Interior Design In The Hotel Industry: What You Need To Know 16th August 2022 | IN DESIGN ADVICE | BY SBID

Within the hospitality industry, presentation and design are extremely important. With customers to impress and clients to retain, temporary guests are looking for a hassle-free experiences, with an emphasis on relaxation and convenience.

Alongside the basic utilities, a considered and practical layout is required to make the most of available space. Ideally, the set-up should facilitate traffic flow and allow guests to move around without getting in each other’s way. With the hospitality industry notoriously competitive, one way interior designers can stand out from the crowd is with accreditation from The Society of British & International Interior Design. As the industry’s professional destination for interior design, SBID represents the benchmark for professional designers, connecting talented design experts with their ideal clients across contract or residential interiors.

Continue reading for an overview of interior design in the hotel industry, with tips on presentation, room layout for guests, and more.

Presentation Is Everything

Presentation and choice of design elements are crucial, with the furniture, furnishings and overall appearance of rooms and specific areas likely to dictate the types of guests you attract to an establishment. Creating a unique theme may be the way to go if you’re keen to attract tourists or individuals with a particular interest. On the other hand, furnishing rooms, halls and lounges with easygoing, comfortable or homely design features will likely appeal to families and casual overnight guests. The design style heavily dictates the environment you curate for guests and impacts the overall guest experience, whether it be creating a luxury atmosphere with opulence, or crafting a quirky destination with local character. 


Convenience And Design Efficiency

It is important to note that hotels with large open spaces are often seen as the ideal area to host parties, conferences, and everything in-between, so appealing to this demographic in the wider event market and making sure hotel spaces are adaptable for private functions is a wise move. It’s important to consider the space distribution, assess the needs of those spaces and design accordingly. Design efficiency and convenience can be achieved in guest rooms by utilising features and facilities as simple as bedside lamps and charging sockets, space-saving wardrobes and storage areas, as well as walk-in wetrooms and all-in-one interconnected spaces. Guests will also benefit from easy access to amenities and home comforts. Want to learn from the best when it comes to improving customer experience via specific design choices? Consult our Designer Directory to find a specialist in hospitality design.


Honing Your Craft

Hone your craft by networking with like-minded professionals in the hotel and design industry – this is the best way to inspire new ideas and create even more inspiring interiors for clients. Staying up to date with the interiors news and designs can also help keep you filled with inspiration. Subscribe to the SBID newsletter for regular industry updates. Or, you can explore our online interior design magazine, eSociety for the low down on award-winning hospitality projects, expert interviews, latest product releases and unique industry insights. 

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