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Accrediting the best in UK Interior Design

The Society of British and International Design (SBID) is one of the leading British professional accrediting bodies, supporting professional and trading standards of UK Interior Designers, Architects and manufacturers. It is the sole representative organisation for the European Council of Interior Architects (ECIA) for the United Kingdom.

The organisation aims to promote best practice and expert knowledge in the interior design industry, create routes to market for interior design professionals and strengthen the links between emerging industry talent and the interior design industry.

SBID works with business experts, government bodies, trade associations and academics to guide and measure the profession through best practice; SBID membership include interior designers, architects, developers, specifiers and construction professionals. They operate across both the commercial and residential sectors and represent the range, diversity and international spread of the global design industry.

Representing British Design globally

Not only are SBID the sole representative for British Interior Design on the European Council of Interior Architects (ECIA), they are also the selected representative for UK interior design with the all party business-lobby group (representing 99% of all UK businesses) led by Patron HRH Prince Michael of Kent.

SBID is active in 45 countries and is represented across the world through its partnerships and promotion of British design and product supply. It also has ten regional offices and a franchise in Ukraine.


SBID takes a role in lobbying bodies such as the UK Government, Parliament and the Bank of England in areas such as the improvement of UK trading standards, the promotion of industry growth, professional standards and business guidelines across the Interior Design sector. It is also a contributor to the Genesis Initiative, the National Senate for the   formed to improve the quality of the debate on SMEs and create economic reform. .

SBID have been instrumental in advising and promoting industry growth, professional standard and business guidelines for Interior Design. Since its inauguration in 2009, SBID has proudly held the highest position of authority for professional interior design UK governance and growth. The outcome has encouraged and enabled growth which generated a variety of trade agreements for the UK around the world.

To promote best practice in a number of interior design sectors, SBID has established Councils in Healthcare Design, Education Design and Colour. These panels bring together industry experts and the latest research to promote best practice to SBID accredited members and the wider UK interior design industry.

SBID launched a new digital platform SBIDPro, a digital engagement and knowledge hub for professional members.

Activity in Higher Education

A Memorandum of Understanding between SBID and educators at a variety of universities, groups and forums, an agreement was formed to improve the outcome of course content for a career in the commercial environment. In review SBID dissolved the initiative and revived it in 2011 with individual universities empowered to provide an interior design degree.

In 2015 SBID was awarded independent status by the UK government to measure interior design education and accredit university course content for interior design degrees. The accreditation relates to measured educational and business processes forming part of each university’s central government funding status.

SBID acts as an independently accredited inspector of course content ensuring each course meets all-inclusive standards. SBID assesses how fit-for-purpose tuition transfers to the commercial world and interprets the data into a ‘standard’ fed back into the treasury.

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