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This week’s instalment of the #SBIDinspire series features an extravagant residential space located in Gubei, Shanghai, a finalist in our Residential over £1M category last year. The aim of the project was to create a prestigious and comfortable home which encompassed all the requirements of the owners, namely style and business functionality.

In the living area, the Portugal Grey marble flooring perfectly matches the jade marble TV wall, exuding ultimate elegance. The graceful accent continues in the adjoining dining area with the Shangri-la black marble mini bar creating a subtle yet elegant space. The master suite is topped with dark-oak flooring and light carpet to illustrate a contrasting visual effect of warm and cool colours, conjuring up a holistic luxury experience. In bedroom two, the brown palettes work together with the glossy wood finishes create a luxurious, streamlined look. With carefully selected materials and furniture, the designer has arranged the space with a contemporary approach, creating a refined, tasteful and luxury residence for its owners.

SBID had the opportunity to speak with Chong Chiu Fung, Chief Creative Officer at Steve Leung

Company: Steve Leung Designers

Project: No.3, One Park Shanghai 

Project Location: Gubei, Shanghai, China.

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What was the client’s brief?

The project is situated in Gubei, which is a premium location for residence. The target demographic for this project was wealthy families with a high income, so we needed to create homes that reflected their status, lifestyle and taste for the luxurious.

Also, as lots of the owners are businessmen, we needed to take into account their specific requirements, including work spaces for their everyday business needs.

one park shanghai, Project Of The Week –  No.3, One Park Shanghai

What inspired the design of the project? 

Italian design was a big inspiration for this project – especially their premium leather which is known for its craftsmanship and high quality. Italian design also possesses a certain substance and originality. To create an absolutely luxurious and indulgent experience for the residents we felt that adding Italian furniture and decors would not only lift up the whole space, but would also appeal to the style and the taste of the owners.

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What was the toughest hurdle your team overcame during the project?

Located in the heart of the prestigious Gubei International Residence area, the client hoped that One Park Shanghai would not only serve as an extravagant residence but also serve as a place for business. Due to the fact that residential and commercial/business designs are different in terms of the ambience and functions, the design team had to find a way to accommodate both needs and requirements.

In the end, the design team were able to create a space that satisfied all the needs of the owner. From the colour palette to the material selection, the design director hand-picked fabrics, upholstery and wallpapers in Italy and created a chic home space with an official work station tailored for business. Sophistication and extravagance is demonstrated through the use of lacquered wood, hand-woven leather finishes, grey patterned marble, silk finishes and brushed stainless steel finishes, etc.

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What was your team’s highlight of the project?

The residence was a very large space so the design team had to make use of careful spatial planning with different zones designated for different purposes. We took the client’s brief and starting working on it. After the design proposal, the client was very happy as we were able to take all their needs into account. They were excited about the design and gave us free rein on the development. Of course there were some changes during the course of the project, however we would say that the client really believed in us and trusted that our work would create a perfect match for them, and it did!

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Why did you enter the SBID International Design Awards?

To win an SBID Award is a very prestigious achievement and we hoped to demonstrate our extraordinary work through this platform.

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Questions answered by Chong Chiu Fung, Chief Creative Officer at Steve Leung

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Steve Leung Designers | SBID International Design Awards 2017

China, Bedroom, Bedroom Interiors, Bedroom Design, Interior Design, Shanghai, China

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Bedroom, Bedroom Design, Luxury Bedroom, Interior Design, Luxury Interiors, Shanghai, China, Chinese Design