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For 35 years, Arteriors have been proud to work with artisan craftsmen from across the globe to create the highest quality furniture, lighting, wall décor and accessories.

To cater for our extensive and always growing network of interior design clientele, each season we cherry pick pieces of inspiration from around the world, curating product collections tailored to a wide range of design led interiors.

For the past few seasons, we’ve taken direct inspiration from a range of global destinations to produce statement pieces that combine unique location-specific elements with our signature aesthetic.

Berlin Bauhaus

An architectural movement that proceeded to inspire art and interior design for generations, Bauhaus combines contemporary geometric shaping with unique materials. Material of choice for this collection is luxurious leather. This is seen across an assortment of upholstered furniture, as accent detailing on accessories, and as part of lighting designs. A variety of finishes and forms creates distinctive, design-led products that showcase the juxtaposition of using a material ordinarily associated with a more traditional aesthetic within sculpted and soft designs.

furniture inspiration, Global Influence & Inspiration, Reimagined for a Global Clientele
Meyer Desk, £5,403; Hoover Chair, £2,840
furniture inspiration, Global Influence & Inspiration, Reimagined for a Global Clientele
Sebastian Sofa Indigo Velvet £7,769' Santorini Chandelier £4,195

Bel Air Luxe, & Monaco Glamour

Collections that imbue luxury in the traditional sense of the word are inspired by Monaco and Bel Air. Both exude opulence and grandeur with highlight features such as sumptuous velvet seating and rich mahogany furniture with extravagant chandeliers to bring to life this vision of luxury.

Napili Naturals

Inspired by a true tropical paradise and timed to launch with the approach of the summer season, this collection sings with the use of natural rattan and raffia, and elegant use of lighter hues are reminiscent of such coastal destinations. We’ve strived to be innovative with material choices, incorporating open linen weaves, coconut shells and wooden beading within our decorative accessories.

furniture inspiration, Global Influence & Inspiration, Reimagined for a Global Clientele
Eleanor Lounge Chair, £2,824; Omega Cocktail Table, £1801
furniture inspiration, Global Influence & Inspiration, Reimagined for a Global Clientele
Misha Accent Chair, £2909; Newark Floor Lamp, £2,632

Shibuya Modern

The beauty of minimalism is redefined in a collection influenced by Shibuya. Striking, modern shapes and a muted tonal colour scheme are juxtaposed by a selection of woods and ceramics that break up an otherwise monochrome palette. The highlight product from this range that most imbues a sense of Tokyo’s architecture and cultural influences is the Stella cocktail cabinet. With a silhouette reminiscent of a Japanese kimono, fashioned from panels of oyster oak, epitomising the aesthetic of this distinctive collection.

Montreal Fusion

A combination of traditional European influences appear to jostle with a contemporary aesthetic in our product range inspired by Montreal. The charm of this city is this combination of centuries-old architecture with elements of contemporary flair, recreated in product design through a mix of finishes including wood, blackened iron, and pale ivory.

furniture inspiration, Global Influence & Inspiration, Reimagined for a Global Clientele
Reid Dining Table £5,283; Ruskin Chandelier £2,175

Through decades of meticulous research, and by working alongside skilled craftsmen from around the globe, we’re continuously inspired to experiment with aesthetics, materials and techniques. A selection of location-inspired pieces are available in our Chelsea showroom, and form part of our Spring collection.

Cover image: Pierson Wall Plaques £855; Perez Coffee Table £2,331

About Arteriors

For over 30 years, Arteriors delivers impeccable style and artisanal quality craftsmanship within the lighting, furniture, wall décor and home accessory categories to discerning customers worldwide. This three-decade journey in pursuit of extraordinary product – from the understated to the unexpected – had been and remain at the core of what Arteriors do each day. Arteriors’ business has matured and expanded into a timeless lifestyle brand that has become premier resource for interior designers and retailers worldwide.

Today, Arteriors continues to reinterpret materials, forming objects of perfect proportions and scale, resulting in bold interiors that bring ease to everyday luxury.

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