Slow Design in three steps

08:40 06 April in Industry News

Guest blog by Susanna Cots Estudi de disseny –

Big Bang of creativity

Brainstorming, shower of ideas, storm of ideas… it seems that all the meteorological phenomena come together in the mind of creatives, also known as artists, when working on a professional project. Come rain, snow or wind, the aim is to create in order to satisfy emotions.

As designers we experiment this phase in different ways: many times external factors such as short deadlines, trends and the tastes we have to satisfy condition our work.

What should we bear in mind to be slow designers?

We have to think about the future. It depends on us to create a product that will last as long as possible and will make us proud, in order to enjoy it through the years, having the choice of reusing and recycling it. Or of living in our house that will always be our home.

We must think where we live and with whom we live: our environment and our people will help us to decide the best way to design houses, businesses and products. It is not the same to design a house in the north than in the south, up in the mountains or by the sea…

Creation: developing the project

To develop our creation we need hands, tools and materials. Our land is rich in all three. We have qualified professionals, quality tools and materials. By staying close to our people we will become slow designers because our work relations will be more human, we will get to know how our team works, they will let us be part of the process and we will all together add quality to the end product.

Designs without danger of extinction

After the Big Bang of the 90’s many dinosaurs were born in the design industry: giants who accelerated the normal rhythms that we were used to, made us have more needs than necessary because that was what fashion imposed, and in the end, this saturation led to a loss of diversity and values.

Slow Design means returning to our roots, thinking of the people who will be using your designs, and of the connection of our products to our place and time. In short, as Nike says, going back to when we had the courage of having values.

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