About Us

The Society of British and International Design (SBID) is the professional accrediting organisation for the interior design industry in the UK.  We support the interests of interior designers and manufacturers by guiding and measuring the profession’s trading standards through practice, competence and education and in doing so create a clear separation between professionals and hobbyists. As the sole British representative to the European Council of Interior Architects (ECIA), the European body responsible for establishing trading standards in Europe, we adopted their professional code of conduct which sets the requirement for accreditation of a practicing professional interior designer.

Our accredited interior designers have demonstrated the European standard required to become an SBID accredited professional in accordance with the ECIA Charter of education and operate in both commercial and residential sectors. Our accredited industry providers have met the five point entry system set out for manufacturers. We reject or redirect applications from individuals or companies that do not meet the ECIA’s code of conduct.

Industry professionals qualified to join SBID are interior designers, architects, manufacturers and developers from anywhere in the world. To see details of our eligibility requirements click here.

SBID advocates the continued professional development of its members. We provide an accredited CPD qualification and access to an industry-wide selection of seminars available free of charge for members.



As the sole British representative to the ECIA, our objective is to promote the profession at the highest level of competence to provide unrivalled consumer protection. We continually challenge the industry for positive change where size and dominance has reigned unethically, by exclusion, favouritism or anti-competitive conduct.

How we do it

SBID established best practice and a professional code of conduct across Britain for the profession of interior design.

  •  Working in close association with the European Council of Interior Architects (ECIA) and the National Council of Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ) who have taken their first steps outside of USA & Canada, we jointly consult to create, protect and promote industry standards worldwide. Together we are leading change in Britain by creating industry standards synonymous with our global partners. This procedure creates comfort to consumers in the knowledge that a SBID accredited designer is qualified to the highest standard in the UK and equal to the most prestigious academic capability in the world.
  • Over a three year research period, SBID with an independent insurance provider has created a Professional Indemnity Insurance Policy uniquely formulated for SBID members. The SBID Professional Indemnity Insurance Policy provides dispute resolution, not just for our members, but also for members’ clients. This facility unique to the British interior design industry aims to prevent disputes escalating to courts, prevents smaller sums of money being written off by our members and in doing so reduces industry complaints.


SBID is an apolitical not-for-profit independently funded organisation. All profits are reinvested back into the company for the benefit of its members. The not-for-profit national membership organisation is one of Britain’s fastest growing destination for leading industry professionals.