Reasons to Attend Interior Design Trade Shows 8th November 2022 | IN DESIGN ADVICE | BY SBID

If you operate in the interior design industry, you’ll need to attend trade shows every now and then. Some of the leading interior designers attend these shows annually or bi-annually to keep up with the latest innovations. But there is far more to the trade shows than keeping an eye on the latest design trends.


Interior design professionals need to stay in touch with the latest design innovations and ideas so that their designs and product specification are in line with conventions, but fresh enough to subvert expectations. It’s important to stay relevant and continuously improve designs to stay ahead of the curve as the interior design industry is constantly evolving. This can be achieved by visiting trade shows and exhibitions throughout the year to discover new brands, see the latest collections and attend insightful industry talks. It’s about finding inspiration in the right places to progress your designs and produce new and exciting interiors!



Whether you intend to have your own stand at a trade fair, or you simply want to attend as an independent professional, you are sure to find opportunities that will support your business. Attending trade shows gives you the chance to engage with new suppliers and meet potential clients to grow your customer base or expand your industry network. Each new connection you make could open up doors to new opportunities or referrals!

It’s important to find the right trade show to attend if you want to increase sales or networking opportunities. If you’re in the interior design world, you will find value in most interior or design-led trade shows, but it’s worth creating aims and objectives of what you want to achieve. Narrowing your target market or knowing what you’re looking for will help you make the most of the time you spend there.



Professionals working in the interior design industry should be aware of the latest trends and design movements. To have all the information about the industry and the latest fashions, you have to reach out to find it!

It’s the nature of trends to change and adapt, this sometimes happens organically, and other times it happens more intentionally. That’s one reason many trade shows offer exhibitions more than once a year. An interior design business of any kind needs to stay in touch with trends to understand what clients might be looking for and ensure customers receive the best level of service, industry awareness and design style that not only suit the current landscape, but fit future markets too.



As with style trends, you might think you are operating at the cutting edge of your industry until you visit an international trade show to see what other designers and companies are doing. It can be an eye-opener, but rather than being intimidated by this, you should see it as an opportunity to flex your design potential and grow your business.

At an international trade show, you will be surrounded by the biggest brands and innovators in your industry; this gives you a sense of where you are positioned in the industry and what you need to do to compete among the best. Again, the more you attend, the easier it gets to do this!



As with most industries, the world of interior design becomes smaller the more you get involved and it’s important to immerse yourself in the industry to get to know the people behind it. Why not benefit from the expansive networking opportunities at trade shows and connect with other industry professionals that can help you improve your designs and expand your brand? Interior design is all about building relationships with stakeholders across your supply chain to fulfill projects to the highest standard, from the specification to the final fit out. The more you engage with the industry and build these connections; the more substantial your brand and capabilities can become.

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