & Developments category is Aria Property Group! The TreeHouse seeks to respond to both the immediate context of the adjacent park and the broader suburb of West End – a well established inner-city neighbourhood.

Product Design Awards:

Accessories & Homeware

The Winner of the Accessories & Homeware category is Gym Marine Yachts & Interiors! The Dumbbells from the Paragon Studio collection strive to break the mould of fitness equipment with its bespoke and sustainable qualities, made with premium natural materials. 

Bathroom & Sanitaryware

The Winner of the Bathroom & Sanitaryware category is RAK Ceramics! The RAK-Valet collection is composed of functional elements featuring practical surfaces and stylistic solutions of significant visual impact.

Flooring & Floor Coverings

The Winner of the Flooring & Floor Coverings category is IVC Commercial! Through geometric shapes and wood, stone and colours that can be arranged in countless patterns, Studio Moods makes bespoke design simple, bringing creativity and freedom to the floor.

Furniture – Contract

The Winner of the Furniture – Contract category is Quinti & Furniture Hive! Designed to provide a personal escape from busy spaces, the product cocoons you in a seating pod, allowing you to sit, relax, think and create.

Furniture – Residential

The Winner of the Furniture – Residential category is Lalique! The Cactus table seamlessly blends with the most creative and contemporary interior design spaces.

Interior Fittings

The Winner of the Interior Fittings category is Finfort! The FinBolt Triple Door Set is the ultimate combination of ultra-security, convenience and beautiful craftsmanship.

Interior Technology

The Winner of the Interior Technology category is Ko Tu Elpo! Elpo is a smart air biofilter that improves indoor air quality by combining technology and the power of nature.

Kitchen Product

The Winner of the Kitchen Product category is Abode! With the emphasis on reducing the amount of plastic waste going to landfill and harming the environment, filtered water taps are becoming an increasingly popular option among consumers.


The Winner of the Lighting category is REPUBLIC OF II BY IV! The Boga Collection offers timeless elegance of nature’s awe-inspiring display of light in the form of a highly sculptural pendant.

Outdoor Product

The Winner of the Outdoor Product category is Belgard! Artforms is the first modular concrete panel system for outdoor living. The concrete looks modern, is unique and durable, and offers all the class and purity of raw material at an affordable price.

Surfaces & Finishes

The Winner of the Surfaces & Finishes category is Fameed Khalique! This hand-crafted collection of wood veneer wall coverings and joinery inserts offers the natural, organic beauty of real wood but with the modern look of wallpaper.

Fit Out Awards:

Fit Out Project of the Year

The Winner of the Fit Out Project of the Year category is Cumberland Group! The key elements of the design for Twinings on The Strand were to create an interactive concept store to engage the customer.

Fit Out Contractor of the Year – Residential

The Winner of the Fit Out Contractor of the Year – Residential category is Alter Ego Project Group! In this coastline villa, Alter Ego Project Group has embodied one of the customer’s key desires – a house exposed to nature.

Fit Out Contractor of the Year – Workplace

The Winner of the Fit Out Contractor of the Year – Workplace category is Modus Workspace! Their mottos of ‘coming to Modus to do your best work’ and ‘winning clients not jobs’ have once again underlined their success.

EPISODE THREE: The Future of Retail Design

With previous episodes addressing workplaces and the hospitality industry, the upcoming panel discussion with Zaha Hadid Architects will explore the evolution of retail design. Hosted by SBID’s founder & CEO, Vanessa Brady, the series examines new definitions of interior space and the consequential impact on the people who commission, design and use them.

One of the fall-outs of the pandemic is undoubtedly the retail sector. The lack of access to physical spaces forced the retail industry to find new and inventive ways to communicate and distribute their goods and services in the digital landscape. Guest speakers Sylvie Freund Pickavance, strategy and business development director at Valueretail; David McNulty, head of architecture at ICICLE Fashion Group and Kar Hwa Ho, head of interior architecture at Zaha Hadid Architects will discuss how evolving consumer attitudes and behaviours impact the design, use and significance of retail environments.

Key discussion points:
  • With online platforms burgeoning and physical stores shuttering, has the pandemic hastened the demise of physical retail or will we see a return to its pre-covid status?
  • Can bricks and mortar stores be supplanted by virtual platforms or can they co-exist?
  • Are certain types of retail more resilient to the pandemic fallout?
  • How has the way we approach retail design changed in a post-covid world?
  • How will this shape expectations for creating meaningful retail experiences in the future?

