Regional Director James Gunn shares his thoughts on the benefits of work experience

17:18 06 June in Industry News, Thoughts

I feel that there is too much emphasis in the press about who’s who in the glamorous world of interior design, and not enough about the ’nut and bolts’ – the practical side of the industry.

Behind all the images that fill the interior design magazines there is a lot of hard work to achieve the inspirational results that we all see.

To get a job completed on time, on budget and to a high level of finish there are a series of activities and administrational roles which all have to be managed tightly all the way through the process – not to mention managing the client along the journey.

I love this industry because of the variety of challenges it creates, and in the end after all the hard work the results are there to be experienced, touched, enjoyed and used.

I think it is important that potential young interior designers understand all the work behind the end result and so the commercial and design processes should be exposed to them during their education; it is not an easy career to get started in.

As well as education, there is also no substitute for experience, and I am sure all interior designers out there will be happy to say that they are continuing to learn on a daily basis.

This is why I strongly support the Young Interior Design Awards (YIDA) which encourages young designers at graduate level and gives them a jump-start into the industry. With the 6 month internship with Janine Stone the potential winner gets a hands-on experience of the real commercial world of interior design and how in the end, original creative results are put together.

I would like to offer my congratulations to Tony Tan, the 2011 winner of YIDA and we look forward to working with him during his 6-month internship.

James Gunn - SBID Regional Director for the North West

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