The Changing Dynamics of Interior Design 21st June 2018 | IN DESIGN ADVICE | BY SBID

Michael Danieli, Partner of Abitant UK, speaks about our evolving lifestyles and how the art of interior design is changing as a result. 

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Every once in a while, an old problem, a new technology, and a big idea turns into an innovation!

Technology has been imperative in the relentless drive to increase efficiency whilst saving time and money. It has left no industry untouched, and that includes interior design – albeit a little later to the party. Online mood board creation, virtual reality and easier access to products from around the globe has changed the landscape of the interior design industry. Of course, there was a danger that new innovations could prove to be something of a double edge sword when it came to this creative industry. A service once reserved for those of higher social standing, would now become more widely accessible with cutting edge interior services offered at low cost prices. However, it proved to be a creative curveball that industry professionals were not only ready to run with, but use to their own advantage. As a result, we at Abitant are changing the game again, with an online procurement hub, designed to streamline purchasing, payment and everything in-between.

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What are the innovations?

Smarter homes need smarter interior solutions!

Design Online: The rise of online design apps and electronic pinning boards has fuelled the consumer appetite for professional interior design services. By sharing aesthetic desires over well known platforms, clients can access interior services from all over the globe and enjoy  privileged prices on products passed on from the industry professionals.

VR: Virtual Reality enables consumers to see how their room will look before work even begins. VR is a tool which needs specific computer programmes with powerful capabilities. Whilst one day it will be accessible to everyone, currently it is largely reserved for those working within the interior industry in a professional capacity. A coveted service that consumers want to access.

3D Print Tecnology: Communicating design ideas and concepts to consumers has been a frequent challenge for interior designers. 3D technology solves that problem, as clients can get touchy-feely with their new interiors in miniature form.

Every successful new business solution starts with a problem. For interior designers, one of those problems is procurement. The process has been traditionally arduous and there has been a growing need for a streamlined solution which acts as a hub, allowing easy communication between manufacturers, logistic companies and payment platforms. This is where Abitant comes in. A one stop solution to the problem.

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Is it time to plug-into the laptop lifestyle?

From the comfort of a shabby chic Chesterfield sofa, consumers begin their interior design process and now, so can you.

Abitant is the procurement solution made for interior designers, by interior designers.” – Abitant UK

With extensive industry knowledge, the Abitant creators understood the need to develop an efficient platform, which not only plays host to the largest online catalogue of EU manufacturers, but also facilitates price negotiations and manages payments and logistics. With over 500,000 plus products to browse through, the user can create product wish lists and easily generate product specifications for their clients. The system promotes ease of communication and allows interior designers to spend more time doing what they enjoy… designing!

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Written by Mr Michael Danieli