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10:38 03 November in Industry News

Interior Designers are part of the economy’s Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs), representing 99% of all enterprises in the European Union and providing over 75 million jobs.


In the UK, government spending on goods and services currently amounts to £220bn, but only about 3% are purchased from SMEs. Although the 1994 WTO treaty forbids compulsory Set Asides, Prime Minister David Cameron recommended prior to his election that at least 25% of government contracts should directly be contracted to SMEs. The Enterprise Trust, a think tank for industry, supports competitive procurement and believes that the Prime Minister’s original commitment should be followed.


The independent Office of Government Commerce helps the government to deliver best value from public spending and in its mission it strives to support SMEs. Unfortunately because only large corporations are currently capable to satisfy the bureaucracy of the procurement process, they are often trusted to sub-contract to SMEs. In order to avoid cronyism and mark ups, The Trust recommends more transparency in contracts and more direct accessibility for SMEs in the original procurement process, as legal requirements.


The Society of British Interior Design supports The Enterprise Trust and its mission, striving for greater competitive advantage for Interior Designers in the procurement process. With the realisation of 20% set aside for SMEs, over £35bn and 2 million jobs could be gained, enhancing competition.

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