NEW Podcast Episode: SpeakEasy with Hill House Interiors 4th May 2020 | IN EXPERT INSIGHT | BY SBID

Episode Two

SpeakEasy with Hill House Interiors

In collaboration with SBID, Grant Pierrus, founder of Pierrus Agency interviews some of the biggest names in the interior design industry for the new SpeakEasy podcast series. The latest episode will feature a conversation with the extraordinary design-duo and SBID Accredited Designers; Helen Bygraves and Jenny Weiss.

Launching their multi-award-winning design practice almost 20 years ago, Jenny and Helen are the founders of Hill House Interiors. Today, with a team of over 20 designers, architects and craftspeople, their enthusiasm for high-end couture interiors and positive energy bring their diverse projects to life.

Bringing us up to date with how they have adapted to the new norm of working from home, and how their extensive brand building and social media presence has helped provide a strong foundation to win business and continue work as usual during these challenging times, Hill House share their perspectives on the deeper implications of Covid-19.

Jenny and Helen comment on how they can see this dramatic shift in daily lifestyles influencing interior design in the longer term, and what clients may want or need from their homes in the future. “On a smaller level, we’re finding that people are wanting to utilise under-used rooms in their house … We’ve also seen quite a big move from people living in central London wanting to get more space out of London as well – I think that is because they get that variety of rooms in their own home and grounds … Gardens and outside space is becoming hugely important.”

Tune in to the whole conversation to discover more.

Jenny - Hill House Headshot

Jenny Weiss

Jenny’s illustrious design philosophy was born from a fascination with nature, culture, fashion and colour that was first cultivated over the years she spent undertaking refurbishments on the interiors of her properties in her early twenties. Her noticeably unique creative flair resulted in a number of requests for private commissions that lead to formal training at Chelsea School of Art.

Helen - Hill House Headshot

Helen Bygraves

With her unique experience and arts background, Helen’s passion for quality and drive to always improve is matched by her love of contemporary, high impact interiors.Known for her personable nature, Helen has helped to nurture the skills of the 20+ strong Hill House team, ensuring their talent and imagination is captured and celebrated through the brand’s recognisable designs.

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