Do I Really Need SBID Accreditation as an Interior Designer? 31st May 2022 | IN DESIGN ADVICE | BY SBID

As a professional interior designer, you need to do everything possible to ensure your clients can trust you to deliver their project. While a good reputation and word of mouth can certainly help you with this, it’s also good idea to join a professional association or society that is well respected. The Society of British International Interior Design is one of these organisations that can support your career and give you a boost to achieve success.

While there is no legal obligation to join a body or receive accreditation to practice interior design, there are certainly good reasons to become accredited by the SBID.

Showcase Your Expertise

Having accreditation is a great way to show that you are an expert in your field. Since entry to the SBID is limited and determined by strict professional criteria, clients will understand that you’re very good at what you do when you showcase your accredited status. It indicates that you have reached the pinnacle of assessed knowledge in the UK and that you are among the best in your career for providing quality interior design services.

SBID measures your education, training, and experience, as well as your competence and skill as a designer before you can be accredited. You will also need to show that you are continuing to improve your skills in the profession each year that you are a member with an annual CPD commitment. The SBID Accreditation framework is internationally recognised for design standards, so this endorsement of your services can really help to boost your credibility and reputation in the industry.


Reach More Clients

Clients tend to trust recommendations that come from recognised organisations like the SBID. Anyone who is looking for an interior designer can search the list of registered professionals in the SBID Designer Directory. This immediately opens your business up to reach more potential clients with increased online visibility so they can not only discover your practice, but also contact you about jobs more often. SBID also support in the promotion of your news, expertise and projects, which can help to enhance your media coverage and increase brand awareness.


Receive More Opportunities

Interior design isn’t only about working with clients and finding them. You’ll also need to stay on top of the latest products, innovations, trends and industry regulations. Being a part of the SBID provides you with the opportunity to learn more about the products and services that are available to you as an interior designer.

You’ll be introduced to new products, industry updates and CPD learning. This can help you create even more impressive interiors for your clients. As you learn more, you advance your skills and offerings, which ensures you continue to grow as an interior designer. For example, gaining a better understanding of a material’s use, customisation capabilities and application can help you improve your designs and product specification.

Are you interested in becoming part of the Society of British International Interior Design? Take a look at the website to learn more about the process.