Project Details

Public Space Winner

Student Name: 
Arina Brewer

Kharkov State Academy of Design and Arts


The aim of this project was to create a design for the office environment of the company “AB GAMES”. The creative company’s philosophy and values are closely related to the video game culture. Employees of the company are gamers and game developers, so it is important to reflect this in the workspace. Based on the proximity of the office to the Botanical Garden, as well as the company’s concern for the environment, ecodesign elements have been utilised throughout.

The total floor area is 166 square meters and the task was to equip the working space with room for 80 places, including consists of meeting rooms, a coffee corner, large workspace with desks, recreation space and a main reception area. Light wooden bars have been used throughout for zoning and dividing different spaces throughout the space. Greenery is also integrated throughout the design to create a calming effect. White glossy computer tables within the workspace underline sophistication and purity of style. Comfortable wooden stairs lead to a recreation area, where staff can sit on large cushion armchairs and play playstation do create a workplace that is reflective of the company culture and also mindful of employee wellbeing. In the larger meeting room, Electrochromic smart glass is used which is a laminated translucent product. This glass can turn from transparent to impenetrable frosted white glass with just one push of a switch button, allowing for more privacy.

Public space
Public Space Arina Brewer
Public Space design
Public Space by Arina Brewer
Public Space by Arina Brewer seating area
Get me 2 the Top Ukraine student design competition Public Space Winner project 2019
Public Space Arina Brewer
Get me 2 the Top Ukraine student design competition Public Space Winner project 2019

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