Ask the Expert: How do I make my home entertainment friendly? 14th August 2020 | IN DESIGN ADVICE | BY SBID

Designing a home specifically with entertainment in mind requires a completely different approach and introduces another layer of consideration for the end-user and end result. Some people love elegant cocktail parties, others like a cozy space that exudes comfort. If you are a homeowner who loves entertaining and you’re about to remodel your home, you will have the perfect opportunity to really incorporate everything you need to make the space more enjoyable for yourself and your guests.

Founder of Katie Malik Interiors shares some of her tips and tricks to consider to make your home design more equipped for guests and gatherings!

entertainment, Ask the Expert: How do I make my home entertainment friendly?

Let’s start with the heart of any home

The kitchen. The open plan nature of modern kitchens means that having guests, family and friends round for get-togethers has become a prime function of the space and is top of the list of requirements in most briefs. It’s important to balance the essential elements and day-to-day needs of a family kitchen with the desire to entertain. Regardless of the kitchen size, the key to making it work for entertaining is to consider how people will move around it. As well as thinking about where and how you’ll be cooking, you need to plan where to serve food and if you want your guests to gather around a breakfast bar, sit at a table or make use of more casual seating.The open floor plan trend means a kitchen space often also includes a comfortable seating area and fireplace as well.

entertainment, Ask the Expert: How do I make my home entertainment friendly?

Think about flexibility

Flexibility is the single biggest thing that an entertainment-friendly home should have. The multi-use trend extends outside as well. Outdoor kitchens are becoming increasingly popular, in part because they serve to keep guests and hosts together. There are other, less structurally invasive ways of making a home ready for entertainment. Music is one way to bring energy to a party and to tie several different spaces together, so investing in a sound system that connects rooms inside and outside is a great idea. Also, introducing both direct and indirect lighting with dimmers can help achieve a multitude of desired ‘atmospheric’ effects to set different moods, inside and outside.

Don’t forget to make room for storage solutions

If you’re entertaining, especially frequently, it’s important to have ample space to store items, such as platters and serving ware (either in a separate room, a pantry or a sideboard), but also provide some storage for your guests, even if they’re staying with you just for a night or two.

entertainment, Ask the Expert: How do I make my home entertainment friendly?

The rest is up to you! 

You can also make small changes that will make a big difference to how welcome your guests will feel in your home; think about providing a set of fresh guest towels or ways to fragrance your home that’s not too overpowering! 

About the Author

Katie Malik, founder & creative director of Katie Malik Interiors built her career in residential interior design, assisting on projects in New York, Chicago and London before setting up her practice in 2014. Inspired by colours, the interplay between symmetry and asymmetry and wellbeing, Katie’s aim is to bring authenticity to each project. 

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