    Kar-Hwa Ho | Head of Interior Architecture at Zaha Hadid Architects

    Kar first worked with Zaha Hadid in the 1980s before he spent eleven years with Kohn Pedersen Fox and further eight with Louis Vuitton Malletier in Paris. Kar re-joined ZHA in 2014 to set up and lead the new ZHA Interior Architecture cluster. His expertise in retail, commercial, and residential interiors has significantly strengthened ZHA’s architectural offer that includes bespoke interiors, furniture and product design for both private and public projects.


    David McNulty | Head of Architecture at ICILE Fashion Group

    David McNulty graduated from University College Dublin, School of Architecture in 1985. He moved directly to Paris and started work at the office of Marcel Breuer Architects. After 20 years managing the Architecture department at Louis Vuitton David joined the Chinese fashion company ICICLE in 2017 to head the Architecture studio for store projects in China and overseas. In 2012 he was given the UCD faculty award for achievements in his career.


    Sylvie Freund Pickavance | Strategy & Business Development Director at Value Retail

    Sylvie is a graduate of ESCP Business School in Paris, Shenzhen University in China and the Cambridge Institute for Sustainable Leadership. She is a member of the jury for The World Retail Congress Awards and gives her time to mentoring young designers and charities in the UK, Italy and the Middle East. She also sits on the Court of the Glasgow Caledonian University and Chairs GCNYC  and the Luxury Club of the French Chamber of Commerce in Great Britain.

    Image project credits: Zaha Hadid Architects©

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    The SBID International Design Awards finalists for 2021 have been revealed, boasting an impressive shortlist of award-worthy entries across Interior DesignProduct Design and Fit-Out. From the design scheme, materials used and products specified through to the final fit-out installation, the SBID Awards champion design standards across the supply chain in the design, procurement and execution of outstanding interiors!

    To complete the third and final stage of judging, the online Public Vote is now open! Worth an influential 30% of the final scores, it’s your chance to sway the results and decide which finalists you think deserve to take home a prestigious SBID Award! You can only vote once per category, so choose wisely and vote for your favourite designs!

    Voting closes at 5pm (BST) on 10 September

    Interior Design Awards:

    CGI & Visualisation

    Angel O'Donnell - Prince of Wales Drive

    Explore the 2021 SBID Awards Finalists for the CGI & Visualisation category! This category rewards skill and innovation in the use of visual design software and includes both residential and commercial renders. The shortlisted entries include any interior design visual or CGI that has been created on a visualisation programme, including AutoCad, CAD, 3ds Max, InteriCAD and Vectorworks.

    Club & Bar Design

    Kris Lin International Design - Leaves

    Explore the 2021 SBID Awards Finalists for the Club & Bar Design category! The shortlisted entries include nightclubs, private members clubs and bars with judges looking for functionality, compliance and fit-for-purpose design.

    Healthcare & Wellness Design

    Bishop Design by Paul Bishop - Ciel Spa

    Explore the 2021 SBID Awards Finalists for the Healthcare & Wellness Design category! From interiors of hospitals, healthcare facilities and care-related properties (including gyms, spas and wellbeing centres), the finalists adopt innovative approaches to healthcare environments.

    Hotel Bedroom & Suites Design

    IHG - Hotel Indigo Bath

    Explore the 2021 SBID Awards Finalists for the Hotel Bedroom & Suite Design category! The shortlisted projects include both new builds and restorations for commercial hotel designs, showing high levels of creativity, innovation and consideration for the target clientelle.

    Hotel Public Space Design

    Richmond International - Múzsa at Four Seasons Gresham Palace, Budapest

    Explore the 2021 SBID Awards Finalists for the Hotel Public Space Design category! This category includes designs for lobbies, spas, ballrooms, meeting rooms and other public facilities within hotels. Shortlisted projects show the creativity and innovation required to provide unique and memorable guest experiences!

    KBB Design

    Detail by Davinia Sutton Ltd - Residence No. 8

    Explore the 2021 SBID Awards Finalists for KBB Design! The finalists in this category include the latest interior designs for the kitchen, bedrooms and bathrooms within residential spaces, considering user lifestyles, personal tastes and trends to execute the client brief.

    Office Design

    Oktra - Crowe UK

    Explore the 2021 SBID Awards Finalists for the Office Design category! Showcasing inspiring workplaces with contemporary design concepts to curate effective working environments that meet the needs of both the client and the employees!

