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If you are self employed or run your own company you might be tired of hearing the word RECESSION, but the down turn of the economy has been what we have all been watching with a close eye, we thought last year was hard but I do believe this year is harder. I have been watching my balance sheets closely and have even had time to do some fancy graphs, but it has been a bad move as the graphs are grim viewing as they show a big slow down, the first 3 months of this year has been disastrous.

As being focused on making a difference we always do things differently, so lately when all our competition have been saving money on PR we have been spending money. A long time ago I learnt a valuable lesson, watch the competition and do the opposite, DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT, be the leader not the follower. It is hard to spend money on marketing in these times, but if you invest in quality PR you will be at the top of the game. This is why we decided to do a stand on the latest Living North Show, like everything we get involved in, it has to be 100%. Interior design and room sets are hard enough to pull off in a true timeframe, but when you only have two days to set up a full room set this becomes even more difficult.

One major advantage with being involved in this industry is when you pull off a great design you always get the hairs on the back of your neck to stand up. SBID are here to help, we are all professionals, and as a team this will always be more effective than trying to do it yourself. After the two longest days of my life the show opened, I stood back to admire all of my teams hard work and it hit me hard. We might be in a recession, we might be negative, but we pulled it off the room looked awesome. It looked warm and inviting, it had people visiting it in their droves IT WAS A SUCCESS this is the true spirit of what SBID is about.

Living North Show

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