The International Boat Show

11:05 02 February in Events, Industry News

Wow what a difference a year makes, last year I attended the International Boat Show held at Excel London with Lombard Asset Finance (see our standing committees under finance) and the show was like a graveyard, as was almost all shows if they are honest and as was the economy. This year, there were swing bands, fashion shows by Fendi, it was full of exhibitors showing everything from equipment you could buy a key ring to the ultimate yachts and boats of every description and eminent brands in the world. The show was buzzy and alive and people were buying £7 million pound boats (well one had sold in the morning on the day I was there) this demonstrates that the exhibition is a deciding factor for those consumers who have been considering and pondering for months. In that regard a show is a benefit to everyone, consumers get to choose in a more display-based environment and competitors can help to sell a product. You just have to make sure your product is the best.

I went onto the Sunseeker stand…..and ohhhhh well what can I say, I didn’t need the water, it is designers dream, and as all boats are, it gives food for thought. Every inch (2.4 centremetres if your under forty) of space on a boat is utilised, and it must provide a seamless look. One thing is for sure, business is looking up. I won’t say that in practice it is more profitable but the shift is moving upwards and enquiries are filtering through again.

In the month ahead members of SBID will be invited to complete a questionnaire on their business activity, the survey for the very first time will be directly handed to the Bank of England and form part of the Export and Export prices MCP survey. This type of data for the interior design architectural sector has not previously been considered. This critical information provides clear and strategic statistics (I love data) which in turn converts to a powerful understanding of the true value of the interior design profession to Britain.

Sunseeker will be delighted to know I did wear the blues over the shoes and removed my heels with a chisel before trampling their beautiful deck.

Sunseeker Predator

Sunseeker Predator

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