“Is SBID offering a real qualification or just another Award?”

“Is SBID offering a real qualification or just another Award?”

14:50 11 January in Interior News & Business

When the BKDA asked the question on the KBB Designers Forum on LinkedIn: “Is SBID offering a real qualification or just another Award?” it was put to the test by a poll on an e-magazine.

The poll began four days ago on kbbdaily, which is part of the German publisher Hubert Burda Media, which also includes Essential Kitchen Bathroom Bedroom, Your Home and Essential Kitchen & Bath Business in the UK.

After four days voting the answer was very clear with 83% of the voters confirming that the SBID accreditation was a real qualification – Burda Media’s Philip Hurst, who works on kbbdaily, told us that the site has 4500 unique visitors each month and that this poll was the biggest response of any that they had ever run, with over 100 voters from the industry, expressing their view over the three days.

Mark Wilkinson Furniture says, “All of our designers have applied for the SBID accreditation, which accredits their education and experience in kitchen design. We are delighted to be involved in an initiative to help kitchen purchasers be better able to recognise experienced and competent kitchen and bathroom  designers.”

When obtaining SBID interior design accreditation, SBID provides instant recognition to the B2B community through its globally recognised marque of quality that you are an esteemed and qualified designer working to a universal standard of competence. This gives customers the assurance that the SBID member is a trained and skilled designer with relevant knowledge, training and experience.

SBID accreditation is governed by the ECIA Charter of Education and professional Code of Conduct, which sets the requirement for the official recognition of a practising professional interior designer. SBID-accredited interior designers have demonstrated the European standard required to become an accredited professional while accredited industry partners have demonstrated compliance with the five point system of the SBID International Code of Conduct. This is the pre-eminent level of design excellence in Europe, delivered in the UK through the Society of British and International Design.

To find out more about SBID Accreditation click here

Written by Richard Moss, creator of KBB Awards and Journalist

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