The Society of British and International Design (SBID) is the national representative organisation to the European Council of Interior Design and Architecture (ECIA).

SBID guides and measures the profession’s trading standards through practice, competence and education. We steer and aid our members, increasing their profile, protecting and promoting their reputation and creating new opportunities.

The Society of British and International Design is Britain’s standard-bearer organization to the profession of interior design and the national organisation representative at the European Council.

The Society of British and International Design (SBID) is Britain’s standard-bearer organisation to the profession of Interior Design and the national organisation representative in Europe at the European Council (Interior Architects & Interior Designers).

  • Working for the first time uniquely with SBID in Britain;  the ECIA* in Brussels along with the NCIDQ* who has taken its first steps outside of USA & Canada, we create, protect and promote industry standards
  • We achieve this by setting educational standards of knowledge, competence, personal development and best practice. This helps increase trade for design professionals and industry provider
  • Together we have led change in Britain by creating industry standards synonymous with our partners around the world, We listen, consult and set a route to a career for a design professional to sell accurate advice. This creates a comfort to the consumer in the knowledge that an SBID registered designer is qualified to the highest standard in Britain and equal to the highest in the world
  • We promote premium design at all price-entry points. We endorse products by quality, sustainable manufacture and use that exceeds pure functionality
  • We reject or redirect applications for membership to any individual or company that does not meet the European Council of Interior Architects code of conduct. The adopted code overrides educational qualification, experience and market position of every application
  • We will sever partnerships with any company, individual or informal group that breaches our standards, even if short-term it is to our detriment
  • We will encourage and accept applications from industry providers who can meet and exceed the five-point entry system; value for money, customer service, copyright owned & created, sustainable manufacture process and unequaled design-led innovation through products and processes
  • We champion ideas and ownership against duplication and theft. We will challenge the industry for change where size and dominance has reigned unethically, by exclusion or favouritism or by anti-competitive conduct
  • We do all this for business, to help create jobs and sell goods through trade and export but also as a duty to hand over skills to the next generation for prosperity and growth
  • We provide an independently accredited CPD qualification by providers, access to an industry-wide selection of seminars and training and industry news. We arrange copious free-of-charge CPDs exceeding membership obligations
  • We created over a three year researched period an SBID bespoke Professional Indemnity insurance policy with an independent interfacing Letter of Appointment both uniquely formulated to correlate for SBID members only. The SBID insurance policy also provides dispute resolution, not just for our members, but also for their clients. This facility is unique to the British interior design industry, it aims to prevent disputes escalating to courts, prevents smaller sums of money being written off and in doing so raises industry standards and reputation of the design profession.

SBID is an apolitical not-for-profit* independently funded organisation. All profits are ploughed back into the company for the benefit of its members. The not-for-profit national membership organisation is Britain’s fastest growing. destination for leading industry professionals.

*ECIA -European Council Interior Architects -  SBID British representative
*NCIDQ – National Council Interior Design Qualification – SBID British & European partner, representative of 37 Countries

*Not-for-profit – Company profit is NOT distributed to shareholders, it is injected back into the company for the benefit of the industry members. Shortfalls are underwritten.

The SBID glass-fronted offices represent the ethos of the Society, they are transparent, bright, contemporary and an active part of the community, connected with technology and well positioned for business. We do not follow the road of the interior design industry, we create and tread our own path independently from the crowd. SBID offices are in a business development on the Southbank of the river Thames, beside the helipad in Wandsworth. The office development is close to all transport links across Britain and Europe by air, train and road. Our door is open.