A Touch of Opulence With GRAFF: Introducing New PVD Finishes 28th November 2023 | IN PRODUCT NEWS | BY SBID

Luxury bath and kitchen brassware manufacturer GRAFF unveils nine new PVD finishes in a variety of lavish colors and textures. Extremely durable, the finishes, as with all GRAFF products, are made using state-of-the-art-technology and engineering.

Expanding finish choices with a wide selection of new colours and textures to complement a broad range of styles, GRAFF offers exquisite new options for personalisation.

GRAFF, A Touch of Opulence With GRAFF: Introducing New PVD Finishes
Incanto Bathroom Mixer in Brushed Gold PVD finish
GRAFF, A Touch of Opulence With GRAFF: Introducing New PVD Finishes
Ametis Shower Ring in Warm Bronze PVD finish

“We are excited to expand our line of finishes, introducing nine more choices for our customers to help them design their dream spaces to perfection. We’re always innovating with design, technology, and materials, leading the way as bath and kitchen spaces evolve.” – CEO and Founder of GRAFF, Ziggy Kulig comments.

GRAFF’s new finishes are made from the highest-quality materials and take inspiration from the natural world and the arts, presenting colors that organically complement diverse interior and architectural styles.

Gunmetal PVD – versatile, with a cool metallic appearance, evoking wintry clouds, Gunmetal PVD’s understated elegance harmonises with an expansive selection of interiors.

Polished Nickel PVD – alluring and durable, with a reflective sheen, Polished Nickel PVD brightens spaces with a refined sensibility, inspired by starlight.

GRAFF, A Touch of Opulence With GRAFF: Introducing New PVD Finishes
Harley Basin Mixer in Brushed Tuscan Bronze PVD finish

Brushed Nickel PVD – uplifts interiors with a silvery-white textured shimmer evoking the rugged luster of meteorites.

Polished Tuscan Bronze PVD – offering a sophisticated, timeless aesthetic, is an ode to the exquisite sheen of classical bronze statues.

Brushed Tuscan Bronze PVD – evoking the enduring, rustic charm of the Tuscan countryside, Brushed Tuscan Bronze PVD pairs earthy colour with sensuous texture.

Warm Bronze PVD – inspired by the warm character and hue of bronze musical instruments, Warm Bronze PVD promotes an intimate ambience.

Polished Gold PVD – a radiant, eye-catching finish that pays tribute to legendary goldsmiths, Polished Gold PVD embodies long-lasting glamour and allure.

Brushed Gold PVD – adds a luxurious visual and tactile dimension to interiors, inspired by sunlight cast on fields of golden wheat.

Satin Gold PVD – a sleek, captivating finish, Satin Gold PVD pays homage to the sumptuous goldwork of royal robes.

GRAFF, A Touch of Opulence With GRAFF: Introducing New PVD Finishes
GRAFF's New PVD Finishes

In addition to the PVD finishes, GRAFF offers handcrafted Powder Coat, 24K Gold, Living, and Galvanic and Plated finishes for collections, as well as Tuscan marble inserts for the MOD+ and Vignola collections.


GRAFF’s luxury taps and shower collections elevate the bath space with designs that are both timeless and cutting-edge, complementing endless architectural and interior styles. Available in 21 luxury finishes such as Brushed Brass, Polished Nickel, and 24K Gold, and with a choice of three Tuscan marble inserts, GRAFF basin mixer or shower controls offer bespoke and unique customisation possibilities. Backed by a rich heritage of European artisanship, GRAFF products transform the bath space into a masterpiece of tranquillity, wellness, and spa like experience. With a focus on design, sustainability, and high technology, GRAFF caters to the senses with features such as chromotherapy, bringing bath and shower experiences to luxurious heights.

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