Pursuing A Career In Interior Design 20th September 2022 | IN DESIGN ADVICE | BY SBID

Interior design is a flourishing yet competitive industry, with plenty of opportunities for professionals to exhibit their creativity and unique specialities. Becoming prominent within the industry and successfully forging a career in design is easier said than done, however there are some things you can do to set yourself a realistic pathway relevant to your qualifications, existing experience and aspirations. At The Society of British & International Interior Design we’re well-placed to not only guide you on your way, but also offer a range of training courses, accreditation opportunities and exclusive networking events and trade offers to fuel your passion, grow your business and make important contacts.

Continue reading for a selection of tips and advice for aspiring interior designers, as well as information on how SBID membership can support you with a unique package of industry benefits.

Exhibit Your Creativity

Displaying your creativity via a portfolio is one of the very best ways to catch the attention of potential clients and collaborators, giving you a base area to exhibit your skills and specialisms, as well as show off your most impressive sketches and past projects. Regularly adding to a portfolio with your latest designs and ideas, as well as keeping your followers and associates posted with your thoughts on the latest trends in the industry will show that you’re in-tune with modern interior design practices.



It can be easy to neglect the importance of networking, however there are few better ways to make a name for yourself in the interior design industry and establish essential industry connections. Events are a great way to engage with the profession and discover new design ideas, project partners and products. With a regularly-updated calendar of interior design events being held around the UK and across the SBID’s professional network throughout the year, browse our events page to stay in the loop.


Qualifications And Accreditation

Studying for an interior design qualification is a sure way to display your commitment and advance your learning in this career path, with many universities, specialist centres and institutions around Britain providing degree and diploma courses for higher education. Another way to stand out and improve your career prospects as an interior designer is to achieve SBID Accreditation, awarded to distinguished and qualified interior design experts. Listings in our Designer Directory help the public find knowledgeable designers that are recognised and verified by the industry’s trusted professional body.

With accreditation also comes access to an extensive CPD Library with a database of accredited learning and training opportunities. Online and in-person CPD courses and activities not only refine specialist knowledge, they’re also a great way to meet like-minded individuals in the profession. Interested in pursuing industry-standard recognition? Browse the benefits

The Society of British & International Interior Design are dedicated to setting out recognisable industry standards and guidelines for professionals to follow. Prioritising collaboration and communication, we are pleased to offer a comprehensive database of highly-trained interior design experts, each with unique specialisms. Contact our team today for details on unique accreditation opportunities, or to enquire about featuring in the SBID Designer Directory.