Is SEO the answer for business?

11:16 08 August in Industry News, Thoughts

Vanessa Brady, SBID President, reflects on the changes in the industry.

How fantastic Vintage (organised by Wayne Hemmingway) at the Festival Hall, South Bank London (29-31 July) was. SBID was Vintage’s official partner for Interior Design, and joined other creative industries such as music, fashion and design products. We are the minds of the British creators.

Britain is no longer a nation of manufacturers; although what we do make is of the highest standard and quality, we do not excel in services like they do in China and India. Globally, banking is a dirty word as an industry at present, so at last our time has come: the decade for Britain’s creative industries to work together. SBID recognises this opportunity and we have grouped together all that is ‘ Design.’

Design-graduates have just entered the design world in search of employment. After studying hard to obtain a degree, putting two or three (or even four for a masters) years of study, along with accumulated debt into the foundation of a lifetime ahead in interior design – what do we offer these trained designers in return, how do we, as the custodians of the design profession repay that investment?

The answer is poorly.

So while we all struggle to compete in an overloaded unpoliced marketplace, my advice to graduates is: Marketing, marketing, marketing!

Marketing on the internet is the new baby. Through social media and search engine optimisation you can run your own free-of-charge marketing campaign. A good website is the new shop window, Google is your CV – it should present you in a good light. Issues such as finance, law, sales, positive-marketing (called business basics) can be addressed across the world from your guest bedroom. Therefore business today needs measures beyond what is ‘said about you’ as that is immeasurable, business and services must be endorsed by a third party to evaluate good measure… I think it could work?

We must therefore look at the quality of those who are holding themselves out as endorsing agencies and see how they themselves are measured. Who endorses the endorsing, who checks those who are holding themselves out as leaders. Every business must be independently held to account – or it’s worthless.

We have three million people out of work, and many more not included in that figure. VAT rising to 20% equates to a fifth of the homeowners bill for repairs. Many potential home owner clients suggest work for cash, and therein is the black hole where work-for-cash becomes a second industry, an underground cash industry. This causes a big threat to qualified business.

I love design and the design industry, but people are not always as professional as they should be in all industries, the time is right to cut out the rot and look ‘out’ for business opportunity not ‘in’ and look for ways to knock each other down.

If you are looking for work and have just graduated with a design-based degree, contact me.

The times they are a changing!


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