What a great week for interior design

16:21 04 April in Industry News
We are certainly leading the profession at last.

Universities took up the challenge and entered the first Young Interior Design Award (YIDA) sponsored by Janine Stone and supported by SBID. The talent we have in Britain has been completely undervalued until now. With student loans putting a graduate in debt before they get a job, it seems unfair that nothing is done to help celebrate qualification and promote the difference between a degree qualified Sbid member and other designers. With the very generous cash prize of £10,000 and a six month paid internship at Janine Stone it is quite clear that the winning shrieks of delight from the 300 strong audience was wholly appreciated. Frazer Macdonald Hay is the Chairman of the SBID education panel and is working with the EU members and European Council of Interior Architects to create an agreed charter of education standards across Europe. Education is the basis of a profession and SBID has been pushing forward the separation between qualified by degree and unqualified practitioners for two years. We are very much supporters of students and only allow those on a degree course to become a member.

Lobbying government for the rights of those in minority to collectively have a voice is a principle of the Labour party and Lavinia (SBID) has been lobbying hard all week, attending the Equality Gala Dinner (pictured with Ed Milliband) then the Westminster Creative Industries Programme with Ed Vazey Minister of Creative Arts and finally at the Outward Bound Dinner for the Olympic Village celebrating the amazing accomplishment thus far, a great example of a good brief, procurement send budget management.

, What a great week for interior design

Ed Milliband, Labour Party with SBIDs Lavinia Engleman

Finishing on time on budget send with an exemplary H&S record, the site has been efficiently run from day one. The countdown has begun with great plans and a full calendar for the year ahead SBID prepares to enter a new chapter shaping the interior design profession.

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