    Property Development Asia Pacific


    Explore the 2021 SBID Awards Finalists for the Property Development Asia Pacific category! Including the most innovative residential and mixed-use developments, sales centres, marketing suites in the Asia-Pacific region.

    Public Space

    Fogarty Finger - Dock 72 at Brooklyn Navy Yard Lobby

    Explore the 2021 SBID Awards Finalists for the Public Space Design category! Dedicated to the exceptional interiors for public spaces created as a service for the community; from airports, libraries, schools and museums, to universities and religious buildings!

    Residential Apartment Over £1M

    IAIA - Idea Art Interior Architects - The Shadow Box

    Explore the 2021 SBID Awards Finalists for Residential Apartment Over £1M! This premium design category highlights the wow-factor for high-end residential projects with an overall value exceeding £1 Million!

    Residential Apartment Under £1M

    Celia Chu Design - 55 Timeless

    Explore the 2021 SBID Awards Finalists for Residential Apartment Under £1M! With an overall value of under £1 Million, the finalists are recognised not only for achievement for the budget, but also on intuitive functionality and aesthetics.

    Residential Budget Up To £50k

    Carton Interiors - Riverside Townhouse

    Explore the 2021 SBID Awards Finalists for Residential Budget Up To £50K! The finalist projects in this category have delivered the best interior design solutions to meet the client’s brief on a limited budget! 

    Residential House Over £1M

    Hill House Interiors - Mayfair, London

    Explore the 2021 SBID Awards Finalists for Residential House Over £1M! This premium design category highlights the wow-factor for high-end residential projects with an overall value exceeding £1 Million!

    Residential House Under £1M

    Bells + Whistles - Marrow Mirage

    Explore the 2021 SBID Awards Finalists for Residential House Under £1M! With an overall value of under £1 Million, the finalists are recognised not only for achievement for the budget, but also on intuitive functionality and aesthetics.

    Restaurant Design

    Design Command - Mickeys Beach Bar and Restaurant

    Explore the 2021 SBID Awards Finalists for the Restaurant Design category! Looking for the latest innovations in hospitality, the finalist designs for restaurants and cafes consider functionality, compliance and creativity to create engaging dining experiences.

    Retail Design

    Mercurio Design Lab - Doji Tower

    Explore the 2021 SBID Awards Finalists for the Retail Design category! Highlighting the latest commercial trends, the finalist designs include retail outlets, shopping centres, pop-up shops and showrooms with the innovation and functionality to create safe and engaging customer environments.

    Show Flats & Developments

    Rebecca Robertson Interiors - 53 West 53 Residence

    Explore the 2021 SBID Awards Finalists for Show Flats & Developments! This category is for marketing suites and show homes with designs focusing on functionality, aesthetic and ability to interpret the developer’s vision and engage potential consumers.

    Product Design Awards:

    Acquabella - Flow Zero

    Explore the 2021 SBID Awards Finalists for the Product Design categories! Boasting finalists across the sectors, the product design awards showcase interior solutions from accessories and furniture to floors, surfaces, sanitaryware and more!

    Fit Out Awards:

    Modus - Workspace

    Explore the 2021 SBID Awards Finalists for the Interior Fit-Out Design categories! This award is bestowed upon the fit-out specialists and contractors operating across the commercial and residential sectors for providing superior services in the execution of outstanding interior design projects!

    Voting closes at 5pm (BST) on 10 September.

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    SBID Accredited practice, Tarh Va Afarinesh Architectural & Engineering Consultants provided their commercial design services to execute the development of a new dining destination for the Opal Trade Center’s latest food court. With a total area of 2,300 m2, the Opal Food Hall is located on the highest floor of an upscale trade centre in Northern Tehran, Iran.

    The mall consists of spacious retail areas allocated to high-end apparel, cosmetics, and home appliance brands, with the design concept of the food hall based on the designer’s concern about missing human relationships and connections in the modern urban life.

    Shiva Aghababaei, Co-founder of Tarh Va Afarinesh said: “Our design is driven by the belief that the quality of our surroundings has a direct effect on the quality of our lives. We believe that design shall embrace all aspects, ranging from the functional performance of a building to a concern for its physical and cultural context, as well as its aesthetics properties.”

    The concern for human connection is manifested in this project through the human figures and quotes about social life appearing around the space. Cosy corners are designed in the eating area, which shelter the occupants from stress of urban life whilst making no solid barriers between them.

