SBID Representative Office in Ukraine 5th November 2015 | IN INDUSTRY NEWS & BUSINESS | BY SBID

The first SBID representative office outside of the UK was opened in Ukraine, Kyiv on October 21 2015. The Launch was held at the British Ambassador’s Residence and hosted by Her Britannic Majesty’s Ambassador Judith Gough.

The British Ambassador opened the event with the statement:“Creative economy plays a very important role in the UK economy as a whole. This sector brings more than 71 billion pounds a year to the British economy and provides jobs for 1.6 million people. Our task is to develop cooperation with a prosperous and successful in its work, Ukraine. I hope that SBID will make a huge contribution to the partnership between our countries”

Interior Design in the UK produces around 3,000 graduates per annum and generates £11.6 billion per annum towards the national GDP (Gross Domestic Product) as per figures from Government Statistics in 2010. The growing industry is not only significant in residential sectors but is a key priority in the commercial arena as a valued commodity forming part of budgets for the first time. Its importance is considered not only for aesthetics but for function and is an outcome of the ergonomics of the immediate environment; designing the right spaces to enhance the well being of users. Interior design is an increasing priority in retail public, hotel, office and healthcare spaces.

SBID is continuing its commitment to endorsing qualified professionals, who operate in accordance with the European standards created by the ECIA’s 19 member countries and uphold the code of ethics in accordance with the ECIA Charter of Education. The decision to open a representative office in Ukraine was motivated by a drive to extend opportunities for trade in countries which have a vision for development, standards and regeneration and by a local demand for the recognition of qualified professionals.

Vanessa Brady OBE states: “With our partnerships across Canada, USA and NewZealand for knowledge-share, it is now time for us to get down to business and Ukraine is our first exploration of choice outside the UK”

The primary purpose of the representative office is to promote SBID’s professional standards and support fair competition in within the Ukrainian market, facilitating the networking of local design specialists with manufacturers in Ukraine and abroad. SBID Regional Directors, Nataly Bolshakova and Julia Domio will be the main points of contact in the Ukrainian office and will provide a channel promoting continued professional development opportunities for SBID accredited designers; providing free participation via seminars, round tables and other events in this field.

“The opening of SBID representative office in Ukraine provides opportunities to establish a close relationship with a country that serves as a benchmark for the global design industry. These are new acquaintances, new information, new events and new ideas for us”

Natalia Bolshakova, Interior designer, Nataly Bolshakova Interior Design

“With the SBID opening we gain additional opportunities that will help each of us to achieve the highest possible degree of professionalism and a chance for recognition of Ukrainian design throughout the world”

Julia Danilova, Founder of Domio Home Interiors

SBID Ukraine will facilitate the recognition of professional Ukrainian design professionals through accreditation and create the appropriate medium to attract investment in the field of construction, production and interior design in Ukraine as well as building up a positive image of Ukraine as being capable to work under European standards.

To contact the representative office email [email protected].