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Project Of The Week – St Regis Maldives Vommuli Resort

18:02 08 August in Hotel Design, Project of the Week

This week’s instalment of the #SBIDinspire interior design series features the pristine, paradise destination and beautifully designed luxury resort on the picturesque Vommuli Island in the Maldives. An island destination recognised and designed by four ecological zones, the beach, the jungle, the coastal and the lagoon area. In order to satisfy the client’s brief and also to fulfill the aspiration to create something truly unique, the exterior and interior design establishes a strong eco-awareness, expressed through a modern and contemporary architecture and interior design. Balanced by design elements which act as a respectful nod to the tradition, local culture, and the values of St Regis. The whole resort is emotionally and intellectually experienced and enjoyed, but with a profound awareness of the complex relationships of the eco systems being inhabited. Through the experience of each space and place, and the stories it tells, we hope to inspire our guests to understand more about themselves and the precious world we live in.

Company: WOW Architects | Warner Wong Design

Project: St Regis Maldives Vommuli Island

Project Location: Maldives

What was the client’s brief? 

To build a leading resort in the Maldives that will be sensitive to environmental issues but yet be a luxury resort destination that will justify the development expense without sacrificing superior guest experience.

What inspired the design of the project?

The inspiration for the interior design stems from the natural pristine beauty and ecology of the atoll and the desire to create eco-awareness to conserve and protect as much as possible the existing island. We think that nature itself is the source for design and not simply the man made world.

What was the toughest hurdle your team overcame during the project?

The toughest hurdles are logistics and associated time and costs issues to build in the middle of the ocean. The longer the time, the higher the costs and the greater the environmental damage. We worked hard to holistically control these issues and yet build with quality and precision.

What was your team’s highlight of the project?

Without doubt the highlight of the project was the opportunity to come so close to the raw elements of nature and the local culture. We are so delighted that upon completion our guests have a similar encounter that makes Maldives as a destination a real eye opener.

Why did you enter the SBID International Design Awards?

We entered SBID awards to seek recognition and exposure to the international design world as an endorsement of the highest calibre.

Questions answered by Wong Chiu Man, Managing Director of WOW Architects | Warner Wong Design

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We hope you feel inspired! Let us know what inspired you #SBIDinspire

WOWArchitects | SBID International Design Awards 2018

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