SBID starts a collaboration with Valencian counterpart

12:20 26 September in Industry News

Vanessa Brady, President of the Society of British lnterior Design (SBID), and Carmen Baselga, Dean of the Interior Designers Association of the Valencian Community (CDICV), signed a collaboration agreement on Friday 23 September at Feria Hábitat in Valencia.

This collaboration will facilitate the mobility of interior design professionals between the two countries.

This partnership is the legal recognition of Valencian interior designers in the UK market and will facilitate the establishment of their businesses in this country, and vice versa.

For Carmen Baselga, “it is a great opportunity for professionals in both countries to internationalise the brand with all the guarantees”.

Following the signing of the agreement, Bradyand Baselga visited the Cajas Material Lab, led by CDICV at Feria Hábitat. The exhibition, a collaborative effort between interior designers and design firms, consists of ten boxes operated with the latest trends in current design.

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