    Plants and other green elements bring in the concepts of biophillia to establish nature connections, and make an implication to the need for modern urban societies to get back in touch with the natural environment.

    About Tarh Va Afarinesh

    Shiva Aghababaei, born in 1972, is an award winning architect and interior designer, a professional design member of SBID, and a chartered member of RIBA. She was graduated by a Master’s of Architecture from University of Art (Isfahan Campus), and this was the beginning of her long way to become a UK Construction Role Model in 2019. Her approach to architecture is a combination of love, perfection, and creativity, which are the fundaments of her works, many of which are recognised by international design and architecture awards. She has recently extended her activities to UK and other international markets.

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    With proud roots in Hong Kong since 1928, The Peninsula has been synonymous with refined Asian tastes and experiences, and an icon in the world of travel and hospitality.

    Crosstec Group share the delight of unveiling The Peninsula Boutique & Café, designed by Conran Design Group – a newly opened retail space and a dining destination in one of the Peninsula hotels in Hong Kong. It celebrates the finest gourmet ingredients and dining experiences that reflect the legendary hotel’s reputation for excellence.

    It was a memorable journey for our CROSSTEC team, starting from design development to the final renovation fit out. The project features the work of extraordinary craftsmanship and partnership from various parties.

    The Café and its products are all about exclusivity and excellence. Crosstec Group ensured that the interiors correspond to the brand and its values, and aimed to represent the Peninsula’s rich heritage in their design. They achieved an elegant, yet relaxed and approachable look and feel for the Boutique, making the Peninsula Café the ultimate spot to unwind and share with friends, family or business associates.

    The Peninsula invites guests to try their delicious culinary creations and beverages, accompanied with the famed Peninsula customer service, before exploring books on design, travel and culture by renowned French luxury publisher Assouline.

    The guest experiences at the hotel will be enhanced not only by the premium food and stylish gifts they will find at the Boutique, but also by the design that is so unique to the place it is bound to become a tourist destination in itself.

    Crosstec team believes that the visitors will be able to enjoy the exclusive and immersive dining experience at The Peninsula Boutique & Café and they congratulate the Peninsula on the grand opening.


    Crosstec Group Holdings Limited (3893.HK) is a one-stop provider of interior design solutions and the majority of their clients are global luxury goods and high-end fashion brands with retail stores across the world. They serve a global client base with footprints in various parts of the world including Hong Kong, China, the United States, Europe, Middle East and other Asian countries.

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    Scotland’s very first YOTEL, centrally located in Edinburgh’s bustling Queen Street, perfectly combines contemporary modern interiors with the classic design of the city’s famous Old Town architecture. Its playful ‘cabin’ style rooms feature bathrooms using a bespoke solution and innovative solid surface material Surfex® exclusively from Roca.

    YOTEL Edinburgh is the brand’s first city centre opening in Europe. Its premium location is perfectly placed, allowing guests to experience all of the city’s historic charms and top attractions within walking distance of the hotel. The sleek and modern interior is testament to the ethos of the brand; creating an innovative, smart hotel for tech-savvy travellers.

    The hotel has 276 compact cabin rooms, inspired by the feeling first class travel provides in terms of luxury and comfort. Each room is equipped with YOTEL’s signature features including luxury bedding, relaxing mood lighting and Smart TVs. This helps to enhance the smart experience YOTEL is renowned for and evokes contemporary style and convenience. The rooms are designed to have a modern feel, and its minimalist white interior highlights the brand’s close attention to detail.

    During the launch, YOTEL Edinburgh General Manager Stuart Douglas said, “The main purpose of the cabin rooms at YOTEL is to provide guests with functionality, practicality and above all, high quality. The uncompromising design of the rooms and bathrooms ensures guests have the essential elements of luxury hotels but redesigned into a compact, smart space.”

    Working closely alongside YOTEL at the design stage of the project, Roca created a bathroom solution that closely aligned with the brand standards. This included the Gap wall-­hung WC and a bespoke vanity unit, in addition to bespoke washroom countertops for the public areas of the hotel.

    Manufactured in Poland, the bespoke units were made using Roca’s innovative Surfex®, a malleable solid surface material formulated from a combination of minerals and resins. The unique properties of Surfex allow it to be poured into a production mould, enabling complex designs with no joints or seams. The materials properties also permit ‘on-­site’ changes to the finished product, catering to different guestroom sizes and configurations. At YOTEL Edinburgh the advantages of Surfex were harnessed to create a wash basin bowl with an integrated unit that maximises countertop space, providing ample storage space for toiletries and grooming products.

