Style Upgrade: Switch Your Switch 20th April 2020 | IN DESIGN ADVICE | BY SBID

When designing a room, the details can make all the difference, from the perfect paint colour to that dreamy flooring. It can be frustrating when essential fixtures and fittings, such as plastic light switches, affect the end result. Well, wouldn’t it be great if these electrical fittings were part of a solution and not the problem? Step forward innovative stylish switches that stand out for all the right reasons.

Check out four key styles for switches that are breaking all the rules and turning electrical accessories into cool interior must-haves.

Modern kitchen design with Schneider Electric electrical fitting

Be creative with colour

Busy family homes are often packed full of colour, which changes on a daily basis depending on what toys are being played with or the latest craft project on display. So, wouldn’t it be great if you had versatile electrical switches that could mirror this playful vibe?

Opt for a light switch that has interchangeable cover plates and you’ll be able to change up the look every time the surroundings evolve.

Make it a feature. Turn a colourful switch into part of the backdrop by giving it a role in an exciting gallery wall display of prints and photographs. You could even include childrens’ artwork in clear frames for a humorous touch.

Go for a classic chic vibe

Often overlooked as a significant part of a room scheme, designers are now rethinking the role of the light switch as a stand-alone interior feature thanks to the many new styles and finishes available.

For example, if you’re looking to complement a classic, high-end interior, then an elegantly designed switch is a sleek and sophisticated solution. Featuring a chic metallic finish, a charcoal steel frame will team perfectly with dark tones and raw textures, while its sublime simplicity will ensure it melts away into the backdrop.

Encourage the simplicity. For added efficiency, this switch features a simple push-button operation for an extra streamlined finish.

Modern kitchen design with Schneider Electric electrical fitting for residential interior

Choose a design that blends in yet also stands out

Whether you choose to make a feature of an elegant switch, or give it a quieter role in your scheme, we guarantee it will still make a design statement in any space.

Take a super-sleek and simplistic design, for example. With clean lines, matt finish and LED-lit push buttons, it will fade into the backdrop of a soothing living space, yet will bring a designer elegance that a basic plastic switch just couldn’t match.

Show it off in a prominent position. Forget having to hide switches behind doors or curtains where they won’t be seen. With a sophisticated collection, you’ll be encouraged to fit them in eye-catching spots that not only pull focus but are also convenient to use.

Encourage a little coastal calm

The laidback look of a simple switch fits right in with a neutral palette of weathered timbers, natural linens and calming greys – perfect for a creative coastal interior.

And to encourage that easy-living vibe even more, the switch could feature pictograms that clearly indicate each operation, so you can go straight to the downlights, ceiling fan or room you want.

Design a bespoke switch layout. Before choosing any electrical accessories, consider how you use each room so you can pick the right combination of switches to suit the function of the space. For example, dimmer switches are great for living spaces where you may want mood lighting, while USB chargers are going to be essential in study spaces, bedrooms and above kitchen benches.

Stay ahead of the game with the latest technology

Create a coordinated look in every room. With a complete range of switches, outlets and electrical accessories, including fan controls and cooker switches, you can ensure your home is style-ready as well as future-ready.

About the Author

SBID Accredited Industry Partner, Schneider Electric is a global specialist in energy management and automation providing energy technologies, software and digital automation solutions for efficiency and sustainability in the home, buildings, data centres and more. 

This article was written by Louisa Buckley, Residential Segment Marketing Manager at Schneider Electric.

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