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Foglie d’Oro is the first Italian company in the wood flooring industry to use the Blockchain in its production chain. This form of digital technology can be used to record information securely and transparently, forming a chain of blocks of data that cannot be changed or falsified.

Using the Blockchain, Foglie d’Oro records all of the stages in its production chain in a way that is:


What is the Blockchain?

The Blockchain is a type of technology that can be used to create and manage an open, distributed digital ledger in which data can be stored and exchanged in a secure, verifiable and permanent way. The information recorded in it is divided into blocks that are linked together in a chain, hence the name. Each block has a code that is tied to the previous block, so nothing can be changed without breaking the chain. This system – which has been successfully used with cryptocurrencies – makes it impossible to change or falsify the data recorded, thus ensuring that all information is accurate.

blockchain, Foglie d’Oro Offers Guaranteed Authenticity Thanks to Blockchain Technology
Foglie d'Oro

How Foglie d’Oro uses the Blockchain

Trust and transparency are core values at Foglie d’Oro, which is underlining its dedication to providing authentic, unmistakable products by introducing technological innovation into its production chain.

The digital flow of data recorded in chronological order in the Blockchain means that the following can be incontrovertibly guaranteed in every stage:
– Origins of the raw materials
– Processing
– Design and development
– Product manufacturing and conformity
– Transport and distribution

This all means that Foglie d’Oro can offer its customers and partners something truly invaluable: absolute certainty.

blockchain, Foglie d’Oro Offers Guaranteed Authenticity Thanks to Blockchain Technology
Foglie d'Oro
blockchain, Foglie d’Oro Offers Guaranteed Authenticity Thanks to Blockchain Technology
Foglie d'Oro

Certainty About Origins

One of the distinctive features of Foglie d’Oro products has always been that they are all Made in Italy.

Thanks to the introduction of Blockchain technology, from now on all of our customers and partners can be absolutely certain that all of our floors are 100% Made in Italy. That means that every single thing to do with the processing, manufacturing and composition of our products complies with strict Italian and European environmental, social and safety standards, as unequivocally recorded by the data cryptographically secured in the Blockchain.

As a result, Foglie d’Oro can guarantee the origins of the products that customers buy, so there is no risk of fraud.

Certainty About Authenticity

As part of its drive to champion authenticity, Foglie d’Oro uses innovative Blockchain technology to ensure that its products are traceable. The use of this technology in the production chain means that every single step is traceable. The associated information provides proof of the authenticity of products and can be freely checked by anyone.

The Blockchain is a public information network that contains legible, unalterable and permanent data. Therefore, it can serve as an effective means of preventing fraud and counterfeiting. Each item produced by Foglie d’Oro is given a unique, one-off code as part of an identification system offering guaranteed authenticity. The introduction of Blockchain technology presents Foglie d’Oro with yet another opportunity to proudly stand out from the crowd thanks to its know-how, by offering proof of the authenticity of its products to the legitimate holders of the rights.

blockchain, Foglie d’Oro Offers Guaranteed Authenticity Thanks to Blockchain Technology
Foglie d'Oro
blockchain, Foglie d’Oro Offers Guaranteed Authenticity Thanks to Blockchain Technology
Foglie d'Oro

Certainty About Sustainability

Foglie d’Oro uses the Blockchain to provide irrefutable proof about the sustainability of its production chain. The company has always endeavoured to select first-rate raw materials while taking a totally environmentally friendly approach. Foglie d’Oro floors are made with wood from FSC® certified forests, where the resources are properly, responsibly managed in accordance with felling and natural regeneration plans.

Use of the Blockchain means that the pledges made by Foglie d’Oro on this front are even more transparent and verifiable thanks to the traceability of every stage in the life cycles of floors, from the provenance of the trees to the final geo-location. Buyers of Foglie d’Oro floors can access all of the information attesting the sustainability of the products, as well as healthy conditions and professional ethics throughout the production chain.

Certainty About Transparency

Foglie d’Oro has always founded its ethical approach on the importance of transparency. The use of innovative Blockchain technology in the production chain is the natural next step in its efforts on this front. Now anyone who chooses a Foglie d’Oro floor will be able to scan a QR code and access a digital platform where they can see a comprehensive array of accurate, up-to-date and totally reliable information about their product.

The structure on which the Blockchain is based is extremely secure and incorruptible. All information recorded in it is verifiable, thus ensuring that the data it contains is totally transparent. Thanks to this system, consumers will be more aware when they select products. They can make carefully considered decisions, looking beyond the visual appearances of floors.

About Foglie d’Oro

Foglie d’Oro is Europe’s leading manufacturer of sophisticated design wood floors, XL wide planks, and American walnut floors. Based in Italy, the company has been chosen by A&D to work on turnkey projects for over 50 years, developing a reputation for excellence all around the world. With a dedicated London team and working in synergy with its sister company Arte Brotto Furnishings, the two brands become a unique partner for designers and their customers, not only supplying exclusive flooring but also bespoke joinery and furniture.

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