New year, new start

New year, new start

12:40 08 January in Industry News

New year, new start is a phrase that gets thrown around a lot in January. But sometimes a new start isn’t what you need; sometimes you can work with what you’ve got in order to better succeed, starting with your website.

You may think that your website is great and being in the interior design industry you are sure to get the aesthetics of a site looking perfect, but it is the cogs turning behind it that makes it so effective.

Without getting too technical, there are a number of things that a site requires to drive traffic and in turn help business to thrive, so the start of the year is the best time to take a look at getting things moving in the right direction.

Digital marketing is the way forward for 2013 and to generate business this year you’re definitely going to have to have a digital focus. This can be anything from creating interesting blog posts that designers would want to read to improving your social media presence.

Social media? Isn’t that just for uploading pictures and chatting with friends? Well, no. Actually social media is becoming more and more important for businesses; it’s not just about friends interacting anymore, it’s about you and your business being more aware via this platform.

You may have heard the word ‘viral’ flying around, in effect that is the ultimate aim. To make yourself viral. Tons of news stories and trends have been driven by Twitter and Facebook, not only is this a more personal method of creating a buzz, the likeliness of expansion is also greater.

The only thing that stands in some people’s way is the fact that the social networks can often seem a bit foreign to them, as can online marketing on the whole. However, help and advice is available. Whether you require help with content or social media or simply require an insights report, get in touch with Online Ventures Group. As industry experts we can help you to find solutions to help you better perform in your field.

The new year isn’t about new starts, it is simply about new directions.

For more information, please visit Online Ventures website

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