    The addition of The Gap wall-­hung WC further complemented the design aesthetic. Created by renowned industrial designer Antonio Bullo, The Gap features modern and stylish lines whilst delivering both a compact and functional bathroom solution.

    “We worked in close partnership with the YOTEL team to deliver a bespoke solution that fitted their requirements and those of their guests,” comments Jon Bond, Head of UK Projects at Roca. “The end result is a bathroom that seamlessly integrates the modern feel of the cabin rooms, with the contemporary ethos of the YOTEL brand.”

    About Roca

    Roca began in 1917 as a manufacturer of cast iron radiators at its factory in Gavà, near Barcelona. From humble origins, the company has grown into a global business driven by a firm focus on improving the quality of life for its customers. Roca began producing innovate new designs, products and materials to provide the complete bathroom solutio. Today, Roca manufactures at 78 facilities around the world and is active in over 170 markets.

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    With subtle visual cues to divide different spaces using a combination of warm-toned and geometric floor designs, Karndean Design flooring served up the perfect flooring choice as part of the new-look Aberdeen Altens Hotel based in the beautiful Scottish Highlands.

    Located just outside the city, the owners of this popular hotel appointed architect and design consultants ICA to redesign the restaurant and bar areas, creating a high-quality dining experience for guests staying in its 216 bedrooms and its many daily visitors.

    The brief was to design a flexible open-plan catering and social space which would reflect the stunning landscape and history of the locality, appealing to discerning hotel guests as well as local residents and businesses.

    Rebranded as Coast and Keg, the hotel’s three restaurants and bar have been combined into a new open-plan space, increasing capacity and creating an adaptable entertaining space with both formal and casual dining options.

    Fleur Carson, commercial sales director of Karndean Designflooring, said; “Using different flooring designs across the large open plan area has created zones which can be used for a variety of functions such as dining, socialising or working.

    “In accordance with current social distancing requirements, the design offers the flexibility to implement temporary one-way navigation and for furniture and buffet services to be adjusted as required, enabling the hotel to guarantee a safe and high-quality service.”

    Karndean’s Lime Washed Oak was selected across the seating areas to introduce a natural element with interesting textures and a contemporary sun-bleached driftwood appearance.

    Fleur added: “Using both straight lay and herringbone laying patterns, the flooring has been laid in zones to create an intimate and welcoming atmosphere.”

    In the bar area, the serving zone is highlighted with the traditional geometric pattern of Lansdown from Karndean’s Heritage Collection to help guests understand they are in a different space. This adaptation of a classic monochrome tiled floor, in Laurel colourway, adds a sense of fun and balances the stark industrial features, connecting the contemporary design to the nearby historic city.

    Lauren Hughes-Glass, associate at ICA, said: “Coast and Keg was designed with specific customers in mind, from locals to the various hotel guests. The customer had to feel relaxed and at home with careful definition of spaces to create some intimate private space alongside places for larger groups to eat, rest, drink and have fun.”

    The new design combines traditional Scottish features with contemporary design for a welcoming residential ambience. The sociable open plan layout features an industrial-inspired décor and cool grey colour palette paired with black metallic elements such as shelving, lighting and seating while modern technology such as a self-order app offers the convenience of digital service.

    Lauren explained: “The calming colour tones and natural finishes helped to generate a classic contemporary and relaxed atmosphere.”

    Kris Manship, general manager of The Aberdeen Altens Hotel, said: “Our new, multi-faceted dining environment really reflects the diversity of our guests and represents a major advancement in our food and beverage offering. We’re delighted with the final result, which perfectly suits business and family visitors as well as groups of friends.”

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    Architecture and interior design practice, SHH has been engaged by The All England Lawn Tennis Club (AELTC) to deliver design enhancements to an array of Food & Drink facilities around the Grounds, all part of cementing Wimbledon’s reputation as the world’s leading premier sporting event and ensuring the highest quality visitor experience.

    SHH was initially engaged in 2013, and since then has embarked on a redesign masterplan, which encompasses the development and refurbishment of several hospitality facilities catering to different groups of guests attending The Championships.

