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Representing British Interior Design Globally

The SBID pioneered entry to a UK professional interior design body through training and experience. Defining criteria for professional practice and positioning the UK for the first time as equals to its 16 peer European countries using the same international Accreditation criteria. SBID ensure accredited designers are represented, protected and through the world-renowned SBID Awards, celebrated globally. Global competition for international projects has led to a UK first as SBID set to launch its entry exam to assist designers in achieving Accredited status.

Vanessa Brady SBID

Our Mission to Promote & Protect

SBID’s mission to protect, promote and represent Interior Designers continues to be at the forefront of the organisation. Our partnerships and collaboration with professional and governmental bodies has helped us reach and engage with highly professional, influential, qualified and experienced experts of multi professions to support our objectives.

SBID President and The Prince of Wales
SBID President and The Prince of Wales (2011)

British Interior Design

SBID provides the essential safety net to interior design that provides peace of mind to millions of families and businesses, as well as to our members wherever they are engaged in the world. SBID represents Britain for the profession of Interior Design in government. It is the selected representative and industry-specific organisation for UK interior design to present the risks and opportunities of the UK interior design industry at the Bank of England Monetary Committee for the Genesis Initiative, led by Patron HRH Prince Michael of Kent and supported by Parliamentarians across the House of Lords and the House of Commons.

SBID is represented in 48 countries across the world and in 71 countries through partnerships, collaborations and the Commonwealth. With recent changes in the terms of trade brought about by the UK leaving the EU, it is even more crucial for UK design professionals to obtain professional industry Accreditation to identify and showcase the calibre of skills and performance on offer wherever in the world they perform.

As part of SBID’s commitment to serve the profession of interior design for our members, we will continue to ensure Accredited designers are represented and protected throughout practice from cradle to grave.

VB Talks
Dr Vanessa Brady OBE launching SBID Ukraine with Department of International Trade, British Council and British Ambassador.
british interior design, Representing Interior Design
SBID representing British interior design on SKY News, Newspaper Review.
Ukraine Dean of Universities at the British Ambassadors Residence, Kyiv.
Ukraine Dean of Universities at the British Ambassadors Residence, Kyiv.

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british interior design, Representing Interior Design

SBID History

The SBID was founded in 2009 by Dr Vanessa Brady OBE to promote and champion the profession of interior design.

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british interior design, Representing Interior Design

SBID Board & Directors

Collectively we have the experience, ability and tenacity to create a valued industry voice locally, nationally and around the world.

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Interior Design

SBID Partnerships

On behalf of its members, the SBID has protected, promoted and celebrated the interior design profession.

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