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ATELIER Interior Design

ATELIER/ i.d. is all about aesthetic performance and cohesion. We want Form and Function to unite in a big warm hug!
We want to enhance your experience of a physical space in a positive manner as a creative art. It's all about the emotions a space can invoke and how it can ultimately make you feel. Great design can deliver all of this!
Katie believes that well designed spaces are not just an expression of a vision, but should function effortlessly and enhance the well being of the user. Katie has the invaluable knowledge of ergonomics, spatial planning, and creative vision that is needed to form good interior design. Katie can help open your eyes to ideas and possibilities you may not have thought of - enabling you to make informed decisions about all aspects of your project. Her strong client facing intuition and industry experience means that Katie is able to understand and respond to you or your brands emotional and physical needs and envisage your aspirations. Katie will interpret your briet and focus you in the right direction, making the design journey collaborative, educational and rewarding as well as cohesive and creative. Katie encourages client vision and interactive creativity alongside her guiding expertise. Her sensitivity to design forces and trends will help you develop your unique design identity to realise the full potential of your space - so that its ultimately your signature on the canvas.
Put simply, Katie will make your space work.



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