Blurring the Lines Between Form and Function in Bathroom Designs 15th August 2019 | IN DESIGN ADVICE | BY SBID

When it comes to the bathroom, homeowners are increasingly prioritising designs which are not only functional, but also luxurious. Charlie Williams, Interior Designer at Heritage Bathrooms, thinks about how to blend form and function within your clients’ bathroom spaces and shares her expert advice on how best to do so; keeping your bathroom designs ahead of the curve and in line with current client demands and expectations.

Blending Spaces

Spa-inspired bathrooms are rapidly growing in popularity, providing a relaxing space for homeowners to relax and recharge. But moving away from traditional structures and blurring the lines between vanity areas, bathing areas and the bedroom can be an effective way of creating an immersive space.

You don’t need to knock down walls or reconfigure rooms to achieve this look. Simple additions such as an upholstered chair, statement mirrors or warm metallic accessories can help to redefine the boundaries between different spaces.

Space is a highly valuable luxury and, with smaller homes on the rise, a commodity that is often hard to come by. Storage solutions, such as wall mounted vanity units, like those available within the Caversham range from Heritage, are ideal for providing a sleek finish alongside the storage required for an organised space.

bathroom designs, Blurring the Lines Between Form and Function in Bathroom Designs

Statement Baths

A luxury freestanding bath is the epitome of boutique style, and a popular choice amongst both hoteliers and homeowners for bathrooms of all types. They look beautiful when positioned in the centre of the room alongside a side table or chair.

The Madeira freestanding bath by Heritage is perfect for achieving this look, and combines traditional simplicity with on-trend opulence. The cast iron material is paintable, allowing for designers to select a custom shade of their choice. Or, why not opt for a bath with a metallic finish such as the Holywell from Heritage, which is available in copper, gold and stainless-steel effect finishes. For smaller spaces, opt for ‘baby’ version of the cast iron roll top baths, which are smaller than the standard size and provide spa style that fits the space without compromising on luxury.

Bathroom Design article by Heritage Bathroom featuring an image of the Victoria Suite with Victoria Double Console Basin Hartlebury Taps and Bayswater Mirror

Double the impact

Basins are often viewed as a basic essential and can be easily overlooked when bathroom planning. However, a bold, on-trend basin can provide a striking, but subtle focal point for a washroom space, while options like double console basins help to bring a hint of hotel-chic style.

The Victoria double console basin from Heritage Bathrooms is a beautiful example of this style. The design draws inspiration from the Victorian era with beautiful, curved sculpted legs which offer a striking upgrade to a standard pedestal, giving an on-trend twist to traditional styling.

Alternatively, for rooms where space is not an obstacle, two identical basins in a ‘his and hers’ formation can be used to create a Jack and Jill style arrangement. Increasingly in demand, this design will not only aid busy morning routines, but provide users with the luxury of an independent space.

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