10th December 2009 | IN INDUSTRY NEWS & BUSINESS | BY SBID

Having worked with the rest of the team for one year researching the basis of The Society and what it will look like once fully formed, we have created, nurtured and developed a model that fits the threats and opportunities of both young and older designers, those existing and those still in training, those with and those without a degree (see www.thesocietyofbritishinteriordesign.org) in design to ensure this organisation is not simply ‘a club’ but a destination.  During the seed process the board members have grown into ‘a family’ motivating this not-for-profit entity to reach its goal.

The Freedom of Information  Act  

The Society of British Interior Design will disclose correspondence surrounding the application and incorporation of the Society. 

Transparency                                                                                                                                                                                                  Minutes of all Board Meetings are available to our Members on the website in the Members section.

At the final Board Meeting of the year last week the final phase of the planning and strategy was revealed and approved for the year ahead, the papers are now written, agreements in place, and we are now open for business.

Last night I attended the ISES Christmas Party (International Special Events Party) well it was innovative to say the least, I was handed oranges throughout the night from ladies dressed like Nell Gwynn (not being a person who really likes parties unless I’m organising them) I actually loved it. But tomorrow night’s event I am really looking forward to!