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Project Details

Public Space Design

Student Name: 
Fiona Poon

Falmouth University


The hotel located in Truro, Cornwall has been designed to use a spiral shape as the form structure, inspired by local design elements such as the organic seashells found on nearby beaches. The hotel design scheme presents relaxing coastal styles with unique guest room experience. Utilisation of space is the main design problem on the site, so, I maintained void area on the first floor to import skylight and develop the ceiling vertically. The design aims to preserve the existing features of the chapel, for instance, the stained glass windows and arches supporting the roof. I have adapted the host building by inserting the spiral-shaped structure which will hold the guest bedrooms and roof terrace. The bridges connect each room and enable natural light to pass into both floors.

Based on research, young people would like to spend their money on unique experiences rather than consuming luxury goods. Thus, the Spiral Hotel is looking for young couples or groups that are active on social media to share their experience. Thus, the circulation creates an organic flow around the seashell-like forms like sea waves; the space divisions are like sea shell (guest room) on the beach and the connecting pathways are sea waves.

The hotel offers a roof terrace that specially designed for visitors to meet new friends. Restaurant, cafe and bar will operate from morning till midnight, to provide food and drinks.

To sum up, the concept of the design is linked to the coastal element in Cornwall and it welcomes young couples to visit the Instagram-worthy hotel and create wonderful memories near the seaside.

Public space
Public space
Public space design SBID
Public space design SBID
Public space design
Get me 2 the Top winners announced for interior design student competition
Get me 2 the Top student design competition for interior design students
Get me 2 the Top student design competition for interior design students
Get me 2 the Top student design competition for interior design students


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