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Climate Change and Interior Design

A fully researched understanding of what factors affect people’s decisions towards the environment is critical to developing strategies that promote greener cities and lifestyles.

Periodic surveys of households behaviour offer new insights into what is really working. These results present a data overview of the landscape on British practices.

climate change and interior design, Climate Change

Research is shared in five categories; energy, water, waste, transport and food among eleven collaborating countries;  Australia, Canada, Chile, France, Israel, Japan, Korea, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland to encourage awareness and ‘greener’ behaviour from policy makers and consumers.

Significantly advanced in scope and impact, SBID focus on climate change for 2020, shaping realistic regulatory expectations and supporting the sharing of best practice amongst members. We encourage all interested product manufacturers to engage with interior design members in our campaign to reduce waste in the development and procurement of domestic and commercial interior design. Together we can create change.

Investors, developers and contractors have successfully completed some significant energy projects in Solar, Wind and Energy from Waste.

climate change and interior design, Climate Change
climate change and interior design, Climate Change
climate change and interior design, Climate Change

Representing British Interior Design at COP26

The SBID became an official supporter of the Government Task Force on Climate-related Energy Efficiency, committed to offsetting emissions in 2016; researching the production of materials, use of appliances and analysing the heating and energy consumption of our future homes.

climate change and interior design, Climate Change

With our partner, the UK Italian Chamber of Commerce, SBID are working towards COP26 hosted by the UK Government where world leaders will congregate in the largest conference the UK has ever hosted.

We’ve found better ways to support the industry and included members efforts in international areas of concern on climate change. SBID began this investigative journey with Parliamentary Committees and Groups including Select Committees and  strategists in 2016 with RICS and Salford University, Manchester creating a collaboration of shared research.

We have remained forward looking, advancing work to shape regulatory expectations on climate change and sustainability. Shared research helped us analyse unique empirical evidence for better delivery of design.

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