    Photography credits: Gareth Gardner ©

    For every project, the brief was to complement the AELTC’s design ethos of “tennis in an English Garden”. The colour palette clearly reflects this with green, purple and pink shades offset by oak features. The refurbishment effort aims at bringing the outside in, using indoor planting and floor to ceiling windows, flooding each area with ample natural light and affording uninterrupted views over the landscaped areas. Enhanced wayfinding signage delivered clear communication for those visitors using the facilities.

    SHH redesigned sites include the Champions’ Room, the Media Restaurant and a suite of cafes, brasseries and restaurants spanning a variety of different tier dining options to suit the vastly diverse visitors at The Championships.

    Photography credits: Gareth Gardner ©

    The Media Restaurant

    SHH was initially approached by catering company Compass to carry out upgrades to the Media Restaurant. The restaurant is situated beneath Courts 14 and 15 – a large basement space wrapped around three sides of a light well – which provides catering to hundreds of accredited press and broadcast journalists during The Championships. Operating as a 24-hour facility, it is zoned into three areas providing a deli, pizza bar and coffee offer on an assisted service-type model. All aspects of the design were particularly important given the international nature of the user group and their experiences at competitor venues around the world. The space was designed in a Scandinavian and minimalist theme throughout.

    Photography credits: Adam Woodward ©
    Photography credits: Adam Woodward ©
    Photography credits: Adam Woodward ©

    The Champions’ Room

    The Champions’ Room is an exclusive hospitality venue for Centre Court debenture holders at The Championships providing an elegant and relaxing space for  fine dining or afternoon tea. Working with the AELTC , SHH designed and delivered fresh, elegant interiors starting from the entry point through to the design of the tableware, creating a complete portrait for the restaurant in finite detail. This was reflected in the refinement of the space, with exquisite details and subtle use of colour to reflect Wimbledon’s ethos and the prestigious event it celebrates.

    The Courtside Restaurant and Brasserie

    SHH’s brief was to combine two offerings within the same large space: a walk-in brasserie and a more formal white-tablecloth sit down area. The new area needed to guarantee flexibility between the two catering spaces facilitating pre-booked volume and walk-in demand. The brasserie affords external views across the courts while the main courtside restaurant features adjustable sliding screens and walls to allow the space to double up as a conferencing and training facility, providing useful space for AELTC Members and staff throughout the year, not just during The Championships.

    The Walled Garden

    The Walled Garden was completed ahead of The Championships 2018.  The area consists of several different catering offerings: the Walled Garden Food Market, Aorangi Bar, Aorangi Larder and Aorangi Café. SHH’s design approach was to relate to the architecture of No.1 Court, by establishing a material connection with the courtyard and the new catering spaces. The colour palette mixes different shades of green, grey and oak. Servery areas have been upgraded with a variety of glazed green terracotta counter fronts and oak panelled counter fronts. Floor to ceiling oak-panelled screens with plants help delineate areas by creating impact to this vast open-air catering space.

    Photography credits: Alastair Lever ©

    The Terrace

    The Terrace is the most recent project undertaken by SHH for the AELTC and was completed the summer of 2020.  The Terrace is one of the dining facilities that caters for Centre Court debenture holders during The Championships, but is also used year-round for larger events, such as drinks receptions, in conjunction with The Courtside.  The main focus of the refurbishment was to improve the servery area, which could get congested at peak times. SHH’s redesign significantly enhanced the flow around the area by increasing the space behind counters for food preparation and facilitating the quick and easy movement of visitors. The Terrace is a long and relatively narrow room, which resulted in visitors tending to linger near the entry during drink receptions without using the full capacity of the space. To address the issue, SHH has introduced moveable oak panelled waist height screens to help delineate areas where required and improve flow. The original look and feel of the space, including the floor, walls and furniture, was dated and required a revamp to reflect the style of the rest of the facilities around the Grounds. Ribbed oak fronted counter screens, oak slats on the ceiling, and shades of green, grey and purple reinstated the “Wimbledon” colour palette and style. Floor to ceiling sliding window doors around the perimeter of The Terrace guarantees ample natural light, while the furniture remains very practical with light, easily movable tables and chairs.

    About the Author

    Created in 1991 by David Spence, Graham Harris and Neil Hogan, SHH is an award winning Chartered Architectural and Interior Design practice working globally and based in London. SHH works across sectors – Residential, Hospitality and Commercial, and across disciplines – Architecture, Interior Design and FF&E. Offering a multifaceted bespoke design service, focussed around achieving the best possible end result.

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