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Project Of The Week – Jordan House

16:23 08 February in Project of the Week, Residential Design

This week’s instalment of the #SBIDinspire interior design series features an architecturally strong property with a bold and artful design. This large family home is located in the warm climate of Amman, Jordan, a city known for it’s ancient ruins which are steeped in history. The formal rooms in this property were inspired by Middle Eastern design and the relaxed family areas were influenced by UK culture, including red telephone phone boxes, Union Jack curtains and UK stamps emblazoned on rugs! The property features contemporary and bright aesthetics with influences from pop culture and pop art. The home had a lot of separate areas which enabled the designers to create formal spaces juxtaposed with a mix of informal and family spaces, the focus was on creating dynamic spaces that bring a large family together using art, strong patterns and bold design. Susan White Interior Design & Iggi Interior Design create unique spaces for large properties around the globe.

Company: Iggi Interior Design

Project: Jordan House 

Project Location: Greater London, United Kingdom 

Iggy Interior Design, Interior Design
What was the clients brief? 
To create a luxurious home for a VIP family in Jordan. This house would be their main residence while in Jordan and need to both entertain VIP’s as well as act as a relaxed family home.
Iggi Interior Design

What inspired the design of the Project?

The family lived between the UK and Jordan, so it was important to incorporate both cultures into the design. The formal areas have been inspired by the Middle East and the relaxed informal areas looked towards the UK for inspiration.

Iggy Interior Design

What was your team’s highlight of the project? 

Installing this large 27000 square foot project was a real highlight, it was a labour of love, but to see it all come together was such a magical feeling.

Iggi Interior Design

Why did you enter the SBID International Design Awards?

At Iggi Interior Design, we believe that community is so important and design awards give us the chance to share our work with the wider community so that we can all learn and be inspired by each other too. Plus, it’s nice to win every now and then and be recognised for your work.

Iggi Interior Design, Pool, Luxury, Interior Design, Middle East, UK DesignQuestions answered by Susan White, Founder of Iggi Interior Design 

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