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Whether combining materials with technology, fine workmanship or subtle innovation, using materials creatively can take your projects to the next level. Featuring seamless surface solutions made from environmentally friendly resin, statement tapware created using advanced 3D metal-printing and bathtubs fitted with solid skin technology to keep water warmer for longer! Check out this month’s product news to discover more.

Product news featuring Alligator table by Elite Stone

Elite Stone’s Alligator table became an iconic piece in the Sauvage Collection

The Sauvage collection designed by Tetyana Kovalenko, CEO of Elite Stone is the synthesis of ‘Made in Italy’ luxury in which the perfect combination of originality, Italian craftsmanship and contemporary aesthetics is achieved. With a decidedly cosmopolitan taste, the collection suits clean, luxurious and contemporary spaces.

Inspired by the wild, the Alligator table is elegantly designed with refined lines for the living and dining area.  As a piece of sculptural work in its own right; the creation required transforming a piece of fine material into an expression which is complex yet subtle, to capture the collection’s emotion and meaning: producing a hand finished, three-dimensional marble shape with delicate workmanship. The table became an iconic piece in the collection, representing the intricate beauty of nature and the soul of a cultured traveller. The final result is therefore a complex and intriguing confirmation of tactile and visual luxury: marble in its materiality.

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Product news featuring Wenlock bath by Heritage Bathrooms

Heritage Bathrooms makes a splash with new Wenlock bath

One of the UK’s leading supplier of statement freestanding baths, Heritage Bathrooms, has added a new eye-catching design to its popular range. Available in luxurious marble white effect, the new Wenlock bath is designed in Heritage’s ever-popular double ended shape and boasts an elegant acrylic finish.

When combined with the rest of Heritage’s beautiful range of luxury freestanding baths, the new addition provides designers with a market-leading selection of statement pieces that can complement and enhance a wide range of bathroom styles. The hand-painted surface is finished with a lacquer to the high standard that customers have come to expect from Heritage, and because the Wenlock is fitted with solid skin technology the bath water stays warmer for longer – guaranteeing a long, relaxing soak.

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Product news featuring Allure 3D tap by GROHE

GROHE is the first leading sanitaryware brand in Europe to offer taps from a 3D metal printer

Components made via 3D printing have set new standards for premium manufacturers in the automotive and aircraft industry. In the sanitary sector, GROHE is now offering GROHE Atrio Icon 3D and GROHE Allure Brilliant Icon 3D, two unique tap designs created using 3D metal-printing. GROHE, a leading global brand for complete bathroom solutions and kitchen fittings has advanced its 3D technology process to meet the unique challenges of metal printing, enabling a fascinating symbiosis of the latest high-tech and skilled craftsmanship, which redefines the possibilities in product design and creates individual statement pieces for the bathroom.

GROHE is shaping the future of water by applying the future of design, technology and manufacturing into its product offering. With the reinterpretation of the Atrio and Allure Brilliant lines by incorporating the Icon 3D design, GROHE takes product design and the joy of water to a whole new level.

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Product news featuring Piccadilly coffee table by Selva

Selva introduce the Piccadilly collection with a contemporary collection of coffee tables

Selva presents the elegant Piccadilly collection of coffee tables and occasional tables by PhilippSelva. Their sleek structures in metal with antiqued finish and bronzed glass are capable of furnishing a living room with unparalleled style. A blend of modern materials and glamorous shapes, they stand out in any environment.

Available in 3 different size variations, the tables can stand alone or be mixed together. With 2 different colour options, designers can select from a choice of finishes to complement interior styles with an antique bronze with bronzed glass or a black chrome with smoked glass.

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Product news featuring Cementoresina by Kerakoll

Kerakoll transforms the concept of single seamless surfaces with Cementoresina®

Cementoresina® by Kerakoll is an innovative seamless and low-thickness resin floor that proves to be highly versatile in all design projects. Durable, lightweight, flexible, environmentally friendly and perfectly uniform, Cementoresina® covers all vertical, horizontal and curved surfaces, together with the most varied architectural elements, allowing to integrate them into a coordinated design project.

The unique texture of Cementoresina® is obtained from a blend of the finest minerals selected from cement, pure white Carrara marble, quartz and naturally coloured earths. The aesthetic quality that sets it apart is created by the irregularities, colour veining and material fluctuations deriving exclusively from the manual processes employed. Warm to the touch, easy to clean and applied by skilled artisans, Kerakoll’s Cementoresina® is ideal for the surfaces of any environment, such as walls, floors, spas, steam rooms, bathtubs and shower trays.

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