Mastering Design 7th February 2018 | IN DESIGN ADVICE | BY SBID

In a new series we profiled the SBID Masters of Design to discover a new perspective on global interior design. We spoke with interior designer Liang Jianguo who attained degrees in Art and Architectural Design before launching his career in the 1980’s when he co-founded the Newsdays Design Studio. His award-winning projects have harnessed a design palate inspired by the contemporary dynamism of a young and rising generation, whilst capturing the essence of Chinese culture and remaining sympathetic to China’s traditions.

Designer: Liang Jianguo

Company:  Newsdays Design Ltd

When did you know you wanted to work in design? 

When I was five years old. I came across a picture by Qi Baishi, one of the most eminent Chinese artists and from that day, I decided to become immersed in art. In terms of my career, I officially became a designer when I established my own interior design company in 1984.

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What has been the most career-changing moment for you? 

It all started in 2004 with my Beijing North Lake Number Nine Club & Restaurant project. From then I started to formalise my own style and design concept, fully-integrating elements of Chinoiserie, modernism and nature in an international way.

interior design, Mastering Design

What advice do you have for design students? 

They should seek to understand more about life and society – and not be swayed by achievement or vanity. Don’t think too much of becoming a master designer; instead do more to solve the original needs of design.

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How would you like to use your talent and work around the world? 

I’d like to present Oriental culture and the Chinese aesthetic on the international stage while introducing good Western design and ideas to China through collaborations. It would be great to work on international projects between foreign and Chinese designers.

The task of designers is to solve problems posed by human life and to address the practical and spiritual demand of the human condition. This is the common concern of all nations so really we can say that design is stateless, and not limited by geographical boundaries.

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What does being a SBID Master of Design – CHINA mean to you? 

For me, it means we can collaborate internationally with some of the most inspiring international designers – this will allow us to expand each other’s horizons.

interior design, Mastering Design

Questions answered by Liang Jianguo of Newsdays Design

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